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Finding Self…..

One of the journey’s I took last year (funny saying that) is to really get into who I am good bad and ugly. This might be simple for some folks, but as a person who is prone to the ‘puppet’ syndrome (as in letting others manipulate me at will), identifying myself can sometimes be difficult – but here are some of my traits that make me who I am…..

  • I am lazy as fuck..yea it’s true – I really don’t want to admit it, but nine times out of ten I’m not trying to do shit..
  • I absolutely love watching TV – I don’t remember watching it a whole lot as a child or young adult but now, I’m so hooked sigh…
  • I enjoy cursing and I use the N word, yea I do – it adds spark and fire to almost any conversation BUT I can cut it on and off at will.  
  • I’m a side kick/passenger type of person in almost all I do.  I feel comfortable being the support.
  • I like schedules – I like to follow them – when they are missing – I need to get one stat….
  • I have anxiety/worry and stress issues and sometimes they spiral into depression…..
  • I have the wonderful gift of story telling and love painting mental pictures with my words either via verbal or written means…..
  • I daydream as a coping skill….
  • I am ALOT stronger than I ever imagined…..
  • I have a wonderful smile…
  • I am a deep feeling person….
  • I have the capacity for tears of joy and pain….
  • I am quite creative but it comes in waves…
  • I prefer to be free giving of my creativity….
  • I am not good at the ‘requirements’ of family….
  • I say I don’t like or run away from things purely out of fear….
  • I can be quite inconsistent with my interactions…..
  • I actually have quite a few body parts that are quite attractive….
  • I enjoy porn from time to time…
  • I am quite a sexual being….
  • I live in ‘spurts’ of emotion….
  • I am a pretty damn good mother….
  • I don’t enjoy being alone as much as I used to be….
  • I am blind as a damn bat…..
  • I do need people….
  • Organized religion does nothing for me in my adult life…
  • I’m actually not as mean as I’ve been called often enough to begin to believe…
  • I am capable of growing, learning, accepting responsibility and doing the ‘work’…

This might not seem like the most positive New Year list, but it actually is because the quicker I get into who I am, the quicker I can make adjustments and changes to live a full life yah dig?


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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