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In Flux or the Matrix

June 1, 2013

Well my birthday is three days away.  Whew!  I can’t really tell you where the last year went but I can tell you there have been some ROUGH spots!  Last year this time, I had a High School graduate, this year was soooo quiet now that I have a upcoming Sophomore in COLLEGE.  I looked at my calendar from last year and the whole month of May was booked, lol  Funny what a year can do.

I’ve done a lot of work though, believe you me.  I feel in so much of a better place emotionally and mentally.  I have not only packed away but thrown out sooo much dead weight.  The struggle will NEVER end in that area, but the bags are all kinds of way much lighter baby!!

I’ve also made some physical changes that I’ll discuss in another blog during this month.

I’ve picked up some new hobbies (bracelet making) that I absolutely love.  I was going to start up a business but the expenses of the craft and the dismal launch (it was my fault) of an idea I had squashed that.  I now enjoy making them for friends etc. and I’ll sell a few under different circumstances than an actual business.

As my birthday gets near, I do start to evaluate and see what I’d like to do for the next 365 days if God blesses me.  Right now I’m feeling kind of unfulfilled.  I’d like to nuture some new friendships meet some new folks who are at the same  stage as I am in my life.  I vow to go to a couple of meet ups and see what’s up this upcoming birth year.  I want to see what’s happening on the education front maybe learn some more things (I am pissed I missed out on the opportunity for the online Continuing Education Courses). God KNOWS I need to work even harder on my finances!!

One thing I’ve begun back doing is reading and it’s been a welcome return. My Kindle was a GREAT purchase and the ‘what books are free today” website has totally got me back into reading all kinds of books.  I’m reading like a book a week.

So let me get off of here and get to doing some other stuff!  I look forward to what might spill out over these next 30 some odd days.




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