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Luvvie Said We Were Writing, So Dammit I Write!!

stormeka magnegro

Good Morning and welcome to the month of August and my little space in the blogsphere!!

My regular subscribers and readers are probably side eyeing me and giving me attitude because I have started these things a million times.  Social media has spoiled the hell out of me, BUT this time it’s different because a social media ICON has requested my presence and that means – GET TO WRITING!!

If you are alive and well and a fan of black twitter, black reality shows or Scandal then you should know who Awesomely Luuvie is, if you don’t stop right now and click that link and GET CHO LIFE!

She decided that she wanted to do a 31 day blog challenge and I said I should join her and she said:

Awesomely Luvvie (removed my govt name)  Do it!

And I twirled and got to writing!

I actually have quite a bit of stuff simmering that I have been meaning (snicker) to get off my chest so this is perfect.

I guess I should take a moment though to introduce myself if I happen to have new followers (I hope, I will be reading others in the challenge this month as well)

The blog is Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel and the name is Stormeka Magnegro.

A little history:  for some strange reason Mariah Carey is my blog muse and I name blogs after her CD’s, lol The name Stormeka Magnegro is my X-men name.  When the first movie came out my family and I decided we needed a family name so it was Magnegro because why be a below average negro when you can be a MAGNEGRO (LOL) and then I chose my personal name and since I am not as ‘refined’ as Storm, I had to go gully and add a meka on the end. Meka’s make everything right!

I am a RABID fan of Michael Jackson and he will always be my first love been stanning for him for 41 years now.

I am the wife of a sexy man I met on Blackplanet for six years now and the mother of an Orthodox Islam, Hijab wearing Fashion Forward Spectacular 19 ½ year old beginning her sophomore year in college in a couple of weeks.  I also co-parent 2 bonus daughters.

I’ve been a model (ok not always) house negro for 15 years in Non-profit.  I can make the lemonade, suckle the babies and fan the master like a pro!!

I have an ongoing affair with social media and check my phone before I say good morning to my man!  Facebook is my thing but more and more I am becoming an Instagram whore, the Gemini in me loves that kinda attention!

I also have finally gotten up off the couch and stumbled into somebodies gym and for the past 7 months have been bustin my ass to fantastic results!  Ya’ll betta WATCH OUT!!

So strap in (or on whatever suits your fancy) and let’s get these 31 days going!!


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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