Vacay Adventure Day Five

Um, I am going to stop the ticker at $35.00 and use the GARMIN in the Cab! – It’s 5:30 in the morning lady – I CAN’T!!!

You know I wish I could tell you about the MEGABUS, but considering I was only on one for 2 hours, I really can’t say one way or the other.  Going to Orlando, the bus broke at the stop and we took a regular charter bus down – so no outlets and no wi-fi.  We actually got on the bus going home but it broke down in Jacksonville and after an hour and a half wait, we came on home on a chartered bus.  Now while we were on the Megabus, the wi-fi  didn’t work and the driver was a bit corny.

The ride was uneventful, I hated all that sleeping I was doing, but I guess I needed it.  All the great stops on the way home and the break stop is at this rinky Love Truck stop with a Hardy’s.  Not good for breakfast, but the Angus burger I have to admit was good.

Overall, the bus ride as a means to get to Florida, I give it a C.  RG gives it a D and The Teenager who rode down and back with no seat mate gives it a B, lol  RG could not get over not being in control, the seats were a bit tight and he was just mad we never got to really ride a megabus.  We both agreed that we missed the intimacy of riding in our own car, having our own conversation and in charge of our surroundings.

The group coming back with us GOT ON MY DAMN NERVES!!!!  This broad was so intense. If I heard her say one more time, she had diabetes and had to have sugar (huh) only to get off the bus and immediately start smoking a cigarette. OKAY!!!  Then she spent the last two hours of the trip talking to some negro named Darryl about herself and her life.  She zapped every bit of strength from me.  EVERY BIT OF IT!!!!  I had identified her as the one who was going to get on my nerves from the jump and I was correct.  Not to mention she kept trying to give RG the googly eyes.

Budget wise –  I came in about $65 over, but I totally was about to lose it when I couldn’t find the FIVE DAY IN THE GARAGE parking ticket.  Luckily, I found it in my suitcase cause I was about to freak out.  We dove off that bus, and headed to get the birds and walk in our own home!!!!

Lodging wise – I intend to write a Trip Advisor on the hotel.  I read all these reviews and come away saying if you want it like that pack our house up, put it on top of the car, plane, train, bus and sit it down at your destination – it’s a hotel. Yea some are bad – but I guess my standard for bad is a lot lower I suppose, especially in towns like this. I never did understand the resorts, because I’d have to stay like an additional week to enjoy those as well.  I give the Days Inn Convention Center a B.  Outside of the one day they didn’t clean our room, it was cool – working fridge and microwave, extra small bathroom, really comfortable pillows, really and they left us alone. No resorts fees and no holds on your credit card.  Works for me.

Before I go, can we talk about food – I have eaten good!  I don’t like going on vacation and eating crappy, that’s part of the vacay.  I’ve enjoyed Sizzler (Lord how I miss them here in ATL) I’ve eaten Red Lobster and burned the entire top of my damn mouth with a mushroom, Experienced Hardy’s and had to retract my statement about McDonald’s on Thanksgiving, cause they have given me joy being right across the street from the hotel.  I also had some GOOD Sangria from Don Pablo’s.  I also have found it here on Cobb Parkway.


Vacay Adventure – Day Four

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter  is the T-R-U-T-H!!!  That entire area was off tha chain!  Ok, let’s start at the beginning.  First, let me give a shout out to Apple – the Universal Free Apps, gave us much love.  The Teenager was a great navigator as well.  We hit the ground running, based on the fact that EVERYONE told us that we needed to be there as the gates opened to have any opportunity of riding any of the Harry Potter rides.

We got there 30 minutes BEFORE the gates officially opened and were able to amble on in with the Resort folks.  The folks who stay at one of their resorts (this holds for Disney as well) get to get in about an hour early.  When I tell you everyone was at a brisk walk to slow trot to all out race to get all the way across the freaking park, I do not lie.

As you cross the bridge – it’s like entering another world and you stop in your tracks to take it all in.  It’s a book come to life. Now most of the parks are books, movies etc. come to life, but this seems different in some kinda way, maybe because you actually saw this come to be.  During our lifetime this entire fantasy came to be (along with Twilight).  Now the other interesting thing is that, we aren’t really into Harry Potter so it was awesome but we weren’t emotionally tied to it, well honey let me tell you; there were some folks who fell to their knees, you hear me. It was cool watching the cloaks and wands (at $30 a pop) all over the place.  This thing called Butter Beer had a line at every ‘pub’.  Someone please tell me what that is.

Anyhoo, the line was already 15 minutes long for the first ride called “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”   What a mystical walk to the actual ride.  I started to notice signs talking about the ride does this and that and then I read “if you wear artificial limbs, please remove them before ride”  (paraphrasing)  WTF?! I started to wonder what I was about to get myself into.  Finally we came upon the ride and walked along the belt to get into this contraption.  We were strapped in within an inch of our lives and took off.  OK I won’t tell you about the ride because it would really spoil it, but um yea you might wanna take yah leg off, lol lol  That’s all I’mma say.  That ride would have been worth the 4pm waiting time of over 120 minutes.  Next up was a kiddie roller coaster that RG got stuck in and had to sit in a seat by himself called “Flight of the Hippogriff”.

The last ride was the Dueling Dragons and as I’ve stated before, I embrace my bitchassness about Roller Coasters – they have set sail from my life.  RG, however, decided to hop on.  Now let me say we were running on empty stomachs because there could be no breakfast to get to the park early.  So while they went and rode the biggest roller coaster at the park, I munched on grapes from a street vendor and watched the crowd.

“Mister Reggie is throwing up!”, my phone lit up and I grabbed all our stuff and went to find them.  RG came off looking as green as I’ve ever seen him. Riding all that stuff back to back had given him an awful case of motion sickness.  The vacation stopped to take care of Big Poppa.

The teenager went off to ride the rest of the guy wrenching rides, while I sat with RG as he tried to get his equilibrium back. Seeing as the parks are a GREAT place to people watch (more on that later in another blog) time went by fast.  RG was back on his feet in a couple of hours and the day continued.

Universal has different worlds:  Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic park, The Lost Continent, Seuss Landing and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   We spent wayyy more time in Dr. Suess Landing.  It is the most colorful, loud whimsical place ever!!!  It was already decorated for Christmas and playing at top volume bad bad Christmas renditions.  If it had snow, I would have freaked out with happiness, lol  that place just turns me on. It’s ripe for candy, icecream, hugging and loving and that’s just what we did. We must have walked through there half a dozen times,  lol  Lunch in Jurrassic park and enough laughs to last a life time at Marvel Super Hero Island.  Man that island.

I don’t know where they get these ‘performers’ from but you are talking about the most pitiful bunch of Super Hero’s ever.  Now let’s first say that this is the land of Xmen, Captain America, and Spider Man.  We talking BIG LEAGUES and they almost come comical with this whole thing.  Wolverine was MY HEIGHT!!  Halle Berry should come and slap the hell out of STORM, who looked like a washed up Stripper. They kill me all the time.

I will say Universal is not as intense as Disney and quite frankly, it needs an overhaul in several areas.  Therefore, we were done and I mean we explored every nook and cranny of that park, by like 6:30pm.  We took the buses home like the previous day and chilled out a bit before we hopped on the I-Trolley and landed at Don Pablo’s for some Mexican and a whole buncha Sangria for $3.99.

As we lay down for the evening with a 4:15 am wake up call, the teenager reached out and held my hand – it was a good trip.

Vacay Adventure – Day Three


It WAS a good idea to catch a $17 cab to Universal Studios because by 10:30am we had ridden The Mummy twice, The Simpsons and Men In black, the most popular rides at Universal.  The free shuttle didn’t even get to the hotel until 10:30 and then it took almost an hour to reach the park!  Good move RG and Teenager.

We had not been to Universal since 1999. It seemed new, surprisingly a lot of it was new.  The weather was perfect!  The atmosphere was perfect.  Universal is organized by movie capitals of the United States.  There’s Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, World Expo and Production Central.  I could spend all day on the wonderful classic streets of New York from years gone by.  The sights, smells etc.  Nathan carts with giant hotdogs, the steps of the downtown Library, subway entrances, just fabulous.  We went there so I could just walk around several times.

The park was not crowded at all and the longest we had to wait on a ride even at peak time was 30 minutes which didn’t feel like a long time.  Most rides you were on in 10-15 minutes.  However, please note this is NOT Islands of Adventures a whole different kinda park that draws bigger crowds.

I made a note to myself as I walked past a giant mirror that this was the thinnest I had ever come to Orlando looking.  Yea baby!  I also made note and mentioned to RG that this was part of my ‘notes for the man for me”  I wanted to take vacations; family, couple, friend – I wanted to have that life and I am so happy and blessed to say that in the six years we have been together, we’ve done all three – every year in some form or fashion.  Are we going to Europe?  NO are we even going more than a nice car ride away, not yet but we travel.  My wish was fulfilled.

We took our time too.  Usually I am a pure vacation nazi as I mentioned.  This time, I wanted to work on that and relax.  That was accomplished today.  We strolled everywhere, we sat and people watched, we had a sit down lunch.  Now that didn’t stop me from freaking out.  I get sooo excited coming to the parks. I am really a kid.  I have been extra excited this trip, probably because I am a lot freer than I’ve ever been and able to express myself with no repercussions…….. from myself.

We stayed for about 10 hours and then proceeded back to the strip to find dinner.  We had decided on Indian food but ended up at Chili’s, why?  because Indian food was outrageously expensive on the strip.  Like $18-$25 a plate expensive.  That was not in the budget and there is a budget, a pretty tight one.

The day has ended and I’m sitting here at 11:31 watching Criminal Minded.  RG and The Teenager are fast asleep. Tomorrow is our last day here and we intend to make the best of it.


Imagine my surprise when I opened the hotel room door and it was exactly as I left it – UM HOUSEKEEPING!!  Well let me back up.  The bed was just my type complete with the best pillows, so I fell into a very nice deep sleep.  However, because I went to sleep on ‘work time’ my ‘work clock’ woke me up.  The pillows were so lush though, I was able to get maybe an additional 30 minutes SIGH.

Part of my goal during this vacation was to not be the vacation nazi.  I am not one in a negative way, but moreso in making sure we are on schedule and take full advantage of EVERYTHING.   This time around, I am trying to be chill.

Previously on Facebook, I mentioned that I felt some kinda way with fast food being open on Thanksgiving only to find myself twice today at said establishment, lol lol  First we went for breakfast and then for drinks.  I guess it works down here. What I found was not really working i(at least in the commercial side of town) was Thanksgiving itself.  You come down here to vacation and to get away from your norm.  Thanksgiving must be a big common.  I tried saying Happy Thanksgiving  several times only to be met with either blank stares or such an afterthought on the return, I gave up.

So first up was to cash in a groupon at this go-kart facility.  Before that we needed to figure out how to get there on the bus.  Actually, the bus system down here is not bad at all.  Lynx is what they call it. I liked it, because we stopped inside Disney and rode through all parks on our journey.

Two buses later we ended up at the go kart tracks and were the first ones there!  We had 30 laps (10 a piece), 80 game room tokens and 4 pieces of Alligator chum (food).  What a good time!!  We totally had our way on the track, with the teenager getting in some good ‘fake driving’ time.  Lord if she ain’t Miss Daisy I tell yah!  She was just a strolling around the track, lol RG and I were acting a plum fool racing each other.  As I raced around the track, I felt this level of peace and freedom – I was where I wanted to be and had no regrets about our decision to ditch “tradition” and just take off together.

Yesterday, we heard that right across the street from our hotel was an International car show, so after spending about 45 minutes getting back to our original location, we took a hike to the car show.  Now please note that I have been a walking, jogging, trotting, running beast since I stepped off the mega bus.  I have amazed myself and my family has passed out several times in mockery of me becoming..dare I say it, ‘active’  LOL   We finally got the car show to discover there weren’t any damn foreign cards!! This was a regular car show, but that was cool, we missed the one at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Hunger overtook us and we got out of the convention center quicker than we went in. We ended up at the Sizzler and IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!  I didn’t miss turkey one bit.  I bout passed out, I was sooo off any kinda way of eating right. My only saving grace was I had water, lol oh and I put in some miles.

Several times I tried to think about all the reverence that I was supposed to be doing, but I just kept being in the moment.  I didn’t feel it was time to review as a whole my thankfulness, I just am in the midst of it – I am most certainly in the midst of it.

Vacay Adventures – Day One


So I was riding in the car with RG and we were discussing Thanksgiving Plans.  Neither one of us were really feeling any kinda way about the day one way or the other.  We had already bowed out of any big celebrations outside of Atlanta and I was just antsy to do something ‘different’.   He mentioned this bus service that was starting up in Atlanta.  He told me as I got out the car that morning to “check it out” they said they were going to Orlando.

Fast forward to the dark blue Honda racing down the highway because I had to go back in the house and throw up due to excitement and the teenager had left her Rapid Rail Pass.  The bus was leaving at 7 and it was um 6:20AM!!!!!  Welcome to the world of the Magnegroes trying to go on vacation!!  If we missed this bus our 4 days of Orlantic Bliss were going to be RUINED!!  RG had us do a slow roll out the car while he went to park.

I had about three levels of excitement ok stress surrounding this trip. I found out first thing that we had been paid today so strike that off, we actually made it to the pickup spot scratch that and now I was anxiously waiting for RG to get on the bus.  OK!! Everything is going well.  Then we find out that the actual “Megabus” had broken (insert laugh here) and so we were on a regular chartered bus.  The downside to this is that the perks of the Megabus  (wi-fi, plugs, desk trays) were missing.  Yet the bus was cozy.

About an hour in, I start to hear a familiar tune off in the distance “Well we moving on up, moving on up to the East Side”  Before I could really place it – the main characters “Weezy and George Jefferson” roared out the back and began a series of the most annoying things to do in close proximity to others ever!!  Good Lawd!  First the phone ring tone on volume 1000, followed by all kinds of hidden ghetto phone conversation.  You know the kind, talking loud as hell but then dipping to inaudible to say words like Nigga, shit, etc. etc.  Then they decided to apparently show a slide show by going over EVERY DAMN PICTURE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE PHONES!!   By the time we got to the first stop – it was 10am and I was pouring my party flask of Ciroc in my MWC Thermos to drink um STRAIGHT!!

The fun of traveling is doing things that you ONLY do when you are taking a car somewhere longer than 3 hours – like eat at Hardy’s.  I swear I’ve taken some valuable time I could one day spend with my Grandchildren messing around with an egg biscuit from them the size of a whopper, lol lol lol

Well that sure knocked the Jeffersons out to the point they were doing a full Thanksgiving Church Service Choir worth of snoring.  Now when RG fell asleep, I felt and feel it’s my duty as a wife to monitor such things that would ultimately embarrass him.  You know make sure there’s no mucus, no white crappy lips and eye and to nudge him when he began to snore.  Well this broad was OFF HER POST!!  There were babies, toddlers and 5 year olds on the bus and you didn’t hear a peep, but these negroes…..grrrrrrrrr.

All in all – we got here within 5 minutes of what the web site said, it was a smooth ride and the weather was very agreeable.

After a freaking $35 cab ride to the hotel from the bus drop off site, we checked in seamlessly, freshened up and hit the Red Lobster.  I fully intend to eat freely – hell it is Thanksgiving right?  It was all walked away as we hiked it to the bus stop to catch the trolley to “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”  That was interesting.  I particularly found it intriguing that the majority of the museum was about the uniqueness that are people of color.  The craziest part – this hall way where you felt like the building was turning upside down.  Club music was blasting and I really needed my flask in there – that could have been real interesting, lol lol

We also hit this 3 story go cart ride that the teenager and RG rode.  I just laughed as the teenager better kown as “Driving Miss Daisy” crawled along the track and RG daring someone to bump her, lol lol lol  My baby just is not getting the whole driving thing. I have no issues seeing as I was 27 when I learned how to drive.

We did A LOT of walking in the night air and it felt really good.  RG said the bus was cool, but he felt totally out of control, missed our ‘family convo’ and it was killing him he wasn’t driving.  I too missed the family convo it makes the trip go faster, but I found nothing wrong with the bus.

OH can I just say that Apple is the name of some of the best electronics in the game but all of them collectively “FIVE MINUTE BROTHERS!!”  Good Grief, my phone lasted from 6 am to 3pm. Really Apple Really!!  Even the teenagers Ipod went out mid trip.  I hate it!!

So now I am sitting in the double Days Inn Bed, being smothered by RG as the teenager plays me songs from her ipod and a TV with three channels gives me comfort.  At least I discovered “Big Bang Theory”.  Hilarious show – Hilarious.

Well my legs are telling me to go to hell – so let me stretch out to get ready for Day 2.

Welcome to Vacation Week!

Hey Everybody!!  You know how it is with the slaves, it takes us a minute to come down off a no picking in the fields moment, lol   This here slave is taking some vacation.  I always take my days off, but it seems that I never can convince myself to like take a week, but this right here is my week.  All the family is front and center and we are going to have us a good time.

When I used to think over what exactly did I want my life to look like with a man, once I got over 35 – one thing that I really wanted in my life were…vacations.  I really wanted to have a yearly family vacation and then one with my man/husband.  As I got older, it almost made it to my requirement list, lol

I enjoy travel, I like seeing new places and I certainly just like relaxing.  I think it should be a part of all adults agenda’s.  I know folks who have grown up in a particular State and have never left it.  Really?

In my adult life, I’ve been to several parts of Florida, DC, NY, Baltimore, Virginia, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Johns, Nassau, Paradise Island, Miami (for a day), Boston, NJ, Dallas, San Antonio, Cozumel, Belize, Guatamala, New Orleans, Tennessee, Alabama, GA Mountains, Savannah, Tybee Island and probably some other places I can’t remember.

Not only do I have a husband who enjoys getting away, but I also have hooked up with a whole little group of folks who enjoy it. So for the past several years I’ve been able to get away not only with family, not only with my man, but with my girls AND all of us without men!!  How cool is that?  Right now, I never have the type of money where I can get on a plane per say, but as long as we can drive there  – we go away and we are planning a plane ride soon.  We keep saying one of us needs to get on with the airlines, we would NEVER be home.

Well this week we are moving into a new territory, the College Tours and we will wind up spending a few family days in Savannah, GA one of my favorite spots.

I thought that it would be fun to make this entire blog week be about recapping vacations/getaways I’ve taken.  Just remember the good times that I’ve had.

So sit back and VACATION WEEK – Pam style.