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Looking Out My Gym Eye

As long as there are humans there is an opportunity for a blog post because humans are some interesting folk. I’ve been at the gym long enough to observe, study, judge and gather some hilarious stuff to talk about.

When it is $1 down and $10 a month, expect $1 down and $10 a month type of folks

The Circuit Room has gradually turned into a…

I have yet to run into the pizza and bagels

You can’t count the 10 minutes it takes you to clean the equipment before you use it as actual work out time

As well as I got concerns if you need to run the machine through a wash cycle after you use it. 

Talking on the phone the full time you are working out talking about you ‘getting it in’…

The women’s locker room is a trip back to Gone With the Wind as folks be getting corsetted up in there with everything from saran wrap to waist cinchers

Looking to the person at your left and seeing they are going two times as fast as you on the bike and then you getting into a competition with them

The man who wears THIS to the gym!


The man who puts the free weights on the ground at his hands and feet, gets on top of them plank style and does his push ups – STANDING OVATION BROTHER!!

The man who does one rep on a machine and then ties it up for another 30 minutes while he prances around frantically ‘shaking it off’

Monday apparently is young man, free weight, JJ from Good Times lifting night

Love the loc socks the fellas wear

Um mam you and those white sandles with the kitten heel on the leg press…NO MAM!!

Yea, the aggressives scare me

I’m afraid I might step on your five packs of weave spead out like the sun during floor exercises mam

The moment when the fellas are looking at a girl and notice all she’s doing is posing in the mirror and they turn away

Fighting over the tootsie rolls at the end (I earned this bitch)

Doing extra reps so that pictures can be taken

Love the man/woman team workouts

Noticing an older couple working out together and just knowing they still having bomb ass sex

Um, the culture of working out needs to be combined with the culture of taking a shower my African Brothers!

Blowing bubbles with gum while doing cardio – interesting

Sir I’ve never seen you in six months work on your legs, they strong though to hold up that upper body.

Waiting till a light day to try something new – The Arc Glider is NOT for me

You really do wanna grunt when you beasting on a machine

Kudos to the lady on the Oxygen!!

Having to make sure you get your picture on the machines before the hour is up or it will cut off

The mirrors at the gym are the best mirrors EVER and you wish they used those instead of the circus trick mirrors they use in the dressing rooms!

Sir if you are gonna wear your PJ’s to the gym put some drawers on!!!

Mam you could have fit some panties on under those short shorts

Black Girls DO work out!!!!!!!!

Making my ‘I’m swole in my mind” walk across the gym floor in front of the fellas to go pick up my 7 lb weights, lol lol lol

Smiling when folks start recognizing you as a GASP “Regular”




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