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Wonderful Wondering

(I have been so busy that my mind is exploding with randomness – I don’t have the bandwidth to get deep on no Saturday night so here is DAY THREE of the 31 Day Blog Challenge – ENJOY!)

I wonder….

If a life in the bush where I worked alongside women I knew and loved, with a precious baby attached to my back, grinding mill, tending my garden, doing ritual dances would be a better life?

If I could just take one week to do exactly what I wanted to do, would I even know what that would be?

What it would have been like if he were still alive?

If I might leave Facebook one day

Will I get to see the Jacksons again

If there will be a next lifetime?

Who leaving next?

Will I really lose this stomach?

If we had been taught to love one another in addition to God, where we would be today?

Will there come a point in my life when that which is bundled up inside will plant and grow like the artificial garden at Disney?

If we were to become extremely rich, would the pain of saying no, cause the win to be bitter sweet.

If we could get Girlfriends, the Movie? Let’s be honest, they are not doing anything.

When my husband’s Ex will move on with her life?

At what point did Prince lose me with his abundance of ‘creativity’?

When I will start back editing my book?

How I can get me a gay husband?

Where my appendix is?

night. It would help my sugars greatly.

If I will ever become a confident driver?

If I will get a little more of what I want?


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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