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Collard Greens and Black Eye Peas Thoughts

I can’t wait for the first summer in this house!! It’s going to be fantastic!!

I’ve learned without a shadow of a doubt from being on both sides of the saying that “people take solace in knowing your life isn’t perfect, but they don’t want to hear about it”

I see people alive after horrible diagnosis and wish all we are gonna end up with wasn’t a funeral..

At some point my Facebook world went from being a deep novel to an online magazine full of pop up ads…starting to look for the next social media hot spot.

I really am going to be cognizant of how much of myself I give to folks.  I won’t really be in the ‘counseling’ business in 2013. I got burned bad this past year and totally misread a relationship, but when the table was upright and turned – I was left to wave in the wind…nah won’t be doing that again.

I wonder what the real uproar is about Shawty Lo, is it his situation or that it’s going to be shown on television.  His situation is surely not some kind of outside the norm in our community, Take away half the moms and hell you have my Father, lol lol From what I can gather, he claims them all, he takes care of them, they know and love him and he (I think) is trying to keep his family together.  Instead of the ‘oh I’m so ashamed’ conversation – it should be sparking the real conversation of our community, our sex, our babies and all these wayward families we got out here.

I am amazed at how much ‘reality’ lives and breathes in Atlanta, lol lol 

I’m glad I saw Django if for no other reason than the addition to my husband and my daily conversation of “what is that nigga doing on a horse?”  all variations of that and in every modern day situation we can think of, lol lol lol 

I’m still waiting on the mature one of the bunch.

I’m going to keep my promises more.

I might add another person to my one way trying to maintain relationsihps

I am thankful that I’m so complex. I can swing effortlessly (in my opinion) through all kinds of topics, conversations, feelings and what not.  It keeps my mind sharp.

I swear fo God I’m going to watch less TV this year.

I am quite excited about the bubbling up of this newest creative endeavor.

I am SOOO filing for Bankruptcy as soon as I am able.  

If the fiscal cliff happens consider me laid out on the rocks at the bottom.

I won’t be adding me to her so much in 2013 she carries a lot as the conduit to keeping us all in the loop.

Last Year the Jacksons gave me sooo much joy and I have a feeling this year will be a pretty good one in the world of the Jacksons as well.  I can’t wait.  

I actually am still kinda to the left about how ‘ugly’ Kenya Moore turned out to be, lol  I know I know but it is just so….wow.

How come I knew all about Shirley Franklin’s tenure at mayor of Atlanta, but I don’t know what Kasim Reed is doing.

MLK Bday and the inauguration are the same day – oh joy!!

I so want to plan something special for my husbands 45 bday this year.  He deserves it.

I don’t have tuition, God help me.


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “Collard Greens and Black Eye Peas Thoughts

  1. Monica C.

    Girlfriend, please do NOT file bankruptcy! That is the worst possible thing you could ever do! Feel free to call me (817-897-6997) so I can give you my little soapbox on that issue.

    Also, regarding your post from a couple days ago – we are sooooo similar. I can cosign to about 80% of the things on that list. Need to make my own!

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