Me and My Yellow Ass

I was cleaning out some files in my desk and came across my personality study that I did eons ago at the job. Each of us went under the scope of INSIGHT,  a company jobs use for team building etc. etc. We had this big meeting where after we filled out a profile about as long as eharmony  Then we were given a booklet supposedly all about us and our ‘style’. A lot of people at the table were not claiming the personality laid out before them, but mine made my eyes buck. It was so on the money! I started to immediately think – I’m not as deep as I profess to be, lol That worried me more than what the booklet said. I found out I was the only one in my department that was a “Yellow” which explains a lot.

This test was taken like 2005, but I remember it clearly because I took most of it to heart.  It has helped define who I am.  I embrace my ‘yellowness’ and try to remember these triggers and traits. In a weird sort of way it helps me relax about who I am and as I have made great strides to get into Pam. I always remember this.

The blog is a PERFECT place to expound on that which is Pam. So I am going to post some of what it said.  I will offer BOTH SIDES of the spectrum to be fair. Not just the good parts of Pam. I will however be giving snippets – the report was long…

Personal Style

Pamela radiates goodwill and enthusiasm. She is optimistic about life in general and human potential in particular. She wants to be indispensable to others and her desire to please is so strong that she can sometimes lose her own identity by ignoring her own needs.

Pamela is team -centered, thorough and articulate. She gravitates to other people and his highly skilled at understanding others’ needs and motivations. usually appearing friendly, tactful and sympathetic. Pamela tends to be at her most flexible, adaptable and easy going in everyday living, preferring to fit in harmoniously with those around her. Pamela has a real zest for living and enjoys company.

She tends to be fiercely loyal to her friends, prepared to sacrifice her own wants for the needs of the other person. Pamela can juggle several activities at ones. She has a tendency to play down the rules, particularly if they appear to oppose her values. Pamela can be gregarious, sociable and focused on others’ needs. She may benefit from taking a step back to consider the cause and effect of her actions, and from practicing becoming more tough-minded. She is seen by most others as a friendly, practical, realistic and down-to-earth person.

Because she tends to live for the present moment, she does not sense the need to prepare or plan more than necessary. She exhibits personal warmth, insight, originality and a broad organizational ability. Pamela is a good companion and fun to be with. She likes people and tends to be aware of and appreciate a person’s more admirable qualities.

Interacting with Others

Pamela is good at helping others achieve their goals and objectives, and will seek to encourage them to be all they can be. She may become possessive of people in whom she has invested alot of her emotional energy. She may suppress her own needs in the interest of pleasing others and may feel indispensable to her partner.

Outgoing, friendly, challenging and sympathetic, Pamela radiates warmth and fellowship. Placing a high value on her harmonious relationships, it is not surprising that people turn to Pamela for encouragement, nuture and support. Pamela tends to be very sensitive to the way she relates to others and is at her best in situations which run smoothly and harmoniously. She preers a stimulating life of co-operation and harmony. Both a fluent talker and listener, Pamela is optimistic about her ability o influence people towards her viewpoint. She is usually especially sensitive to unexpressed anger and conflict. Her primary desire is to be of service to other people. She attracts many friends and acquaintances.

Decision Making

People occasionally see Pamela making decisions that appear to fly in the face of logic. She tends to make choices around her own personal feelings which may be as important to her as more objective data.Because she values harmony and agreement., she believes the best way to maintain this is to persuade others of the validity of her viewpoint. She may unconsciously manipulate the process to get her own way.

Preferring harmonious outcome, Pamela will go to great lengths to ensure the preservation of relationships. She prefers moderate to slight-risk in decision making. Pamela loves fun and surprises and can bring a breath of fresh air to any situation through her free spirit.

Top Five Key Strengths

    • Innovative Counsellor


    • Sensitive to the needs of others


    • Easy going and fun approach to most things


    • Unassuming, patient, relaxed and non-threatening


    • Honourable

Top five Key Weaknesses

    • Avoids interpersonal aggression and irritation


    • Demotivated by routine tasks


    • Will tend to be influenced by the last person she talks to


    • Tends to hold grudges and will tell you about it


    • Masks her true feelings to avoid unpleasantness

Top Five Best Ways to Communicate with Pamela

    • Use a casual, informal style of conversation


    • Maintain a consistent, personal relationship with her


    • Talk about her and areas she finds stimulating


    • Be prepared to talk about a wide range of topics


    • Use warm gestures and expressive body language

To five Worst Ways to Communicate with Pamela 

    • Judge, criticize or embarrass her in public


    • Act aggressively or reject her ideas without explanation


    • Take advantage of her good nature


    • Assume that her sunny disposition means that she agrees with everything you say


    • Adopt an intransigent, judgmental stance

Pamela’ Blind Spots or Less conscious behavior

Trying to be less sensitive would enable Pamela to hear the often helpful information that is contained in constructive criticism. She may be so concerned about the feelings of others that she can be blind to important facts when it involves hurt feelings. She is vulnerable to the criticism of others because she tends to take feedback personally, which leads her to take offense and become discouraged. She needs to be more aware of her tendency to live much of her life for others.More self focus may bring surprising benefits. Pamela’s ideas may occasionally get lost because she tends to rethink them continually, preferring to keep them private. She can sometimes be impractical and may neglect routine details that need attention.Pamela may not realize that it is perfectly acceptable to receive without having to give in return.


Luvvie Said We Were Writing, So Dammit I Write!!

stormeka magnegro

Good Morning and welcome to the month of August and my little space in the blogsphere!!

My regular subscribers and readers are probably side eyeing me and giving me attitude because I have started these things a million times.  Social media has spoiled the hell out of me, BUT this time it’s different because a social media ICON has requested my presence and that means – GET TO WRITING!!

If you are alive and well and a fan of black twitter, black reality shows or Scandal then you should know who Awesomely Luuvie is, if you don’t stop right now and click that link and GET CHO LIFE!

She decided that she wanted to do a 31 day blog challenge and I said I should join her and she said:

Awesomely Luvvie (removed my govt name)  Do it!

And I twirled and got to writing!

I actually have quite a bit of stuff simmering that I have been meaning (snicker) to get off my chest so this is perfect.

I guess I should take a moment though to introduce myself if I happen to have new followers (I hope, I will be reading others in the challenge this month as well)

The blog is Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel and the name is Stormeka Magnegro.

A little history:  for some strange reason Mariah Carey is my blog muse and I name blogs after her CD’s, lol The name Stormeka Magnegro is my X-men name.  When the first movie came out my family and I decided we needed a family name so it was Magnegro because why be a below average negro when you can be a MAGNEGRO (LOL) and then I chose my personal name and since I am not as ‘refined’ as Storm, I had to go gully and add a meka on the end. Meka’s make everything right!

I am a RABID fan of Michael Jackson and he will always be my first love been stanning for him for 41 years now.

I am the wife of a sexy man I met on Blackplanet for six years now and the mother of an Orthodox Islam, Hijab wearing Fashion Forward Spectacular 19 ½ year old beginning her sophomore year in college in a couple of weeks.  I also co-parent 2 bonus daughters.

I’ve been a model (ok not always) house negro for 15 years in Non-profit.  I can make the lemonade, suckle the babies and fan the master like a pro!!

I have an ongoing affair with social media and check my phone before I say good morning to my man!  Facebook is my thing but more and more I am becoming an Instagram whore, the Gemini in me loves that kinda attention!

I also have finally gotten up off the couch and stumbled into somebodies gym and for the past 7 months have been bustin my ass to fantastic results!  Ya’ll betta WATCH OUT!!

So strap in (or on whatever suits your fancy) and let’s get these 31 days going!!

Family Feud!



I’ve been on many a talk show during the 90’s living in New York, Donahue, Sally Jessie, Geraldo etc. but I hadn’t had the opportunity to be on a game show until now. Well ok, not actually ON the game show but in the audience. Family Feud actually tapes right here in Atlanta. I can’t exactly remember how I got on their mailing list, but I am and I get tickets all the time to various game shows but most of them are in California, so when these came up a year ago, I took them and we went down and didn’t make the cut to be on screen. No biggie, but when they came around for this year and I saw that one of the dates available was my birthday I snagged them right up. That would be super fun!

We (My daughter and I) decided to get down there a bit earlier than we did before to have a better chance. We got right into the building to wait in the inside line, we were getting crunk that we might actually get on the show this time. From this point on, it’s best if I bullet point my thoughts out….

You can’t bring any bag bigger than the ticket (a regular sheet of paper). Still not sure why you needed your traveling purse for this show and it was a good opportunity to teach CG about packing light

You also couldn’t bring your cell phone, it has to stay in the car or be checked in at the door. I started getting the shakes after about 30 minutes not because I wasn’t on Facebook etc. but because I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT DAMN TIME IT WAS?! Mental note to get a pocket watch to keep in my purse, lol

The waiting room was freezing and I knew I should have brought my jacket.

The conversation by the elderly black people behind me concerning all the pieces of the pig they had eaten in their lives and not died from was giving me so much grief. When Bro. said he loved pigs ears but could only eat them drunk, I was D-O-N-E. From the rooter to the tooter was live in living color.

Some kinda way we got in the second row – GREAT seats!

The stage was so bright and electronic, looks actually better than it does on TV, lol

We had a short class at the beginning to teach us how to clap and smile and be disappointed. I really want to do those moves in the next all staff meeting we have.

I was so proud when we were doing the warm ups to classic Motown CG knew all the words to every song! Get yo Tammi and Marvin on girl!!! She said she ‘got it from her momma’

Though Steve is not really my ‘type’ of man, he’s not unattractive in real life.

He’s actually a good height

There is dressed, there is impeccably dressed and then there’s Steve. The man’s clothes and shoes came from virgin, baby, hand spun, hand sewed, fabrics and skins.

I’m not sure I could get used to having someone who’s specific job is to wipe my water bottle, let me take a sip and then take it back. CG said she could, lol

Steve was quite funny. I have detected that he is the kind of person who observes and can be quick witted. I haven’t necessarily liked all his comedy but he does make that show funny.

I KNOW they told us NOT to talk at all, we were right by a live mike lady!!!

The warm up music had two Michael Jackson songs – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

The whole section of pork totality eaters were in the middle second row and were NOT a lively bunch..must have had cramps from the pickled pigs feet……

Steve kept staring at CG. Yea I know, she gets that, lol lol

Sure there hasn’t been a hijabi that close to the stage before, lol

He curses ALOT!!

Yes he laughed when I said, “still working on that being saved eh?” Aloud

He doesn’t wear a lot of make up.

His Make Up artist dude…does

I know a family who won the big money so it’s not rigged.

These really are real families

Sometimes the questions either don’t make sense or no one can get an answer on the board. They throw those out.

Steve doesn’t leave the stage during ‘commercial breaks’ he stays and talks to you. That’s a nice gesture.

He’s really a mans man and didn’t want all that fretting over him. I liked the way he carried himself.

Now they can’t tell you when your show is going to air but I have at least two reasons why ours might not:

  • The black family of female cousins came dressed like they were going to the club!!! What the hell do you have on!? Not sure at least two of those outifts will make the cut BUT Steve loved them and from my vantage point ‘favored’ them.
  • The woman in front of me kept running her mouth, if any of that was picked up on the Mike they can’t use the episode

The best part of the whole thing? One day you will look up and your child will start to have their own life and they have to go live that life and you might move from the center of the stage off to the left. Spending the day with College Girl laughing, talking, dreaming and chilling with no drama was GREAT!!!!!! A perfect way to spend my birthday!

17,155 Days






June 4, 2013

17,155 that how many days God has blessed me to be alive!!  That’s 47 years I’ve been on this earth weaving the fabric of my life.

I had a beautiful day. I woke up with the resolve to set it aside and just be in the moment with no background noise and that’s just what I did.

Facebook sure can make you feel special!!  Over 80 declarations of Happy Birthday! All kinds of love!!  I am so appreciative and I will hold these sentiments close to my heart and pick at them over the next 365 when I need them!

I’ve had lunch with my bestie, connected with a person off of Facebook, talked at length with my Sister and Dad, used gift cards and broke bread with my family.  

I wanted to think all deep about my birthday and lay out all kinds of emotionally reverent conversation, but I then said Nope!  It’s really not that serious.  I spend so much time being serious and thinking serious and contemplating, analyzing, reconciling etc. that I have to schedule times to just not give a fuck and like I said above, just walk in the moment without all the extra!!  

There is room in your life to just twirl and not hit anything.  I totally am clearing the field to run unhindered in it.  

Today was my birthday, I have been alive 17,155 days God!!  For that I thank you!!  For that I THANK YOU!! 



June 3, 2013

That moment when shame is clearly connected to manipulation and you have an ah-ha moment for yourself

The moment you start liking your reflection in the mirror of the world

A moment of clarity

Moments in the dark giggling with the one you love

The moment past when you usually would quit

The fleeting moment you see him looking at you like that very first time

The break in the song moments in love

The moment the good outweighs the bad

That moment when memories become clear and vibrant

The moment when Michael Jackson’s voice confirms the presence of God

The moment I said I Do

The moment I called a spade a spade

The moment I didn’t burst into flames like they said I would

A moment where it all lines up perfectly

Some moments that are better than others

Lots of moments of clarity in the midst of chaos

The moments you have to push through

The moment the air conditioner comes on in the car on a hot ass day

The moment you realize you don’t pull a crowd like you used to

The moment you finally get it

The moment you realize adults bully too, it might be slicker and it might be covert but they do

That moment you wanna turn in your card

The moment I held her in my arms

The moment I pranced around naked feeling beautiful in front of a man

The moment I pranced around naked feeling beautiful in front of….ME

The moment you had to actually BE an adult

The moment when you first feel the ‘comfort of a man’

The moment when you first feel the comfort…of…GOD

The moment as a woman you learn to love another woman you are not related to.

The moment you can comfortably say “I am”

The moment you recognize your parents

The moment you recognize your parents in you

The moment you start working on that

All the moments that make up the moments in the fabric of  your life

Personal June Blog Challenge

Howdy Howdy Howdy!  Can you believe it’s June 1st?!  I sure can’t. time is flying by on some other kinda level.  I have been meaning to write, but quite frankly it takes discipline to schedule time to write and that is something I’ve been lacking.

So for the month of June, I want to blog every day even if it’s a wordless Wednesday or a one sentence Tuesday, lol  I actually have some drafts that I need to post.  Tsk Tsk Tsk.

So let’s get it started!

I’ve Run Off With My Lover

I held on tightly as I peeked out the corner of my eye at him. He was so freaking fine!!  I mean damn!  I smiled internally and kept it pushing, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind.  I didn’t think I could be affected like this anymore.

We had been together for years.  It was a good relationship.  It was a solid relationship.  We blended quite well. Them the sturdier more solid partner, me the flighty vibrant one.  Folks would see us together and I could feel the little bit of envy.  Not to mention, you talking about a work horse, took care of me through thick and thin, night and day.  I was happy.  I was settled.

Then I ran into him again at the store. Next thing I know, we have connected.  Touching him sent tingles throughout my body, eyes so bright, quick on the trigger and so fit and firm.  Turned me on, but I couldn’t….could I?

The affair started quite innocently, touch here and there, a bit of time alone where we got a bit more physical.  Things were getting out of hand and I didn’t know how to stop.  I loved who I was with.  They understood me and took the time to make things better.  They stayed on the upgrade.  Why would I, at this age and stage of the game – decide to take the wild and free route?  What kind of example was I setting for my daughter? It wasn’t broke – so exactly what was I fixing?

Funny about these 40’s, they have been more eye opening than my 20’s ever were.  I have been on a roller coaster of feelings, activities, life cycles, and then some.  I feel the need to burst out – to just whirl around out here in the world in full color, more magnificent and sharp than I’ve ever felt.  Being ‘safe’ is not where I want to be right now – I want to be on the back of a motorcycle with a fly leather jacket, or riding a horse along the beach in a white see through dress, or wrapped in a custom Michael Jackson silk scarf driving along the ocean in a convertible. 

As I rounded the corner, looking for paper towels, there you were. I had told you we couldn’t see each other again – I just couldn’t….leave…like….that, yet you were following me.  You came behind me and ran a smooth part down the back of my neck.  My entire body tingled.  Your eyes were so clear, I could see you looking at my soul.  Then and there I knew, there would be no silent dinners with you.  There would be no missionary position with two pumps and we’re done.  I saw us smoking a doobie, naked on the couch with a bottle of Boones Farm and a Rick ross Video – I was so incredibly turned on – I didn’t even feel myself telling him that I needed to leave – I needed to go and explore what this other had to offer me.  I would come and get my things later – because if I didn’t get this feeling taken care of, I would explode!!!!

The love we made was incredible!!  It was so powerful you went dead immediately.  Soon we worked out a pattern and now we can go all day and night.  You rock the leather outfit on a daily, I like the way you carry pictures of me around and call me your ‘chick’.  We can’t keep our hands off each other.  My friends feel some kinda way because I walked away from all that I had known about security, but I don’t care because right now – THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO BE!!  I AM ALIVE!  I AM A WOMAN! And I LEFT…


















Change of Scenery

It’s always interesting to me when someone comes here where they end up.  When I arrived, I ended up in Clarkston. Since I’ve been here, I’ve narrowed down a few neighborhoods I feel comfortable staying in and I’ve just never left.  The thing about this city is that everywhere you live is all inclusive. There’s really no need or reason for you to come out of your ‘neck of the woods’. I have basically chosen the South Dekalb area as my stomping ground.  I feel comfortable moving around in that area and it has everything I’ve ever needed and more.  If I want something else, I just hop in my car – access two or three highways and countless roads and I get it.  I have spent all day alone in So. Dekalb just driving around doing Pam. That means a lot to me.

After a couple of heavy hitter income adjustments to the negative (SIGH), to live swanky is costing us too much, so alas, it is time to move. I’ve never been one to want to front in that area and being apartment poor is NO JOKE!!  What is the use of hanging in such a hip space if all you can do is sit at home….so we decided it was time to seek out other housing.

Now yes we wanted to stay in our area and in the long view, once we get College Girl full out on her own and can go down to a one bedroom, we probably will  – we are City dwellers, but for now, we need a two bedroom and they were just cost prohibitive.

The rental market is robust!  I mean there are houses EVERYWHERE, but this can also mean there are scams galore.  It also means that folks are just throwing paint on shacks and saying they are for rent. Yet, this is a time where you can actually have ‘wants’ in addition to needs.  I just knew the ‘type’ of abode I wanted was waiting out there for me.

My number one request was H-O-U-S-E!  I was OVER apartment living!  It was cool, but I wanted some grass, I wanted a tree and more importantly I wanted to BBQ!!!!  I also decided I wanted hardwood floors because carpet and I had fallen out!!  Trumping all of these however was ‘I NEEDED TO BE ABLE TO TALK NO THE DAMN PHONE”!!!  For years now, I have been in a dungeon and phone service was available probably 10% of the time. My dream was an open field, but wasn’t sure that was going to happen, lol. Size etc. didn’t matter – my initial thought was a bunglow basically an apt on the ground.

Fast forward to last week, it was now time.  I had my eye on two properties and was determined to go check them out. When they told me I could just go and look because there were lock boxes.  I ran up out of my job.  Thank God for extended light.  All of a sudden I was in the running to get a bigger house than my Apt. for cheaper.  I couldn’t believe it.  The first house was cool, but configured funny and the laundry room was outside the house in a room off the carport.  You know I wasn’t going to be doing any of that, lol Then we arrived at the second house.  Such a familiar neighborhood – smack dab (almost equal distance) between the first house I lived in and raised College Girl in and the first house we all officially lived in as a family. I already felt right at home. 

The second I opened the door, I knew I was home.  My shoes tapped on the hardwood floors and as I looked around, there were hardwoods everywhere. Not one stitch of carpet!  The open floor plan led to the kitchen and I actually gasped as I looked at the granite countertops and all new appliances.  Like plastic on them appliances!  This ranch was making me do a wall slide for real!!  Nice bathroom, three bedrooms rounded out the end of the semi-long hall.  Now, I had a hitch in my step because I wasn’t looking forward to being sandwiched between two young adults, but something kept telling me to keep looking around.  I read the spec sheet again and it said two bathrooms. I looked around and couldn’t figure out where the other bathroom was.  My girlfriend opened a door off the living room and we found a quite spacious laundry room.  Then we opened the ‘closet’ and I did audibly scream – there was a master bedroom and on suite bath!!  A bath that just had a shower!! (I haven’t sat in a tube I know in over 15 years, don’t need it).  This meant that basically they would have one end of the house and I would have another!!  THIS WAS MY HOUSE!!  Now we had an office space, we had hardwoods, we had house size appliances, we had yard space front and  back, decorative ceiling fans in every room, recessed lighting, granite counter tops and deep cherry wood new cabinets!

I called the hubsters, told him I’d found it and he was like move forward then.  Took the family over to check it out and they were impressed and we went ahead and moved forward to obtain it.

As I looked on the website this morning and saw they had took it down, it became real (ok it more became real when I got the money order, lol) There are a few things we need to look into before moving date and I need to clean it up (I hope to get a coupon but I can do it, it’s not like I haven’t before.  Some Michael Jackson and a mop and it’s done) The biggest blessing it that it will shave $300 off of what we are currently kicking out AND we got a bit of extra space but not so much that the savings will be depleted by utilities. 

So it’s not an urban and swanky area that we live in now, but I LOVE the fact this little unassuming house is all swanked out on the inside.  I might just BBQ throughout the winter!!  I am going to bring parties back into my life!! I’m going to binge out on Croaker and Oxtails!!  I’ll actually make the last Wednesday of the Month ½ off sale at Value Village!! I’m directly on the Highway to my besties!!  I’m close enough to partake of my old Neighborhood (cause I’mma miss the Target Greatland)!!

Though packing us up and physically transporting that crap from one location to the other is a beast!  I am excited about moving!!  We can’t wait to do the Tom Cruise on the Hardwood Floors in our drawers!!


Dumpster Diving for…..Boxes


I’m a nomad of sorts.  I tend to get tired of living in one place and feel the need to move on to someplace new.  That was instilled in me as a child.  I would come home and we would have just…moved.  Even if it was just around the corner, lol  I’ve also lived in NY, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and lots of other places in that part of the world – sometimes for just a couple of weeks.

I moved back to Atlanta around 95 and I actually didn’t do a lot of moving. We moved twice.  Then I met the Mister and we needed more space so we…moved.   Then it came time for HS and that wasn’t happening over there so we …..Moved.  A combo of wrong choice and the school being wack…we moved.  Stand still where we are now.  However, since meeting him six years ago we have moved 4 times!! 

The area we live in now is nice.  It is as close to metropolitan living as I’ve been since moving back. Way too many suburbs and family neighborhoods in this town.  However, at some point you are going to have to PAY for being up the street from bars, restaurants and Starbucks and so HERE WE GO AGAIN!!  With the damn near $200 increase in our rent (hear that – that’s management BUMPING THEIR HEADS) we are going to have to move.

One side of me doesn’t feel like it, but the other side of me is really looking forward to it.  I think we’ve worn out our welcome and I’m ready for some new spirit and some new space.  NONE of my husband’s sides wants to move, lol He LOVES where we live and what we have access to.  I do as well, but I’m poor enough already, I can’t be apt poor as well. Especially with this girl in college, and folks not wanting to get their gamble on – so who is to say she will even have the HOPE till 2016!!!  I gotta pull back.  I want a social life IN the neighborhood, but that’s not gonna happen is I also LIVE there.

I’ve always said that in some weird sorta way the economy dipping affected us all but there’s some kinda silver lining for folks who were broke to begin with – like for instance, the housing market has fucked hella people up BUT somebody like me – a renter – this is like a playground for property!  The other plus is that I am no longer bound to a school district (Yes Lawd) so I have this whole city as my oyster!! 

Now my best friends all live out past the Airport, Past the Equator, Past the moon (sigh) and there is pressure to move out that way and in a post lottery world I would because I’m not trying to work and stuff, BUT that’s not reality, so though it would make life easier – I will just have to continue to suck it up and make the drive because I can’t move way out there.  We work downtown and Lindbergh area.  Our couple social life is out this way. My few ‘we all don’t have any kid” friends live on the end I live; besides malls don’t equate metro to me. 

I am the type of woman who doesn’t mind being among my own people.  I thrive in the say So Dekalb community.  They know me and I know them.  I’m not really trying to learn any new Negroes.  I would prefer to stay where I know the fish, weave, Wal-Mart, oxtails, fruit stands, thrift stores and Popeye’s, or at least where I can get to them in a relative short amount of time. 

The Mister and College Girl have decided they have ‘outgrown’ the sights and sounds of the hood and are whining and crying about the places I am choosing to look.  Here’s my thing – when you met me I was over there doing just fine. Every home we’ve lived in I have chosen and it hasn’t been bad.  Pack yo shit and come the hell on!  I know times have changed for the worse in some areas, but I’m really not looking in bad areas.  Now on the flip side of that – yes I am willing to stay in a tighter abode (square feet wise) in a swanky neighborhood – my only caveat is: I don’t want to live in an apartment anymore.  I live in a DUNGEON!!  There is no sunlight and I can’t BBQ and I HATE the carpet!!  In this market I can get an entire house with like 3 bedrooms for 3-4 HUNDRED less than what I’m paying for my severe Vitamin D Deficiency.  So I’m looking for a house with hard wood floors, a 2/1 or 3/2.  I’ve seen plenty!!  I went into one the other day that was a 4/2 all hardwoods!!  $750/month!!!!!  I should go over there and squat, lol lol 

So – over the next week, the first phase will begin and that’s packing up College Girl.  We are breaking down her room and packing up for college as well as moving. Then I can begin to PURGE and just pack stuff and put it in that room as to not crowd the rest of the place.  Around the end of August we will begin looking for a new abode.