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Thoughts From The Elipitical

(Working out allows me a free, open range of thinking.  My head is clear, my body is working and I am finding that because I am who I am some weird stuff be popping up, lol

To be satisfied from the waist down and the waist up might be two different things from two different people.  To acquire satisfaction fully from one person is truly a gift.  To let dissatisfaction from the waist down override your satisfaction from the waist up can have dire consequences in your life.  The bottom half is always working on a primal egotistical level. What makes us of a higher caliber than our Animal counterparts is that we have control over the waist up.  Your bottom half will come alive a lot during your life and not always within the scope of acceptable social norms or marriage vows, the key is to develop fully the relationship from the waist up because it is like a good dose of penicillin and it will eventually kill off that wayward feeling from the waist down.

To hate anonymously is such a cop out – let it be known so that person can make sure they feed you what you need to survive, lol

Biggie Smalls was a lazy lover. All throughout that movie, every time it went down, Lil Kim was on top. Lazy Fucker!

It takes A LOT to make me sweat.  I am just not a person who becomes drenched like that.

I’ve been here on the regular for eight months now and I’ve never seen you work on your legs – I’d like to see them one day.

A good Luke song (though this was probably NOT his intention) can make you feel quite sexy at the gym, lol He be giving mad nasty compliments in his songs about your ass, your legs etc.  Take it and make it beast out for you, lol

I need a spotter to try the Smith Machine and to lift bar bells lying down. SIGH

Weight Loss and Fitness are two different things and mean totally different things to folks.  I started out as a weight loss participant and now I’m a budding fitness buff.  I’m pulling away from the philosophy of weight loss and it’s benefitting me more.

I am STILL working on my triggers.  A hard one to get into is the “I am not doing shit because you TOLD me to do it”.  I have a hard time pushing through that one.

The Moteasir Tribe is alive and well, believe you me.

There are some things that I just know about myself and am unapologetic about them:

  • I am not into organized religion
  • I am wishy washy as hell with my feelings and how I express them
  • I can be in my feelings way before you get out what you are saying, thus I am sensitive
  • The way I act around you has a direct correlation to how you make me feel, so folks who think I am a bitch, you are just as right as the folks who can’t imagine how you have come to that conclusion
  • I am stubborn as hell esp when it comes to telling me what I ‘should’ be doing
  • I am a yellow and I do require ample shine, lol
  • I know how to get my groove on, lol

The best post that can go on Facebook in my opinion is I fucked up. A plethora of meme’s doesn’t make me think that you haven’t believe me, lol

Every day on the internet I see women talk themselves out of being ready for a man…….

The thirst is real and it’s deep and it will require gallons of water for some folks.

I can’t believe I didn’t even flinch at the new IPhone coming out. I didn’t even KNOW till the day of.  WOW!  Android got me in deep, lol

Releasing the ‘need’ to worry has been a great emotional adjuster for me.

I’m learning that too often as women, we wrap up “PMS” and “EMOTIONAL EATER” into neat little bowed boxes and that allows us to use them as a crutch.

I should have never opened myself up to the emotion of crying because now it happens to often, lol

For some strange reason I haven’t shaved my legs in like a month, I’ll be going to the African Braider up the street to get jolly ranchers put on the ends of my follicles!

I am no longer obligated to watch every reality show that comes on TV

It actually is frustrating that my glasses, shoes and rings don’t fit.

I deleted someone from my online world after they showed me what a true SAVAGE they really were. What I witness on that street in front of folks should NEVER be witnessed by my eyes again from someone I know!  You are a fake ass person and act like you don’t know me when we are in the street and we might meet again since we went to the same HS.

I’ve grown tired of making up scenarios of how many ways Beyonce doesn’t give one FUCK about her old High School Boyfriend being as thirsty as a dude in the dessert, lol


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