Drag Thursday – Summer 2012 Wrap Up Addition

Welcome to a Special Edition of Drag Thursday!! It’s been awhile, but I wanted to update my readers on what going on in my world of hair, beauty and fashion especially since the slight change in weather means I’m about to roll into whatever Fall holds for me. I actually made a video and then scrapped it because it was just to long. I felt I could get my point across better with pictures and the written word, than running my mouth, lol

Let’s jump right in! As you can tell from the picture above, I’ve just went there with my hair. I have to tell you though, the transition from relaxed to natural, from a fro to where I am now and color has been eye opening and quite a journey but I am now officially for the most part…OVER IT! I’ve worked it all out in my head about my head and I am sooo feeling myself and quite satisfied with the look and feel of it all. There is something ‘for me’ that is empowering with this hair cut. It’s so ‘opposite’ of what I was thinking I wanted to do. I came to this look because once I figured out that my hair grew in a fro as opposed to having the weight to help it lay down for twists etc. it made no difference what the length was. So I cut it off myself one night in the bathroom, lol lol Couple of weeks ago, I went to the barber to even it out and officially start that routine in terms of care. Funny how now I’ll sit in someone’s chair fairly regularly but it will cost like $15 as opposed to $85, lol

So what am I doing to keep this look going? I’m not a product junkie – most things that are traditionally made for the ‘taming’ of your natural coif is too heavy for my hair, so when I found something that worked – I stuck with it and that is JANE CARTER. She gives my hair all the life it needs! I’ve tried other things but keep coming back to her so why fight it? So for the most part I exclusively use Jane for all my hair needs. The staples of my hair regime are as follows:

Curl Defining Cream, Condition and Sculpt and Hair Nourishing Cream. Starting in the evening, I comb it out (which is funny in itself) and apply the nourishing cream before bed (No I don’t wear a scarf ). Morning: Wet my hands and run it through hair. Add a dollop of Curl Definer and a quarter or so amount of Sculpt. Scrunch up with my fingers, smooth the front of my hair down (the place where my glasses meet my ears sometimes get’s separated from the rest of my hair) and that’s it.

Now when I’m being extra – I will add (GASP) a half dollop of S Curl Stylin Gel this sits a bit ‘thicker’ and allows a more defined look. The color in my hair is Textures and Tones Bronze. I put it in myself. It’s really not that hair. I find that I need to grow it out a bit as to not stain my scalp. I have been through one touch up of this and I love that I go thru a few stages of color before I even it all out. LOVE IT!!

What I am looking forward to most? This winter and wigs and hats! LOL LOL LOL With a cut like this – BABEEEEEE A short sassy wig is about to lay so fantastic on my head!! Over the summer I’ve rocked some colorful scarves as well. I’ve even figured out when my roots were darker that black banded bands of flowers look quite fairy like, lol

Oh one more thing – as part of the color box they include a ‘conditioner’ and I have to say I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF!!! Pantene Condition for Relaxed and Natural. You can feel the difference!! I only wash my hair maybe once a month but every two weeks I co-wash with this.


Ahh me and my face!! I have to chuckle because I used to barely wear lip gloss and now I can barely leave the house without some make up on!! I probably could walk outside with no clothes on before I go with no make up, lol lol Amazing. All along I have been a proponent of not having to go broke to be lovely and I stick by that. Over the course of the, I guess, two years I’ve been exploring and learning and working out what stuff works for me – I’ve gone through and thrown out half the stuff I have bought over that time. I’ve narrowed it down to basically two baskets that I work extensively in and then a box for you know special occasion, costuming etc.

One of the best lines that I have discovered ‘for me’ has been LA Colors at THE DOLLAR GENERAL!!! and now it’s actually branching out to the Beauty Supply Store! I use their eye shadow palettes on a daily basis, sometimes two times a day, lol So far I haven’t had excessive flaking or dusting and the colors are solid dry and work well wet. For the woman on a budget and the woman that’s just flat out broke – it works!!

I was in the Beauty Supply Store the other day looking for NYX eye shadow pencils and lo and behold they had a whole display of LA COLOR pencils and I snatched these up immediately!! they are half the price of NYX! I will be adding at least three more very soon to my collection. I use these to line as well as flat out cover my lid. This GOLD has given me all kinds of Cleopatra Life!! They are soft and have stayed soft and are easy to use on your bottom lash as well, if you want to rock that vibrant color on the bottom look folks are wearing these days. Because I wear glasses, I can and do go a bit bolder in my day to day life than maybe someone who doesn’t and all of my make up can do day to night pretty flawlessly.

The summer didn’t tan me as effectively as it has in previous sweltering years, so I actually have rocked powder for the entire summer. Below are my favorites. That Milani is my all the way favorite and it’s getting low. It can do all seasons which is why it goes quicker than the rest. The Avon Mineral has given me a heavier layer and the giant bronzer I picked up at TJ Maxx adds nice highlights to my forehead, cheeks and chin. I Might wear two at any time.


I singled this out because Whew – my friend Ty gave me this, I believe for my birthday and I really wanna know where’s its been all my life. ELF is a quite affordable product line you can find at the Target or they have a quite comprehensive web sight that has AWESOME sales all the time. I dap this on my forehead, under my eyes and on my jaw line and buff it in – it is slightly tinted so I use it as a kinda concealer/foundation before I apply my powder. It is light enough in the summer and will be nice in the winter.

Here are my staple mascaras one for length, one for thickness, one for dramatics


I am still working on my lip game. I have found that I can rock a red lippy and Milani lip pencils are a staple in my bag. I also have just run up on NYC lip sticks and I like the way the tint. I only have a really pretty summer pink right now, but I want to get some darker colors for the fall/winter.

Here is another DOLLAR GENERAL find. This product here….Dermasil is THE BOMB!!! The one on the left is the soap and then the lotion. I use the soap to wash my face!! and then the lotion as my face cream. I have another bigger tube as a go to body moisturizer when I don’t want to smell. It feels like Oil of Olay.

Speaking of….

How do I get all this stuff off. I use these. They are half the price of the Oil of Olay kind, are thick and I can use one to get all my make up off. These are available at Walmart.

Hmmm – in terms of Fashion, I’m still in my Old Navy meets NY and Co. vibe and pretty much have rocked that all summer. I am beginning to feel that it’s just to casual and so I want to pick up the pace a bit as we hit the fall/winter. I am pretty sure I probably have like two outfits for this winter because I’ve lost weight. Officially I’ve dropped 20 pounds (Weight Watchers Rocks) I went from an 18-20 to a 12-14 and an 1x to an L. However, all of this depends on my waist and bust line. If my arms and legs could be the judge I might even wear a 10 but because of my ‘egg’ I have to make accommodations. I won’t really ever be able to wear skin tight clothes because of the disporportion of my waist to my hips, lol lol Oh well. I am just excited that spanx now work and don’t give me the tubular look and that I kinda know what works on my body type so I’ve getting it as close as possible. My hoochie wear can be a bit tighter and I feel comfortable. I wont’ ever be that person to wear skin tight clothes – it’s never been me, but I am not in any kinda way about my body shape and thus when I look in the mirror – I am not freaking out about the way I look. I also am not panicking about what to wear. I have picked and chosen in such a way that I actually can dress for more than one occasion out my own closet! The only thing I need to work on is PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE. I need to buy me a pants suit and a skirt suit with the quickness and a good pair of black pumps. How do I not have a good black heeled pump!!?!

Which leads me to my overall feeling about me lumps, bumps and all. I’m really in a great place with my self esteem and body image. I find it amazing that I really am digging myself, lol lol I haven’t looked in the mirror in months and thought something negative about myself. I made peace with wearing glasses and now i think I actually look better with them than without them (GO FIGURE) I never thought I would wear hats but now I LOVE HATS!! I used to feel some kinda way about being ‘sexy’ now I’ll display the girls and legs and feel comfortable. I even started back wearing shorts!!

So that’s where I’m at. I’m not into fingernails currently and keep them short and clear because I need to be able to type and navigate my phone, lol lol Diabetes is still messin with my feet so I tend to just rock loafers Mootsie Toostie are my favorite and whenever I run up on a pair at the thrift – they are coming home with me. Yes I still am at the Thrift and that’s where I will be for the majority of my clothes. Now it’s no longer a ‘stigma’ and that bothers me because now they are more crowded and some have started tripping on price.

I am quite happy that I’ve developed my own ‘style’ that is ever evolving and I see it only getting better and better.


Drag Thursday – SERIES FINALE!


I’m so glad we had this time together!! Well Good Morning and welcome to the SERIES FINALE of Drag Thursday! Yes we have come to the end of the once a week posts.It’s not going away per say but there won’t be a dedicated day. This has been one hell of a good time!! 20 blog posts. That is outta sight!


So I couldn’t end this without a video and HERE IT IS!!



Yea I’m ready to ROCK MY FRO!! Try some new products (maybe) and see where it all takes me. Also looking forward to the Fall/Winter Natural Hair Show in September! I’ll be ready this time. I”m getting there the day before, lol lol


To end the written portion of this, I’d like to talk about clothes. First the teenager, she has no school clothes needs right now. That girl has clothes!! The only thing I see is that she needs some school shoes – that’s about it. Her wardrobe is diverse, young and hip..GO HIJABI!!


Now me, the summer of 2011 has been my own mini fashionista moment, lol lol I have put together some really cute pieces and they have been in rotation and I’ve kept it cute and summery, without pushing the envelope to much. With us being uber work casual, it can pose a problem when it is time to dress up. I really want get me the following pieces as I move into the fall:


Nice black dress


Nice pairs of black and brown pumps -believe it or not I don’t own any that don’t have um glitter on them, lol lol When I lost weight my feet shrunk and the ones I had don’t fit anymore SIGH.


Two Blouses – I have some but I’d like to modern them up a bit


1 Suit – my body just doesn’t work in suits but I MIGHT be able to pull off a pants suit if I take my time and invest in a tailor SIGH.


I also need to get me at least 2-3 outfits that are appropriate (but reflect me) when it comes to activities at the Muslim Community Center. I can pull those together fairly easy.


I am still a bit leery of buying in advance – old habit of fluctuating weight. I know next summer I am going to find me the perfect pair of white dress pants, currently they elude me and my closet.


Looking in the short term however, fall/winter. I am going to need a complete shoe overhaul. Most of my shoes are too big and it’s cumbersome. I walk a lot with my job and I really need comfortable shoes. I am also sure I’m going to either need to hem all my pants or if they are just to big replace them. I haven’t taken a look at what is coming out for the fall really so I will see. I have a fetish for boots, but I’m eager to see how the fashion world will interpret the platform look.


Ahh my hair, loving my own hair – still fascinated and loving bought hair, might get me a long bouncy weave at some point this winter, lol lol lol


If you would like the read and see the entire Drag Thursday Series, up in the upper right corner of the home page is a search. Type in Drag Thursday and click This Site and they will all pull up.


Well my friends until next time……….SASHAY AWAY!!!


Drag Thursday

Well Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday where novice meets fashion/beauty and all the rest. Here’s where I’m at. There’s really nothing going on for me. I’ve settled into a routine and it hasn’t changed that much. I haven’t even bought anything since our last meeting. At this point, this upcoming weekend, I need to pick up a few refills on some things and that’s about it. I am using and experiencing what I have.

Still hanging in there with my wigs. This past weekend I actually did a personal challenge, because I do stuff like this. I wanted to rock 3 wigs and 3 outfits in one day, lol lol With a slightly different face for each look. I started out that morning in my casual wig with a head band dressed down to hang out with the teenager, that afternoon I changed into what I wore to work that Friday (lol) to go and try to be on the Family Feud with the wig I am currently wearing to work and later on that evening I got a bit dressier and decided to rock one of the wigs I made previously. There was something about it that was calling me. The crazy thing was that since I made that wig – I discovered Jane Carter Leave In Conditioner. Being that the wig was human hair, I revived it with Jane and it turned out HOT!!! I almost wanted ot wear it to work but to keep my continuity going I didn’t. Please believe it’s going on my head Saturday Morning to be rocked all weekend!!

The three wigs in order of appearance but only the last picture is from the actual day.  I’m trying to stop taking so many pictures of every damn thing – yea right,lol lol lol The other two are just the wigs but not the look.  You see how lush that evening wig is.  Man that bad boy is firah!!

In terms of what make up I wore that day, I started out the morning with a very pastel soft palette. That afternoon I darkened up my lid and left the crease and brow lighter with just a fill in of the original color. That evening – I coordinated the lid eye darker and added liner to make it pop. I never took any make up off. I started with a light brush of bronzer in the daytime w/concealer. I went to a bronzer for the afternoon and I add a stroke of Cover Girl buffed out with bronzer for a more finished look for the evening.

Well that’s about it people. Like I said, nothing exciting going on over here!! Till Next Time: SASHAY AWAY!!!!

Drag Thursday

Whew! Talk about hot!! Hello and welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday, where a novice like me tries to become a semi-professional, lol. The A-T-L is going through a heat wave, so let me get this out before it’s time to go get another 100 oz of water.


Despite the scorching heat, I actually, am still wearing foundation and a wig, lol You would think I would just be a puddle of chocolate Yaki number 4 at my desk, but it’s because I sit at a desk that I can still formally make up my face and it not be so bad. I only go from the house to the car to the train to the building and a lot of that is covered – I’m not exposed for long periods of unheated time to the elements so a mid – day buff and I’m cool. Now on the weekend, I have been more prone to just buff on some powder or bronzer and call it a day. The foundation of the week has been Milani Mousse. I love this stuff. I hardly think I’ll be able to find this shade retail again, so I need to go on Ebay and see can I get me another bottle before this one wears out. It’s a tad bit darker than my other foudations so it is most definitely for the summer months. Otherwise my day to day regime is the same. No new product or anything. I’m glad I actually stopped buying. This allows me to work with what I have. I’ve been focusing on not always making my eyes match my outfit. Doing complimenting eyes is cool, but contrasting eyes is fun. Just because I have on blue doesn’t mean I have to have a blue eye – what about a green eye with blue highlights? I’ve also began working with my lower lid – giving it some flavor as well.


It takes a good couple of weeks for a wig to settle on your head and begin to really give you the look you want and mine is finally there. It’s not giving me any problems and because I have my own hair widely parted for circulation – it’s not as hot as one would think. I know some folks scream at the thought of wearing a wig in this kinda heat, but it’s no different than a weave and I’ve worn them for two or three summers now and haven’t been affected. I do try to make sure I have my head plenty of air during the evenings and it’s the last thing I put on in the morning.


As you can tell, I’ve had to add to my storage collection. Really it’s getting out of hand. There are some kitchen pantries that are bigger than my bathroom and my counter space is just MISSING, so I have to go up. I finally found the three drawer box that I had been using so I have piled them all on top of each other. The issue? I’m already out of room, just spreading out what I already have. SIGH. Several of the blogs I read suggest Ikea for better storage systems, I may need to make a trip – especially since I want to begin picking up odds and ends for the College Bound Kid (YIKES!).


Before I end this, I want to organize and push out some hair/beauty randomness that I’ve been keeping in my mental rolodex:


  • Shaving creams are awful to me and then I discovered cheap conditioner. I now use it for all my shaving needs and it works perfectly!!
  • Eco- Gel is perfect for giving your eyebrows the control they need. I put a dab on my fingers and smooth them bad boys down.
  • With my own eyes I’ve seen how heat can alter the texture of your hair. My hair muse had this huge bushy head of hair and then she decided to go to the salon and so maybe once a month she comes in with flat ironed hair. It almost touches her butt – but I have noticed that now when she’s wearing it in it’s natural state – it looks much more pourous than thick like it used to and the curls are not as rocky as they once were. Her texture has ‘softened’ for lack of a better word.
  • I prefer razoring my eyebrows more so than wax, but it seems that’s a hood thing and I have to travel to have it done.
  • I am going to purchase me one of the discount sites coupons for a facial. I swear my nose would go from meaty to neaty once I had someone pressurize the sides. I know there is a colony of blackheads just chilling.
  • I need to watch some concealer application videos. Got this good MAC and I still feel like it’s not covering these few marks I would like it to.
  • If you wear glasses, take them off sometimes and look at your naked face. This is how I discovered some dark under eye issues and now I put concealer there as well.
  • I did an afro check (I don’t do length) and I can’t wait to show ya’ll what’s been going on up under this wig. All I will say is that I’ve come full circle.
  • Funny my hair is bone straight when I comb it out from the corn rows SIGH. I need product to get that kinky look I strive for.
  • I’m amazed that folks still have so much to say concerning their hair. If it’s not about your initial journey, or something provocative within the entire sphere – I’m over the whole hair thing.
  • I’m mad I don’t have anything to report about hair products etc. I’m just not a junkie (in that area).
  • I’ve been rocking what’s in my closet for the first time in a long time. I don’t panic when it’s time to go out – I actually have a few pieces!! I’m excited.
  • Am I the only one reveling in the fact that the ‘everyday’ woman can have the baddest shoes now? The shoes that are out today come in all price ranges and I’ve seen some HOT STUFF!!
  • Don’t you want to win 10 minutes in Ross like I do?


Well folks, I feel the tiny hairs on my arms catching fire as I type so let me go get some lemonade and some shade. Till next time…SASHAY AWAY!!

Drag Thursday


Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday!! I so appreciate all of you who tune in on the weekly to see whats going on in my closet, and bathroom, lol lol This week – I actually won’t be focusing on one of my favorite topics…me and instead will be giving the teenager some Drag Love!!


We (because as every parent knows, when they do something you do it whether you want to or not) have entered the work force. For the summer, she has been interning through a wonderful program sponsored by the Atlanta Bar Association, called “The Summer Law Intern Project” She is in a professional atmosphere and wanted to dress the part. I have spoken before on this blog in general in particular about making sure that she is representing her first and her faith second. This has certainly taken our relationship into a direction that I am enjoying. We are sharing in this journey and it gives me ample opportunity to bond with my independent, I can do it myself daughter. As we mold and shape this sometimes it is not 100% to whatever folks are subscribing to as ‘the approved look’ my whole stance is exactly who is doing verbatim everything their faith implores them to do? Whatever, I might not have given her the best spiritual foundation but I certainly gave her a healthy dose of DO YOU and that’s what we riding with.


So as the first day approached, we set out to create a work wardrobe that was stylish, youthful and professional. First order of business was second only to the Scarves that adorn her head and that’s long sleeve undershirts!! It’s June in Georgia – hello!!! These bad boys are hard to find in a fabric light weight enough that she doesn’t explode. I became obsessed with getting her out of dark colors for the summer and I found a great site on line that sold all the colors under the rainbow and then I went to where I KNOW to go – – my trusty thrift and I was able to lay out at least 7 different colors of undershirts for her to mix and match as the base for her shirts.


As she’s progressed, she’s moved away from the ready made Hijabs that I bought her in the beginning and through watching You Tube and other fashion forward Muslima’s, she basically now wraps her own scarfs. Can someone tell me why Scarves are so expensive!? She explained to me that the head piece is actually the foundation of an outfit. She is now wrapping and twirling that bad boy in so many creative styles!! She never goes out the house without making me say wow how did you do that?


Here’s the thing that really makes me smile, she is now by dressing more modestly, so fashionable!! She is the most fashion forward out of her peer group. When she was dressing in wordly gear (can’t think of another word for it) she struggled with body image issues, with the fact all shirts seemed to show cleavage, were her jeans tight enough, did she have on the latest fashion etc. that actually caused her not to really be into clothes, shoes etc. at all. Now that she’s been freed up – she is on it and exploring and laying out outfits and really enjoying the concept of being a young women dressing.


As I always say I don’t know what the future holds in terms of how she will modify her attire over the years, will she continue to dress Hijab? or any of that – but this has certainly allowed her to define how she wants to be perceived as she walks around the world and I can’t do anything but admire her for that.


So as we embark upon the working world, she is showing that the Hijab is not to be feared. That it can be professional and that the person wearing it can be professional, work and get the job done. She has been getting all kinds of compliments about her attire and to see her happy…makes me damn happy!!


I actually secretly am obsessed with making sure she’s sharp – I intend to also make her Senior Year just as fashionable. I have a few sites and things up my sleeve.


Well it’s time for me to Sashay away but I’m leaving a few of her outfits and Hijabs that she’s been rocking.

Drag Thursday


Good Morning and welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday!! Let’s cut to the chase – I have NOTHING exciting going on in any beauty front right now. I haven’t even bought anything, lol. I am just in a coasting pattern right now – working on technique and keeping everything consistent. Last night I did have a fight with some gold glitter eye shadow removal and the glitter won. WHEW MY EYES WERE BLOOD RED!! I was rushing and just wiped my eyes all wrong, not taking the time to wipe up to avoid getting glitter in my eyes. Glad I didn’t have my contacts on.


I’m still rocking “Lauren” but she’s coming to the end of her day to day wear. I’m ready to move on to something else. I have something in mind. I just have not gotten to the point where I feel like I can bust out wigs etc. on a gemini schedule, which means whenever I feel like it, lol lol So I have to have some method to my madness. I am feeling a vibe for straight/curly short and sassy. As we enter into the heat and humidity of July – I wanted to bring the puff down a notch. By the way, Straight Curly means as if my hair was relaxed and curled. What’s my God Given hair doing? CHILLIN! It’s in corn rows and I’m following the same routine I mentioned before while it’s in this state.


My makeup has lightened up for Summer and I’m basically wearing Bronzer or just powder. I want to get me a good travel powder so I can touch up. I have a great travel brush kit I got from Ulta. I will be in the area of Ulta this weekend – so I will be stopping in to you know – just look around, lol lol


I have a wedding coming up where I am the Matron of Honor and that is going to require a wig and some silver sandals. I will be on the hunt for both.


So since I don’t really have anything going on, I thought I would share with you the Beauty/Make up Blogs that I read on a daily (usually several times a day) These ladies keep you abreast of all the most recent and future happenings in these worlds.  Bookmark them or put then in your On Line Reader with the quickness.


Follow Afrobella on Facebook or Twitter as well and don’t forget to purchase her limited edition ode to Prince ‘all of my purple life”  lip glass!!

Clumps of Mascara

What makes her super fun is that she is a dear friend and fellow bloggers cousin. Check out my friend at Soulful Sandstone and get your soul worked on 🙂

Gimmie that Glow

Makeup Fiend

Nouveou Cheap

This is THE PLACE, let me say this again THE PLACE to find out about commercial store lines, Beauty Supply Lines etc.  She does Drug Store Sale round ups and hips you to make up on the cheap.  I LOVES THIS!

Scandalous Beauty

Sherry Blossom Beauty

The Glamourous Gleam

The Product Junkie

The Fancy Face

There you have it, If I don’t have time to read anything else during the day, I read these.  They are of all the colors of our beautiful rainbow, all price points and all hair and clothing genre’s.

Before I go I wanted to highlight something. See these pictures here. It’s about as bad as you can get when it comes to make up.  I just and salivate over the perfection of the canvas…….

Here’s what went into this most fabulous look:



I started off with  NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base all over my lid up to the brow bone.

I applied MAC Layin’ Low Paintpot (creamy beige) all over my lid and slightly into the crease as my primary base.
I also had to use a bit of Scandalous Eyeshadow Base on my lid for better adhesion of the loose pigments. Sonia Kaskuk Large Crease Brush


For the lid and tearduct area I applied Inglot #323 Eyeshadow (matte vivid yellow). MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

For the middle of the lid I used Sundara Cosmetics Saffron Loose Eyeshadow (matte orange).

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

Next to the orange I used Sundara Cosmetics Bindi Loose Eyeshadow (matte red).

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

For the outer lid and crease I applied MUFE #92 Eyeshadow (matte vibrant purple).

Sonia Kaskuk Large Crease Brush

On the inner crease I applied Inglot #369 Eyeshadow (matte lavender).

Sonia Kaskuk Large Crease Brush

For blending on the browbone I used Smashbox Nude Eyeshadow (matte nude).

Sonia Kaskuk Large Crease Brush

For highlight I used

Bare Escentuals Clear Radiance All Over Face Color (shimmery light pink). MAC 252 Large Shader Brush 

On the lower lashline I applied MAC Landscape Green Chromagraphic Pencil (matte grass green).


My brows are filled in with MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Strut and MAC Embark Eyeshadow (matte reddened brown).  Paula Dorf Eye Definer Flat Top Brush


I lined my upper lashline with Wet ‘n’ Wild Gel Eyeliner in BlackMAC 263 Small Angle Brush

I lined my lower waterline with L’Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in BlackSigma Eye Liner – E05 Brush

I used L’Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara for my lashes and added Nigel Beauty Emporium #48 Eyelashes for effect.



For my lips I used Stila Grapefruit Lip Glaze (matte coral)




I primed my skin with Inglot Under Makeup Base. I used NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Tahoe

Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush – for my face and set my t-zone with MAC Blot Powder in Dark Sigma Round Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush. I used MUFE #12 Full Cover Concealer – Cozzette P350 Cylinder Concealer Brush – under my eyes set with Benefit Powderflage Cozzette S150 Cylinder Setting Brush.

I used MAC Tea Petal Cremeblend Blush (matte rose brown) – Cover FX #160 Cream Foundation Brush – and Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed (matte rose nude) for my cheeks MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush – and MUFE #2 Sculpting Kit for contour and highlight

Sigma Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush.

 Look at that!!  Look at all the product and brushes adn she going to work, lol.  So before you step out on the ledge and think that this is the go to looks..this is advanced for folks like us, lol  First, you start out with your neutrals, then move into triple and quad sets..practice blending, then move into a smokey eye and learn that, then move into free style color matching and blending – work on all that other stuff on your face as well.  You can and will get to this but don’t think this is like….easy, lol lol

Well my friends – once again we have come to the end of another great Thursday.  As our mentor (in my mind) says, along with me – have a good weekend and…Don’t F It Up!!  Sasay Away!


Drag Thursday

Good Morning all my beauties!!  Welcome to another edition of Drag Thursday. I appreciate anyone and everyone who is actually reading any of the blog and I hope that as I make my way through the aisles of beauty and hair, you are finding something to take away.

As promised, I got myself a tripod for my iphone and with it’s HD video capabilities, it was quite easy to get set up and lauch the premiere edition of Drag Thursday the video!!  So here it is. It’s raw footage, next time I’ll make it look a bit fancier, lol this was filmed at 6:00pm est, so all make up has been after a long day out in the world.


Drag Thursday


Well Good Morning and welcome to another smashing episode of Drag Thursday!! Let’s get right into it. Today I will be giving a wig review! Yep! I finally broke down and spent the money and bought me a quality lace front


Let me introduce you to LAUREN – she is a ‘natural’ textured lace front by the company Kalore. They are located in Canada. I wasn’t even leery because the site was secure and someone else had purchased from them with no problem. This is the most expensive wig I’ve ever bought and my first lace front.


The packaging she came in. It was sturdy and she was wrapped appropriately. It was nice to see packaging other than a heavy weight plastic bag. I am keeping her on my wig head.


 She came somewhat tightly packed when I took her out the box. I am loving the texture! Lauren is a synthetic fiber wig, but this bad boy is HIGH QUALITY!! However, I would not recommend straightening her, besides why would you. I got her in a 1B/30 and I have to say that I like the sparseness of the 30 color. I didn’t want it heavy or streaky, my own hair is a good mix of the color I got in November and I wanted that same effect.

Here she is flipped inside out to show you the netting etc. She has three combs, two at the temple and one in the back with an adjustable strap. As you can see the part area is about an inch and a half. I cut the lace all the way back and ended up after trying her on cutting away a bit of the ear flaps because it was irritating, especially with my glass or shade arms.




In prep for rocking Lauren, I washed and deep conditioned my own hair (I had some silver color in it from my Awesome 80s party and after running around like Storm, it was time to get it out) and then I corn rowed my hair to the back, I decided that if I was gonna rock this, I would be rocking it for awhile – so I might as well put my hair up. I left out all of my – wait for it – – – – BABY HAIR in the front for blending. Yea I know the braids are looking janky, but actually this is a good job for me. It works, when I’m not wearing the wig, I have a colorful scarf I put on as to not scare the family, lol lol


Before I put the wig on, I take a bit of Jane Carter’s Nourish and shine and moisturize the circumference of my head, paying attention to my temples, then I spray my head with my moisturizing sheen and put on my wig cap. In the evenings before bed, I redo this routine, want to keep my head moisturized, since it’s being covered quite a bit and it’s warm outside. NOTE: See that mark on the back of my neck – old curling iron injury……


I adjusted all the straps etc. and put Lauren on and let me tell you Angel’s started to sing!!!! This was the look I have been wanting!! Damn! I should have gotten this from the freaking beginning! It is sitting tall up on my head. No combs or brushes needed!! It fit snugly and it’s big but not to big. I just started working her with my fingers and then got out what I thought would make her that much better.


The products I have used so far in her styling. Water, a bit of my wig friendly sheen and a spritz of my Jane Carter Leave in Conditioner.


She is styled with a side part and longer pieces of hair in the front to the side. I did cut those hairs down so that I can wear her back off my face as well as in the natural part. I like the tendrils coming down in my face.


I have been rocking Lauren since Monday, debuting her at my job. She’s light weight and in this early summer heat wave, I haven’t had any issues with wanting to snatch her off. There is sufficient ventilation. the other day I even wore her to an outdoor concert where the temperature was varying degrees of HELL!! Though I haven’t been really experimenting with accessories, I have placed a flower in her. My hair has blended well in the front, no real concerns there. Again I love her.



Finally, here is the sista that inspired me to get the wig – she was rocking it for awhile and her review is great! You might want to book mark her you tube channel, because she posts quite often about wigs, make up and now extreme couponing. She also has great contest and giveaways.



Well it’s that time again – I hope you enjoyed this review and the pictures and the video. Sashay Away!!


Drag Thursday


Face Face Face Give Me Face Give Me Face!!


Welcome to another Drag Thursday Blog Entry!! I hope the summer is treating you, your skin, your hair, your fashion well!! Let’s get right into it. This past Saturday, my girls and I had what we are terming our ‘signature’ event. Our Drag Party. During the first season of Rupaul’s Drag Race, we decided we just had to be apart of that, so we have a party to watch the finale and showcase how we can get our drag on.


This year’s theme was Drag Me to the Altar (or Drag me down the aisle). Wedding attire anyone? I was most excited about show casing how far I’ve come in my make up game. How steady my hands have become and just try doing something extra.


I loved it!! Here is a picture of the products used to get this look. My ode to the Disco Bride!!



Here we all are with our Groom for the evening! A good time was had by everyone. Next years theme: Look What the Cat Dragged In!!


Here is a growth check. Coming along nicely. Look how even that afro is – I’m giving much Afro Sheen Realness with this, lol This was right before I moisturized with Jane Carters Leave In Conditioner Spray and recoiled using Gel. The next day a bit of Nourish and Shine in my hands where I cracked the coils and arranged them all over my head.


My next hair purchase will be some Jane Carter hair nourishing cream but that $22 is hurting my soul!! I can see how this could last a while though so it will be worth the investment. The nourish and shine can be a bit building and I don’t need that level of moisturizing all the time – that’s where the cream comes in.


I’ve decided to do a series of videos because I really want to make some of the make up stuff I have three dimensional. I want to show you my favorites and do some product reviews. So stay tuned for that – I won’t even go into any make up on this post and I have like three weeks worth of haul to show you including a wonderful basket of make up given to me for my birthday!! I’m going to prop the ole HD Iphone up and get to recording!! If they happen to spill off into other days – oh well, lol lol


Anyhoo – I hope you are still loving my little attempt at staying half way fly. I turn 45 on Saturday and I feel like it’s now more important than ever to maintain a look about myself. I’ve gone from being able to pull it off maybe 2 days a week to a solid 5 out of 7,lol lol Yay me!!


Ya’ll be easy! Now Sashay Away!