Head Shouders Knees and Toes


Well good morning! I thought, as I look at my ashy elbows, that this is a good time to check in on the Fashion Fair better known as me and my journey to looking good, lol lol as the weather is changing – I have been VERY slow to adapt. I am currently wearing clothes off the floor of my closet which is a dungeon of summer/fall/winter mishaps. I just have not been in the mood to organize all that stuff and not sure I’ll be in the mood anytime soon. I think the scary part is that I don’t have as many outfits for the winter and I’m not really feeling going shopping right now for clothes. I disposed of quite a bit of stuff that was too big and now even more is too big. All my winter pants are -but I can let that fly as soon as it really becomes tight time. I do intend to get rid of some things from the summer. I have to say the Teenager is really good at this and has already done all of her stuff.


My hair? Well glad you asked. Here it is in all of it’s blown out glory!!







Since we last talked about hair, for the most part I’ve had it put up. I wore this fabulousness for almost a month now.

 This is one of the three wigs that I made and all of a sudden it just started working for me. Sometimes that happens. I kept my own hair in corn rows and moisturized and just let it relax. Then I started to miss feeling the wind in my scalp (lol) so I took it off over the weekend washed my hair good using Jane Carter Shampoo followed by Cream of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner and actual Argan Oil (from a sample I got from the hair show). I wrapped with plastic wrap, but a hankerchief over it and a silk bonnet and slept in the concoction. The next day I rinsed it out and let my hair semi air dry before putting some Jane Carter leave in conditioner followed by a dollop of Nourish and Shine followed by Jane Carter Curl Definer as I did medium sized braids all over my head to finish drying. After reading that please guess what happen. I put TO MUCH PRODUCT(S) on my head and so though the curl was and is still very much defined – it feels a bit sticky. I intend to rinse it this weekend and just go with 1 conditioner and something to set the style, lol lol


As I approach my first full year being Natural, I have learned something. My hair is a lions mane and it grows as such. the stay in twists etc. like this – don’t really work for me, in my opinion. (or maybe I don’t like the way they look. I feel like my hair is so ‘light and fluffy’ that it doesn’t have the weight needed to carry those styles. Therefore, yesterday morning – I did a small ‘cut’ to make my hair more agreeable to said style. I cut that ratchet ‘shag’ off in the back and I trimmed the front up a bit to take some of the weight off so that it will stand up tall and proud. I like it this way. I can do really cute puff’s now and I always want to maintain enough hair to weave, attach some hair etc. so I’m cool with my hair right now. I like it – I haven’t looked in the mirror in so long and began to panic about my hair. My edges are giving me life and I’m just not worried about it like that. I am kinda wanting some color and I might just put it in myself.


Ahh something dear to my heart – make up. With the weather changing, and my summer tan subsiding, I am beginning to wear my winter foundation palette. I have been choosing sleep over get dressed time, so my routines have been pretty simple. I actually haven’t purchased anything from the current eye shadow combos etc., but the holidays are coming up and I’m sure to see something that will give me life. ELF has their first set of holiday kits out and the neutrals are a cheaper but strong version of the Urban Decay Palette. I got one for the teenager and I need to try it because I’m not sure,with my skin tone this will be a great match. I am sad to say that I have pretty much every combination of color known to man and technically don’t need not one more drop of makeup GASP!! If anything, I ‘might’ need to upgrade a few things in quality. Now will that stop me – um no, but it bears saying, lol lol


Finally, I am excited to report that the Teenager has begun experimenting with make up. She is a graduate of Barbizon and actually was quite good at make up application but wasn’t interested in it. Well for the past several months, she’s been doing a full face lite. She feels it’s giving her skin depth and making her eyes stand out. She’s doing a good job and we have yet another subject to talk about and another couple of aisles to browse when we go shopping.


So as of today, it’s all good in the beauty hood, lol lol



Musing while making a grilled cheese with my flat iron

Black White Puero Rican everybody just a freaking…..good times are rollin!! How ya’ll be?! I know I’ve been janky on the writing, but ya’ll know me. The only thing that is bubbling up from me is actually a bit about hair and beauty, so I wanted to go ahead and update that journey via my signature randoms and musings…….

So here is me in all my crown and glory,lol lol (excuse the blinding light – I wanted to try to really show what’s going on) I have come to realize that this right here is the way I like to express myself and my hair. I want it huge and de-constructed. I am eagerly awaiting it to get even bigger and bolder. This means that I need to really begin to make sure I am on my conditioning and moisturizing game. I take the approach that less is more, so I’m not doing all that washing and what not, but when I do, I need to be liberal with the care.

Currently my routine is: Jane Carter’s Line (shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, curl definer and nourish and shine), a mixture of Sunflower, and Shea Butter Oils, I’m not co-washing or anything. When I took my wigs off August 1st I washed my head. I have washed it once more since then. I have added Cream of Nature Argon Oil deep conditioner to the mix and I have to say I really like it. It really made my hair soft. We are on day three after using it and I can say it’s doing it’s thing.

I’m really trying to look at and use other products, but it’s just not me. I actually don’t ‘care’ (can’t think of another word) about my hair that much to become a product junkie about it, lol lol However, I do want to try some new oil mixtures for day to day use. I have discovered that (while previously I said it didn’t). Water, sparingly, does benefit my hair. As long as it’s heavy on the oil and on a mist setting – it has been great for touch up’s. It’s like a slightly damp feeling that helps set my hair.

Right now my go to style is all kinds of braiding/plaiting. I started out doing twists when my hair was shorter, but now that it’s getting some height (I don’t really look at length), the plaiting gives it the pull I need to get my chunky look. I braid Sunday, Tuesday and Friday – all sizes and hand parts. Once taken out, I either make it conform or I chunk it all out funky like I am wearing it today.

Am I the only one way mad that I can’t really capture the styles via camera like I would like. My hair actually does different things, but all the pictures come out looking like an afro grrrrrrr.

I am slightly turned on when I pick my hair out into a true afro – it puts me into a place my sista Pam Grier seemed to be. Ya’ll know in my other life I was in the 70’s, lol

I’m trying to keep RG (and his body parts) out of my hair. Just sit back and think about the previous statement. It’s ok, I’m sure someone has had it happen to them from the back of the couch while they are sitting watching TV and minding their on business. All of a sudden Thump – WTH?!

I was thinking about the fact that I’m sure a lot of Sisters on this journey have grown their hair out and since they in reality haven’t ever really seen their own texture discover that the whole ‘nappy thick’ thing was a myth. They have quite manageable hair.

Why do some women look at women with finer curlier hair as if they are not ‘natural’. The teenager, after several years of being a total product junkie on the ‘blonde’ side of the tracks looking for things to do her hair – finally, after listening to me identify her as an African American with African American hair, started looking into using some of the new products for our hair and has settled on the Shea Moisture Line as her go to. Yes mam all those curls and what not can react to these products as well. They are our sisters as well.

I saw a sister putting on her entire face on the train this morning. I became intrigued because that would be a great test of how your technique and look is, lol lol I might get on the train bare faced and trick it out on the way to work, lol

I haven’t done a make up haul in awhile and I’m sad about that – but while I was in Statesboro, I bought 2 Wet and Wild Shadow Pencils and fell in LOVE!! the collection has 5 and I intend through a good sale currently going on at Walgreens, to get the others this weekend!!!

Since August 1st, my face routine has remained the same due to the intense heat. Nikki Bronzer on the face, neck, ears, followed by a pinkie amount of MAC concealor in areas, I feel I need it. and a warm rich eye, usually with Wet and Wild or Iman Pallettes. Milani marbled blush and a shimmer lip. I’m giving I’ve been on vacay look right about now.

I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can dig back into my foundations.

The Natural Hair Show is right around the corner and I’m plotting out my plan. I have three vendors as must go’s and i will be doing that FIRST!! Then my goal is to try to purchase at least one product from a smaller independent come up company to try out. I feel like I need to wear sneakers – they not gonna get me this time. I’m going alone, I’m going focused and I’m getting their EARLY!!

On the same token that I am loving my hair, I am thinking about ‘putting it up’ and rocking some kinky twists in some kinda blondish color highlighted to wear for a couple of months into the winter. Why? Because I can, lol lol

Next Summer I think I want hair to the middle of my back….bone straight, ROTFL

Ahh Fall fashion has begun to make it’s appearance on the racks. I still would like to go clearance and pick up a few things for next summer for both me and the teenager, but I am excited to work on my fall wardrobe. I am MOST proud that I expanded my wardrobe so well this summer that I was able to actually dress out my own closet this year. The few things that I picked up were to enhance and not because I panic with nothing to wear. I am still looking for the perfect pair of white long pants.

My main goal for the Fall/Winter is to get out of wearing so many boots and to develop the professional side of my closet. I need a a suit. I’m 45 years old and I need to be able to pop one out the closet when needed. I’ve decided to get a three piece because I’d prefer to do a pants suit, but you need a good skirt suit as well. RG has decided that i am BANNED from Dress Barn. He just has issues with that place (SIGH), so while we were out we looked at Ashley Stewart and right now they are showcasing some fabulous separtates. Why Ashley Stewart you say. Because I can wear a 14 but there needs to be a W after it, that’s not for Women’s in my case that’s for WAIST!! Damn I’m like an egg on sticks. SIGH SIGH SIGH. Ashley Stewart has layaway as well, so I intend this month to put me the three piece and a couple pairs of dress slacks on the Layaway. My next stop will be Burlington.

I am still trying to figure out what happened to all of my pumps. Um Black and Brown I need to get a pair.

These wonder bras I saw on an infomercial will be coming home with me soon. That is my favorite type of Bra!!!!! I need those in my life.

I also will probably be throwing out my entire underwear drawer and restocking – I think I wanna get a bit more sexy in my old age, lol lol lol I’ve never been into that stuff and RG could care less – but I just wanna feel grown and sexy (God when will we retire that combo).

I am wondering though why is it so hard to get matching sets for us larger busom women. How you gonna sale all those cute panties and never have the bras to match and vice versa?

Um who knew I had this much to say? LOL LOL LOL

Bette Davis Eyes….


One of the fondest memories I have, while also being one of the most traumatic, was the day I got my first pair of eye glasses. I had to be around 9 or so and I remember like it was yesterday, coming out of the JC Penney’s all dizzy and what not from the sheer medicine in those bad boys. I remember after I dramatically fell off the curb telling my daddy in very excited terms “Daddy look at the trees!! Look at how green they are” I remember him looking at me and saying “You really couldn’t see huh baby” Now this, in no way equals my journey to get my first bra BUT it was mortifying none the less. This was the beginning of my journey with glasses.


I look back over my love/hate affair with those bad boys and until very recently it’s been mostly hate. I’m blind ya’ll and even though my eye dr. assures me I’m not the blindest he’s seen or has seen the day he sees me, in my book I need a cane, dog and Stevie Wonder for inspiration!! I can’t see across the room. I can’t see right in front of my face. I have to actually prop something on my nose to see it. The ONLY time I can convince myself that I can half way see is in the pool. For some reason the chlorine and waves gives me the illusion I can see, but I’m not too far from wearing my glasses in the pool. I can’t even get it together in the shower. I can’t see to shave my damn legs!! I wing it, lol lol


When I got old enough to wear contacts (which meant out my momma house) I ran for the idea. I remember the liberation that I immediately got. I can remember just NEVER taking them off. I’ve had I know half a dozen eye infections due to just not taking those bad boys out. I wore week longs for months and month long for years, lol lol I had become convinced that if I never took those bad boys out, then no one will know I even wore glasses. It actually worked for awhile. Then I began to go through weight changes and as I gained weight, I had to deal with some negativity in my life in the form of some verbal and emotional abuse so the contacts became a fail safe I be damn if I was going to be fat and four eyed. I have a memory of standing in the bathroom dressed up crying because I couldn’t get my contacts in and my eyes were red and I just felt at that moment like the unattractive woman in the world and unfortunately that happened more than I would have liked.


Part of my glasses thing was that I spent all my money on contacts and just never took the time to look at frames, have someone work with me to find the best frames and decide for myself that I was just as fly in my glasses as I was without. Moving to Atlanta, it got critical in that I was dating, going out and trying to have some kinda life. I also became a bit more comfortable in who I was, so I began to run out on the weekend a little bit with my glasses on. The technology had advanced to the point where I could get, through the extra cost of shaving down my lens, a pretty good look. I also got myself some really good INSURANCE and began to explore my options. The diagnosis of having type 2 diabetes made me take a good hard look at my eye HEALTH. I only thought of two things (1) I would lose my legs and (2) I would lose my eyesight. I wasn’t going to let any of that happen.


Fast forward to say the last 6 years. There were a number of things that started me on my process of ACCEPTING WHO I WAS. Good, Bad and Ugly. One of the best was meeting my current eye Dr. He is not a big box Dr. (lens crafters etc.) He has his own office and comes as part of my Insurance package. He takes the time with you and will sit and talk to you for as long as you need. I instantly fell in love and joke all the time that outside of RG he’s the only one I want looking into my eyes, lol lol


Well he has some of the greatest frames ever and after RG insisted (a couple of years into our relationship) that I stop wearing the rickety frames I had forever and stop wearing the same damn pair of contacts. I went and just plopped down like $500+ Dollars to move into the new age of glasses. I LOVE MY FRAMES!! All of a sudden I look in the mirror and a combo of working on self, love of a good man, attention from a good Dr. and figuring out how to accept myself kicked in and I smiled. I smiled so much that I swore off contacts for a year to only wear my glasses (for all practical purposes) to make myself deal with me and put aside all the demons. This was not middle school!! Who is going around teasing someone about the thickness of their lens etc. Hell you couldn’t even tell with todays technology. That was a raging success and I began to like my glasses more than wearing contacts. I was finding that they were getting more difficult in my eyes and I was having glare issues etc. with them. Go figure!


Well in the last year or so I’ve actually been trying to wear my contacts but lo and behold, because of my vision and astigmatism and needing bifocals, the good old soft contact was beginning to fail me. I could either see and couldn’t read or vice versa. I went through a series of contacts before I just got embarrassed and didn’t come back.


Two weeks ago, I took the teenager and appeared myself humble at the Drs. doorstep. He gave me the side eye when I was honest about why I didn’t continue to search for the right contact for me. He then spent near an hour really going into my eyes, their weaknesses and what it looked like. Here is a part of our conversation while looking at infra film of my pupil


“This is a normal eye – you see how the colors are all even and spread evenly around the eye – it’s like a nice tropical island. The land just flows nicely into the ocean. This is YOUR eye – quite frankly the best description I can give you is…your eye is Tokyo after the Tsunami. The land is where the ocean should be, the ocean is where the land should be and there are rivers where no rivers should be existing”


“A traditional soft contact conforms to the shape of your eye. For someone like you – it’s like putting shades on top of shades – it’s not fixing your sight it’s duplicating the badness of your sight. A hard contact lays on top of your existing eye correcting your vision without conforming to the already set of shads you have on.”


I told him I’d think about it because I had hard contacts many years ago and basically it was like taking an old school coke bottle breaking it on the ground picking up some random broken glass and plopping it in your eye, lol lol


I came back this past Friday and said, ” I was ready” He said “he knew I was that’s why I already had them ordered.” Insert GIGGLE here!! I had to watch a video and then it was time to put the bad boys on. I had no trouble. I’ve never had issues with digging in and around my eye. I had more trouble with the numbing stuff she put in my eye than the actual contact. The very first thing I noticed was the same feeling I had so many years ago. “Daddy I can read that sign across the room and I can see it!”. Vision was very clear, yet I felt those bad boys in my eyes. I had to sit in the office for like 30 minutes and then he examined me, I took an eye test and sat in wonderment while he said I had tested out at 20/20 and then it was time to practice taking them out. His assistant, handed me a teeny tiny PLUNGER and told me to just attached it to the contact and they should come right out. HUH?! WHAT?! I did and on the first go round they came right out. I was ready!!


It has now been 4 days of me wearing these new Gas Permeable Contacts. The feeling that I have something in my eye (not like something irritating, but something) is subsiding. Currently I’m putting moisturizing drops in every couple of hours or so. I am experiencing glare issues, I swear my eyes are stuck wide open Pupils on Enlarge, lol I keep shades near by and will put them on in the buidling! when something gets in your eye IT HURTS!! you can’t swipe these around to work things out like with soft contacts. I could take an eye lash out my eye without taking my contacts out before. Now I just sit here crying and praying it will come out. I also, since these are bifocals, am trying to stop looking out the bottom half of the lens and looking straight ahead so I can get used to seeing clearly.


This is the first time since like 2009 that I’ve worn contacts to work!! The computer was just no place for me, my eyes and contacts before. So far so good though. I’m sure folks are catching me looking and squinting and just blinking rapidly. I really wanna get used to wearing them so when I do, I won’t have issues. I have worn them once at night and the experience wasn’t pleasant. Full of some very bad light and head light glare YET I could see the signs etc. So I have to try it again. I have been suffering with night blindness before all of this and I just hope that I won’t be those who just can’t really drive at night. SIGH.


I think the biggest thing is that I am COMFORTABLE either way it goes. I got new lens in my current frames and I still love my glasses. I can wear them all dressed up or all dressed down with no issues. I now want to be flexible on the eye wear and don’t need to. I have some wigs that just look more fierce with no glasses. When I look in the mirror, I see the same Pam whether I have them on or not. That’s the most important thing to me and getting over that hurdle has been monumental. I will NEVER AGAIN stand in front of any mirror thinking I’m unattractive!! You best believe that!!!


So below are a series of pictures I took taking you through the process of these new contacts, what they look like and how I’m working it out. I hope that this story educates, lets you into a little bit more of me and inspires you to love your damn self!!


All my new stuff. Yes it is more expensive, even the off brand

Here they are. They are rigid, they don’t, you won’t be flipping these inside out, lol

One cool thing, you can rinse these with tap water!  I feel like they are much cleaner because of this.

Yes you actually use this plunger to take the contacts out.  I haven’t missed once, yet

Eureka!! Here it is.  Not bad at all.

We All Natural – And We All Showed Up At The Same Time

Well due to popular demand, I am going to get refocused and crank this out.  Well today is the day a whole heap of us had been waiting for,  The 14th Annual World Hair Show, today and tomorrow at the Georgia International Center.  Over 152 Vendors, musical performances, stage showcases etc. This was the “Bronner Brothers” of the Natural Hair World and it was landing smack dab in the middle of the Black Mecca..The ATL!

Well let me tell you, I was amped as I pulled up to the Congress Center.  This wasn’t the big one downtown, but the one out by the Airport. I have been out to this venue several times and thought it was perfect.  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL DAY here and just perfect to rock your hair!!  The parking lot was crowded and I was inwardly smiling at the nice crowd that must be inside.  This was good.

After parking a country mile, we strolled up to the door expecting to be swept up in a scene similar to say The Car Show – WELL HONEY!!  It was more like Disney on the 4th of July and I’ve been there so I really can testify to this.  The corridor was at a stand still!  Scanning the corridor quickly it immediately became apparent that wayyy more people than they had expected came to the show. They had THREE count them THREE Ticket Booths!!  These booths were for ticket purchasers, will call tickets, model check in, the promise land – it was all at these three booths.  We were directed to the end of the line which was basically back at my Bestie’s house.  I mean REALLY…if you looked to the right there were sistas as far as the eyes could see, if you looked to the left at the ATM the line was just as long.  The lines were wrapped around the building!!  Damn here go my blood pressure!

I arrived at around 2:50 pm, so did the rest of Atlanta apparently.  The natives were restless and the vendors who ended up outside in the corridor were dancing for joy.  You know we get hyped, we gonna need some BBQ, a slushie and some ice cream to get it together.

I was bombarded with so much fly hair I was trembling, but I couldn’t really enjoy it because of the get in fiasco.  I will say though, Sistas held it together. I am proud of us.

After about 48 minutes, we were told the line would be moving – apparently the FIRE MARSHALL  showed up because there were too many people!!  They shut it down until folks were leaving allowing us to get in.

FINALLY we got a ticket and then proceeded to get in ANOTHER LINE. Apparently the Fire Marshall said that at least 10 people had to leave before all of us could actually go into the convention hall!!!!

Lawd after my hair grew a good 2 inches we were in the place!!  Let me bullet this to keep it as short as possible.

It was crowded

It was so crowded, that moving was sort of difficult

I’m trying to understand why T-SHIRT VENDORS were charging soo much money. They were the most expensive vendors in the house.

I bout burst from pride at all these black folks up in here trying to do the damn thing for our hair.

The lone Korean must have been cussing big time , cause he  didn’t realize it was that big either! His weave was nice though, lol

The big ones:  Miss Jessie, Shea Moisture, Jane Carter and Taliah Waajid were selling product hand over feet!! DO YOU HEAR ME!!  However, placing all of them right down the center of the hall made for TERRIBLE bottle necks.

I went to Jane Carter:  Any 5 liquids $20 any 5 creams $40 Yes you read that right!  BUT because I don’t think anyone really knew it was gonna be like this, they were sold out of a lot of stuff already (it opened at 10 am).  Like there was no conditioner or Curl Definer Cream. MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR SAMPLES, they have them hidden.

Shea Moisture – though I’m sure the BOGO recently tapped you out, was 3/$10.

TAILAH had 3 stands and two were basically sold out.  The kiddie product was plentiful though.

There are plenty of earring vendors. Man look for THE EARRING LADY (Booth 319) her shit was FLY!! You hear me?!  They range from $15-$25 but it’s firyah!

It was so crowded I didn’t see anyone I knew – hell I could barely see me.

Here is my haul:

Total for Jane Carter:  $25

Earrings:  $5

The hair stages were sprinkled throughout  – another bottle neck.  The performance stages on the edges – perfect.

Don’t sleep on the make up lines that were there. Some great black owned stuff.  Also I got my eye brows done. I really need to find me a sista to do my eyebrows.  My preferred method is razor and pretty much only sisters can hook that up.

In conclusion, I hope I didn’t sound a certain kinda way because I had a good time and I was just SOOO PROUD of the turnout.  I wish I had more money to spend I almost feel like I wanna go back tomorrow but my budget is shot.

This was a great opportunity to really ascertain if this is us being followers or really setting ‘trends’ to the bigger market.



I might have more to say later on in the week on a cerebral level, but this is the quick and dirty.

The Fashion Forward Muslim Teenager

As the gas prices and heat index rise quite quickly, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay cool in the hot ass A-T-L.

Part of that thought process is also thinking about my first summer with my ‘reverted’ (this is the terminology because the belief is that you were Muslim and so to accept that from where ever you were prior is reverting back to your true religion) Teenager.  This would be our first summer working around and dressing with no visible body parts except for feet, hands and face.

My first thought was well it’s hot as hades in the Middle East, so I’m sure we can work it out here.  My next thought – ok, my first thought was a bit of ‘feeling some kinda way’  The truth is, I still struggle with not seeing her hair blowing in the wind and other things that I envision in my mind, but my own upbringing etc. would not let me feel some kinda way because she wanted to be covered.  Yet I was thinking Um the beach?  Um if we were to go on a cruise, ain’t all them clothes just gonna be damn hot!  What about personal hygiene?!  It wasn’t about being naked, it was about the look, the comfort and how to make her feel good.

So after going through all of that, my mind went to the Universal things that we all do to lighten it up, mainly lighter fabrics.  Next I ran through what she can wear. She can wear long pants, she can wear long skirts and dresses and she can wear all kinds of sandals with her toes out, heels the whole works.  I had a starting point!

Then I went to the internet looking to see what other fashionable Muslim Women were rocking, because this is 2011 and I’m sure even YOU have some pre-conceived notions based on what the West shows you of how women are and are treated and are looking that follow some forms of Orthodox Islam. I had it to, so it’s ok.  That’s why I want to write sometimes about this stuff so we all can learn.

I found several sites that gave me some great ideas and just seeing some things got me to really working out in my head some great outfits for her.   Seeing that the maxi dress, and longer styles in general (THANK GOD), are in style for the general public really set me on fire.

I’d like to give you some visuals of some of the unique & creative ways Muslim women are staying just as fashionable while remaining modest.  You can click on any picture to get a closer look at the outfits.

This summer should be a lot of fun!!!!

Modesty Swimsuits Anyone!!!

These are called Arm Sleeves, you can wear these under short sleeve shirts to continue the modesty line.

You Tube, I Tube – My Fav’s

Good evening!  Awhile back, I said in a Drag Thursday entry that I wanted to introduce some of my favorite Beauty You Tubers to you all.  A year ago, I came on you tube but it was not a frequent site.  Then one day and I really can’t remember why, but it was associated with some question I had about Natural Hair, I came on and discovered the vast world of You Tubing sisters giving you all that they know…for free.  I quickly dubbed You Tube the “poor man’s college” and I enrolled carrying a full load, lol  At least once a week I spent at least an hour on there looking, listening and learning about whatever subject has my fancy.  Mostly my subjects are pertaining to Hair both natural and bought and make up.

For those that are interested in learning about the world of Beauty from the neck up (lol) these are a great way to start.  These sisters should be getting awards for the knowledge they impart.  These you tube channels I subscribe to as well.


This sister is serving MASSIVE Janet Jackson does Make up.  Her natural hair is fierce and she’s taken wigs to another level.  She is a Professional and actually teaches make up classes.


This Sister does it all make up, wigs, poetry, music.  What makes her channel not only a go to for Beauty but an inspiration as well is that she has alopecia and she openly discusses it and gives you information about it.



This Sister here has a natural wonderful head of hair and she gives great wig reviews for those looking to enhance their natural look she also does make up as well and personal stories which sometimes are funny.


The Truth? One of the main reasons I subscribe and come back again and again is because to me, this sister is BEAUTIFUL!!  I mean georgous!!  She rocks some great wigs and gives great make up advice.  Darker Sisters come get a peek.


This sister’s personality is just infectious and she has one great head of freaking hair YET she will rock a wig to make this even bigger, lol lol  Loves her!

I read several more, but I wanted to share these sisters with you because they are something special!!

A Wig In Pictures

What’s up this Saturday night?!  In a rare weekend post, I am coming to you from my bedroom where I just finished taking a wig on a little journey.  I was at Beauty Masters (stay tuned for Drag Thursday this week!!) and ran into the sale wall.  These wigs are ‘odd’ you can’t try them on and they come in interesting colors.  I saw one though that I thought I could work with, so I scooped it up.

After getting home and getting somewhat settled, I cracked that bad boy open, shook it out and commenced to practice ‘manipulating a wig’ like I see the Sisters on You Tube doing.  this wig was inexpensive, but surprisingly was of a GREAT TEXTURE and Color Palette.

I will be wearing this out tomorrow to test drive it. If it works to my liking in the bright sun around people – This might be making a preview at the J-O-B.



Atlanta Gal’s Next Thin Cycle – A New Season!!



You know how you have those days where you just feeling yourself a lot? Well this morning was one of those times. As I mentioned before I’ve been on a quest for good (or better) health. I recently discovered that I was within maybe 1-12 pounds of my ‘personal fine’ weight. You know they keep those charts and graphs and what not but we know what our body feels comfortable at and all of a sudden I am finding myself close to it.

As a descendent of the Oprah Tribe, I’ve been every weight under the sun. It comes and goes as with anyone who battles weight gain. Nobody battling weight loss, lol lol but you fight tooth and nail about that gain. Unfortunately the last time I was in a weight loss cycle it was prior to meeting my husband. When we married I was heavier, but I totally am less than the size of the woman he married. I made a conscious decision NOT to lose weight for the wedding. Why would I false advertise like that? LOL Why not surprise him and lose weight after instead of scare the hell out of him when coming off the Honeymoon from all the weight I gained back. I also realized that I wasn’t having any children – so in my mind, I had no excuse not to drop some pounds.

I am a HATER of exercise. I’ve always been able to adjust my eating habits (not really diet) and get the weight down. Over the course of the last several years, I’ve just slowly melted away – but nothing like what I’m looking at now. The Hubby is about to experience the super fast and ass twitching ‘thin’ era. Now thin means a lot of things and comes in at all kinds of numbers. For me, I am thin when: I can shop at the lower scale of the plus size store or the higher end of the regular store and I can shop at the Thrift much easier, lol My clothes size always disappoints me because I, as I’ve spoken about before, am an egg on stilts. The roundness of my body houses not only every disease known to black women (thanks Ma!) but it’s very hard to lose – so I might be rocking a 14 BUT because of my gut, I have to wear a 16 which puts the rest of my “Gena” no hips having ass at a disadvantage.

Back to this morning, I totally wanted to take a picture after I got dressed and lo and behold I have COLLAR BONES!!! I looked at my wrist and felt desirable to RAY CHARLES (RIP)! LOL! My face looked a lot less fluffy as well. As I said on Facebook – I’m feeling real Arethaish right about now!! I looked in the mirror and saw the weight loss. I am about to do my second closet purge, because I just feel swallowed up. However, I’m going to hold off because we are so close to season change (irregardless of how the weather is bouncing back and forth) no need to buy any new winter clothes.

which brings me to my individual ‘fat suit’ issues. We all have them. That programming we do inside our heads who’s sole purpose is to be a self esteem killer. I don’t buy clothes in advance of anything because at any moment, I can gain all my weight back. I have a very hard time throwing clothes away that are big whereas I eagerly toss anything that is too…small. Being a non-fasionista doesn’t help this any because I just have minimal concept of how to dress to begin with and it’s hard for me to really focus on that because I never feel like I’m really gonna lose weight for the long term. Now I’ve kept 38 pounds off for years now, but according to the ‘fat suit’ that don’t count. SMDH. However, my self esteem is intact. I was feeling good six months ago, that helps a lot in moving to a space that you can maintain control over the ‘fat suit’.

I’m now excited!! I’m excited that my hubby gets to experience the thin cycle!! When I’m in the thin cycle, I as a hot ass!!!! Its’ just in time for summer too!! Which means the cute short sun dresses, cute wedge sandles, big hair/hats/jewelry!!!! Little shirts with capri’s!! The last man to be privvy to the thin cycle was “Glass Chess” and he didn’t know what to do with it. Ohhh my Hubby will!!!!!!!!!

In my Valentine’s Day Love Post – I spoke on how much I am loving discovering the woman in me (I think, lol) I’ve really never taken the time to just focus on developing the woman while rediscovering the young girl in myself. I’m suddenly into hair, make up, a little bit clothes, jewelry etc. One day I looked in the mirror and I saw someone I liked in a hat. For YEARS I thought hats looked terrible on me!! Now I have a cute collection for the summer and even some fun stuff for evening. The other night I wore heels out for the first time in a long time. The better I get my health, the better my feet feel and I can wear shoes that I desire.

I’m saying all of this to say that I’m in a REALLY REALLY GOOD ME SPACE right now. It’s like I’m opening up these internal closets that had all these cool things in them that I just kept in storage, lol Now I’m about making me a Mariah Carey closet!!! YEAR OF MY 45TH IN FULL EFFECT!!! Let me know if you are discovering these sides to yourself!!

Oh Snap! I Big Chopped!

Sooo One of my favorite hair styles was Cleo’s girlfriend on Set It Off.  That short textured look with the blonde on her skin was just fantastic.  I’ve seen others with a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) that were rocking the hell out of it!!  I mean just banging.  I’ve seen coils done that were inspired by God.  When I transitioned I never did a BC (Big Chop) I just grew it out and did a series of mini-chops.  I noticed but didn’t say anything that though my hair was growing and pretty darn healthy – I wasn’t seeing the length as much as I might have wanted.  I also couldn’t pin point WHEN I started this process so I had no meter to judge on.

I decided to rock this cute kiddie pony I found at the BSS (Beauty Supply Store) so I washed and CHI Ironed my hair out and plopped that bad boy on.  I found it to be alotta work and after a week my scalp was dry. I haven’t had to scratch my head in over 4 months.  So I (along with my Husband) wanted my curls back.

I pre-poo’ed with some Cream of Nature ( Get Over It – I’ve tried now about 4 different shampoo’s and conditioners and so far this works for my hair – extra chemicals be damned) and a bit of Queen Helene on dry hair.  I put my gold (I call it my Soul Glo) conditioner cap on and let it do it’s magic. 30 minutes later – I took it off and welcomed my curls back!  However they were packed down.  I looked in the mirror and was like “I can rock my hair this short”  I’ve been curious to see the texture and to see if I can rock it with no ‘latent slavemaster issues’.  So, I packed it down further and showed it to the Hubby and Daughter with some earrings on, lol  Then I took my Beautician Shears and went to cutting – conditioner still in!  I went ahead and washed and conditioned again and then finished up the cut and let it air dry.  I was LIKING IT.  Well I couldn’t turn back even if I freaked out, lol  Part of my reasoning was that if I didn’t like it – it would be back by Summer anyhoo.  It was feeling good and had a cute little curl pattern.  I decided to keep it long enough to manipulate it – so I put tiny two strand twists all over my head with a bit of my Organic Shea butter Tea Tree Oil and let it ride.

The next morning – I took my scarf off , almost forgetting I had cut it down, lol A dollop of Shea Butter Oil in my hands and then I just ran it through my head to break up the twists.  OH YEA I’m feeling this level of freedom.  My husband spent a good 1-12 minutes running his hands through my head.

By the next day – I wanted to take it down a bit more. It had this length that was kinda funky (yes I can cut the back of my head – don’t ask me how, I never can figure that out).  So now here I am BAM!!  My face is more pronounced, my cheeks are HUGE (plight of the round faces) and the most important test I can ive myself is the eye glass acceptance test and it passed.  It looks good with my glasses!!

Now surprisingly – I feel like even more choices have opened up to me because now the wig game is on and popping for real.  I want to actually get me some kinky fro hair and make me a stocking cap wig in some cool not regular color. I’ve never made one but my crew has indulged and so it’s my time to take it to the next level.  Also braids/twists have come into the picture, because with shorter hair – you can cut out more of the braid thus cutting down on the whole ‘process’ of braiding.  My June it should be the perfect length.  I also can get those coils I saw – but the Africans put SO MUCH GEL when doing the process, I might have to find someone else to do them. Good Lawd for the gel!!  Also I need to get recolored because I cut out most of the color and it already was time.

Now I also have a ‘starting point’ to record.  Product wise – next up on my list is Carol’s Daughter. The Hair Milk Light feels so good.  I will get the small $8 one to try it out.  I’m not sure exactly what direction I want to go in with products and what they do.  If the milk curls me up – that can be my go to wash and go product.  Otherwise I like what I’m using now all the way around.

This is an interesting journey and though I don’t think I consciously set out to get on it – it does give me several layers of something to do.