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Work Out Wednesday – Chapter One


Better late than never!  I have been meaning and wanting to begin to blog about this fitness journey I am on.  Like with the Make Up and the Natural Hair journey, at some point social media is just not enough.  I have all kinds of things going on in my head and heart and want to express them. Now the time has come.

I have chosen Wednesday because my fitness week begins on this day.  I chose the middle of the week, so that I would have to make it through a weekend being on point.

Let’s go back for a minute though and start at the beginning.

I began this journey like everyone else on January 1st.  I had become concerned about some weight creeping up on me as well as I felt soo bad.  I mean I was so weak.  The previous year I had lost maybe 15 or so pounds and babeee, last summer I was stunting, but behind all of that I was NOT doing my own stunts, lol  My body was wrecked.  Just losing the weight wasn’t working. I had NO muscle definition, I felt atrophied and weak.  I couldn’t even lift a simple grocery bag.

On some level, my inactivity was due to a simmering depression. I was coming up out of some difficult mental times in 2012 and the start of the year began in that state of mind.  At some point during this evaluation, I was in my feelings and someone said something slick about my knowledge and assumed over indulgence of the television. It so happened to coincide with someone texting me and saying they opened this new gym up the street called Planet Fitness $1 down/$10 month.  Now my previous experience at the gym was a fish out of water – but my desire to prove to a muthafucka I could, overrode that. So on January 20, 2013 I joined the gym.  No expectations, I was gonna walk on the treadmill a bit you know get my heart rate someplace normal.


I can admit I am stubborn beyond measure about being told what to do, old childhood emotional injuries stay on the show up, so I would have sat there forever until I decided to do something, but I was trying to be my authentic self and do the work and knew this was not me, I had ascribed it to myself as a coping mechanism. So I kept going.


I can’t tell you what or when something came alive in me.  I can’t tell you when it all started making sense to me, but suddenly after like a month or so it did.  I stayed putting up hurdles, but each one I knocked down. I began to move about the gym trying new things, pushing myself, becoming familiar with what it feels like to work.  It solidified for me that my biggest shortcoming in my life was..FEAR.  Stop being scared and you start being alive.  I said I would never get on an elipitical machine, I looked up and in 5 minutes increments of torture, one day I was doing 60 minutes!!  I was not just walking but running on the treadmill, I was riding 10 miles on the stationery bike, spurts of something I wasn’t familiar with..victories that didn’t need someone’s approval.  THEN, I picked up a weight and that was it.  The empowerment I felt, WOW!

I started setting goals, I started paying attention even more to what I was eating, I started being responsible for my type 2 diabetes and I started to…shine!

Fast forward to this morning,

  • I have lost 12 pounds
  • 1 have lost 28.5 inches all over my body with 13 or so of them just from my diaphragm to my c section scar
  • I went from 30 minutes every other day to about 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week
  • I can RUN
  • I can JUMP
  • I can COMPETE
  • I can lift 120 lbs with my legs
  • I can lift 10 lbs of free weights over 50 times with my LEFT arm (my weak arm)
  • I have lost 4-5 dress/pants sizes depending on cut and store
  • I have made a whole new circle of friends


I could go on and on.  So once a week at minimum, I will take you on this journey, as is me, it will at times be funny as hell and sometimes poignant but hopefully it might assist someone in the real world with real issues take that first step, cause I’m telling you – if my stubborn ass had an enlightening moment, I believe anyone can when it’s their time!


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