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If All I Could Do is Read All Day Every Day

Ok, so I went over on Amazon to look for something and decided to check my wish list. I use it more to keep up with what I want to read than to tell folks what I wish I had and it just dawned on me.  My love for reading and actually reading are not in sync!!  I have so much I want to read, but I just can’t get around to it.  I need to start to realign some things and dedicate more time to one of my favorite past times.  I also have to admit that I just want a plain ole Kindle that is just dedicated to reading.  They are dirt cheap on Ebay and I want to have one in the next several months…The old black and white one will do just fine thank you.  

I decided to compile a quick and not blog correct post of the books I want to read.  No, they are not linked or anything – don’t have time – just wanted to share, you can head on over to Amazon and check them out.  

Merry Sexy Christmas Overtime Love by Beverly Jenkins, Maureen Smith (not yet released)

Anyway You Want It by Maureen Smith (release date:  November 13th)

Destiny’s Embrace by Beverly Jenkins (release date:  January 2013)

Sexy Little Liar by Noire  (release date:  October 30th)

Natural Born Liar by Noire

Low Down and Dirty by Vicki Stringer

The King of Style, Dressing Michael Jackson by Michael Bush (not yet released)

Untouchable: The Strange Life & Tragic Death of Michael Jackson (not yet released)

Rita by Nonso Ezeani

Chains by Tom Lewis

A Cold Piece by Ni’cola Mitchell

Family Thang by James Henderson

The Pleasure of Pain by Shameek Speight

Soulacoaster, the Diary of Me by R. Kelley

Dynomite: Good times/Bad Times by JJ Walker

Momma’s a Virgin by Travis Hunter

Keeping the Secret 2 by RM Johnson

The Family Business by Eric Pete

Boss Bitch by Deja King

Played by Lisa Lennox

Night Hawk by Beverly Jenkins

G-Spot 2 by Noire

A Cold Piece of Work by Curtis Bunn

Power and Beauty by T.I. 1&2(David Ritz)

Maintenance Man II by Michael Baisden


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