Mind if I ‘talk’ Your Eyes Off

My arms have been aching since yesterday, that’s nothing but tension. I will be totally relaxing this weekend!!

I had been wondering if there was something deeper to this whole switch to Natural hair that alot of sisters are embarking on and I’ve come to the conclusion that no, it’s just something to do which makes me think – then what’s wrong with getting a relaxer, that’s something to do for alot of Sisters as well. We’ve assigned all this ‘stuff’ to wearing our hair natural just like we do to doing other things when in reality it’s just a choice.

This weekend is Michael Jacksons 52nd Birthday! I am prepped and ready to spend some time in honor of him.

I’m feeling some kinda way – maybe ’embarassment’ about my current financial situation for myself. Alot of my monetary activities revolved around the small important things, gifts for folks, tinkering on the internet for little things that make me or my loved ones smile. I’m having to cut that stuff back and/or out and I got feelings about it.

It’s quite amusing to me how the Blackman is so in love with his genitalia. It is so obvious that he must be the Father of us all because Lawd knows he wants to showcase from wence we came, lol lol

I wonder when I’m going to really get over the way that man ruined it all.

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Live in Color Friday

I really am trying to understand how as a woman you don’t turn around for a quick minute to make sure all your issues in the bathroom are RESOLVED!!!  Why women gotta be so nasty?!

I would like to thank Chick Fila for their bomb ass Bagel/Chicken/Cheese sandwich. 

Would it really be wrong to outfit my whole room with The Princess and the Frog?  Yea I’m 42 years old

Am I the only one who thinks that this whole cell phone thing has allowed folks who really shouldn’t be having that much conversation to now be having it. Wasn’t it nice when some people you could pick and choose about who has a voice?

Why am I just noticing what a nice ‘print’ Jackie Jackson has had over the years in those outfits they have worn?  He’s my new love……

How come my Twitter is only filled with ‘verified’ celebrities – so it’s like an extra long edition of Acces Hollywood for me – LOVE IT!

Trying to figure out how you destory a Blackberry – maybe I should ask my husband!

I can’t get mad now that I raised a child with taste and class – yes she’s gonna use it.

It’s 2009 become informed about HIV and AIDS People! It’s so yesterday that folks are still talking about can’t I catch it on the toilet – WTF?!

I wonder how Khandi’s mom is feeling looking at Real Housewives post AJ’s death?

Exactly why can’t the balloon boy get an ass whipping on GP?

If I won that $200m tonite I would stay in my Apartment – it would give me time to get my head together and make up the list of niggas who ain’t getting shit – I need time for that list.

I took a look at my body and WOW I look like I have been in combat!  Over time your body takes a beating.

I have to start sipping on afterwork wine daily so that I won’t get knocked out – that Sutter Muscato must have GIN in it or something, lol