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Thoughts From My Sweat

If you’ve gone back any, you know that in January I crawled up off the couch and into Planet Fitness, which turned out to be one hell of an epiphany.  I’ve been at it for about 8 months now.  I’ve fallen in love with the process.  I’ve met new folks, I’ve done new things and I feel great.  At the six months mark, I jotted down some thoughts – I had a few things bubbling so I thought tonite as I watch and eat all my virtual food on The Food Network would be as good a night as any.

I made the decision to get off weight watchers and just do my fitness pal. I remember telling folks that I couldn’t handle the intense breakdown of caloric intake and at that time I couldn’t but as I have progressed, I have found myself analyzing what I am eating and how many carbs or sodium etc are in the choices I make.  Weight Watchers have saved my ass more than once and I will still be involved in the world because of the good recipes etc, but I am going to see can I fly solo on caloric intake tracking alone.

Instagram has become my new home.  I love that place. I love my timeline and the folks who I like.  It’s more time consuming than the mindless activity of being on Facebook, but it certainly is the right place for me during this journey here.

I might be feeling some kinda way about my ‘twins’ going their separate ways, lol  4 inches have flew the coop!

My boss told me to not wear a dress anymore because it was too big lol  I guess I will go through my clothes again.  You get used to stuff and things that work with several sizes and it’s HARD to give that up.

I think I’m doing a good job at mixing up my work outs not just at the gym, but there is even more.  I intend to get to stone mountain and do the bottom VERY soon.

Folks wanna work out with lil oh me – who would have thunk LOL

I took a picture today and was shocked at how thin my neck and head is, lol  It’s always funny when you catch pure visions of yourself – visions that are not sullied by all your issues so you see yourself for real

I might try on a bikini – just because

I have to really think about what my goal is. I set short term goals but as I go farther along, I, as of now, have not become committed to the next level and that kinda bothers me.  I’m losing MIGHTY slow and my goal is always to get rid of my mid section but my diet is like at 75%-80% of where it might need to be.  So I might have to fall into that ultimate goal. What I mean is focus on continuing to do better, eat better, move more etc. and let the rest take its course.  The true diet champions CUT IT OUT!! Right now I can’t (won’t) not have some fried chicken every couple of weeks, or if we are out and I want a BK cone, I will have it.  I am not cutting any food groups out etc.  HOWEVER, I fought ‘clean’ eating and I pretty much have cleaned it up a lot, lol lol I’m so silly in the way I process some stuff.  I hope to look up and process a flat stomach, lol

I am so intrigued with my body. I spend probably borderline freaky time touching on myself, lol lol  I just rub my thighs or study my arms and look in the mirror to examine the damage that I have done to my body.  I lay around to see what my husband might be seeing, lol lol  HOT MESS I KNOW

I need one of those glass front ice boxes at my house.  Fruits Veggies etc. take up a lot of room. Wayy more than those two little drawers in most fridges give you.  I want to be able to spread all my stuff out.

Why is caloric tracking so damn wonky? You can have on three different devices and they all say something different and you can just give up when it comes to weight lifting.

Speaking of, I still don’t know how folks are getting such high caloric burns on Instagram?  1500 1700 I am reaching my prime heart rate or whatever and I just don’t pull those numbers.  Maybe I need to work out while having one of them strapped to my back, lol

I guess I need to begin to think about some big public display of fitness


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