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Drag Thursday – Summer 2012 Wrap Up Addition

Welcome to a Special Edition of Drag Thursday!! It’s been awhile, but I wanted to update my readers on what going on in my world of hair, beauty and fashion especially since the slight change in weather means I’m about to roll into whatever Fall holds for me. I actually made a video and then scrapped it because it was just to long. I felt I could get my point across better with pictures and the written word, than running my mouth, lol

Let’s jump right in! As you can tell from the picture above, I’ve just went there with my hair. I have to tell you though, the transition from relaxed to natural, from a fro to where I am now and color has been eye opening and quite a journey but I am now officially for the most part…OVER IT! I’ve worked it all out in my head about my head and I am sooo feeling myself and quite satisfied with the look and feel of it all. There is something ‘for me’ that is empowering with this hair cut. It’s so ‘opposite’ of what I was thinking I wanted to do. I came to this look because once I figured out that my hair grew in a fro as opposed to having the weight to help it lay down for twists etc. it made no difference what the length was. So I cut it off myself one night in the bathroom, lol lol Couple of weeks ago, I went to the barber to even it out and officially start that routine in terms of care. Funny how now I’ll sit in someone’s chair fairly regularly but it will cost like $15 as opposed to $85, lol

So what am I doing to keep this look going? I’m not a product junkie – most things that are traditionally made for the ‘taming’ of your natural coif is too heavy for my hair, so when I found something that worked – I stuck with it and that is JANE CARTER. She gives my hair all the life it needs! I’ve tried other things but keep coming back to her so why fight it? So for the most part I exclusively use Jane for all my hair needs. The staples of my hair regime are as follows:

Curl Defining Cream, Condition and Sculpt and Hair Nourishing Cream. Starting in the evening, I comb it out (which is funny in itself) and apply the nourishing cream before bed (No I don’t wear a scarf ). Morning: Wet my hands and run it through hair. Add a dollop of Curl Definer and a quarter or so amount of Sculpt. Scrunch up with my fingers, smooth the front of my hair down (the place where my glasses meet my ears sometimes get’s separated from the rest of my hair) and that’s it.

Now when I’m being extra – I will add (GASP) a half dollop of S Curl Stylin Gel this sits a bit ‘thicker’ and allows a more defined look. The color in my hair is Textures and Tones Bronze. I put it in myself. It’s really not that hair. I find that I need to grow it out a bit as to not stain my scalp. I have been through one touch up of this and I love that I go thru a few stages of color before I even it all out. LOVE IT!!

What I am looking forward to most? This winter and wigs and hats! LOL LOL LOL With a cut like this – BABEEEEEE A short sassy wig is about to lay so fantastic on my head!! Over the summer I’ve rocked some colorful scarves as well. I’ve even figured out when my roots were darker that black banded bands of flowers look quite fairy like, lol

Oh one more thing – as part of the color box they include a ‘conditioner’ and I have to say I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF!!! Pantene Condition for Relaxed and Natural. You can feel the difference!! I only wash my hair maybe once a month but every two weeks I co-wash with this.


Ahh me and my face!! I have to chuckle because I used to barely wear lip gloss and now I can barely leave the house without some make up on!! I probably could walk outside with no clothes on before I go with no make up, lol lol Amazing. All along I have been a proponent of not having to go broke to be lovely and I stick by that. Over the course of the, I guess, two years I’ve been exploring and learning and working out what stuff works for me – I’ve gone through and thrown out half the stuff I have bought over that time. I’ve narrowed it down to basically two baskets that I work extensively in and then a box for you know special occasion, costuming etc.

One of the best lines that I have discovered ‘for me’ has been LA Colors at THE DOLLAR GENERAL!!! and now it’s actually branching out to the Beauty Supply Store! I use their eye shadow palettes on a daily basis, sometimes two times a day, lol So far I haven’t had excessive flaking or dusting and the colors are solid dry and work well wet. For the woman on a budget and the woman that’s just flat out broke – it works!!

I was in the Beauty Supply Store the other day looking for NYX eye shadow pencils and lo and behold they had a whole display of LA COLOR pencils and I snatched these up immediately!! they are half the price of NYX! I will be adding at least three more very soon to my collection. I use these to line as well as flat out cover my lid. This GOLD has given me all kinds of Cleopatra Life!! They are soft and have stayed soft and are easy to use on your bottom lash as well, if you want to rock that vibrant color on the bottom look folks are wearing these days. Because I wear glasses, I can and do go a bit bolder in my day to day life than maybe someone who doesn’t and all of my make up can do day to night pretty flawlessly.

The summer didn’t tan me as effectively as it has in previous sweltering years, so I actually have rocked powder for the entire summer. Below are my favorites. That Milani is my all the way favorite and it’s getting low. It can do all seasons which is why it goes quicker than the rest. The Avon Mineral has given me a heavier layer and the giant bronzer I picked up at TJ Maxx adds nice highlights to my forehead, cheeks and chin. I Might wear two at any time.


I singled this out because Whew – my friend Ty gave me this, I believe for my birthday and I really wanna know where’s its been all my life. ELF is a quite affordable product line you can find at the Target or they have a quite comprehensive web sight that has AWESOME sales all the time. I dap this on my forehead, under my eyes and on my jaw line and buff it in – it is slightly tinted so I use it as a kinda concealer/foundation before I apply my powder. It is light enough in the summer and will be nice in the winter.

Here are my staple mascaras one for length, one for thickness, one for dramatics


I am still working on my lip game. I have found that I can rock a red lippy and Milani lip pencils are a staple in my bag. I also have just run up on NYC lip sticks and I like the way the tint. I only have a really pretty summer pink right now, but I want to get some darker colors for the fall/winter.

Here is another DOLLAR GENERAL find. This product here….Dermasil is THE BOMB!!! The one on the left is the soap and then the lotion. I use the soap to wash my face!! and then the lotion as my face cream. I have another bigger tube as a go to body moisturizer when I don’t want to smell. It feels like Oil of Olay.

Speaking of….

How do I get all this stuff off. I use these. They are half the price of the Oil of Olay kind, are thick and I can use one to get all my make up off. These are available at Walmart.

Hmmm – in terms of Fashion, I’m still in my Old Navy meets NY and Co. vibe and pretty much have rocked that all summer. I am beginning to feel that it’s just to casual and so I want to pick up the pace a bit as we hit the fall/winter. I am pretty sure I probably have like two outfits for this winter because I’ve lost weight. Officially I’ve dropped 20 pounds (Weight Watchers Rocks) I went from an 18-20 to a 12-14 and an 1x to an L. However, all of this depends on my waist and bust line. If my arms and legs could be the judge I might even wear a 10 but because of my ‘egg’ I have to make accommodations. I won’t really ever be able to wear skin tight clothes because of the disporportion of my waist to my hips, lol lol Oh well. I am just excited that spanx now work and don’t give me the tubular look and that I kinda know what works on my body type so I’ve getting it as close as possible. My hoochie wear can be a bit tighter and I feel comfortable. I wont’ ever be that person to wear skin tight clothes – it’s never been me, but I am not in any kinda way about my body shape and thus when I look in the mirror – I am not freaking out about the way I look. I also am not panicking about what to wear. I have picked and chosen in such a way that I actually can dress for more than one occasion out my own closet! The only thing I need to work on is PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE. I need to buy me a pants suit and a skirt suit with the quickness and a good pair of black pumps. How do I not have a good black heeled pump!!?!

Which leads me to my overall feeling about me lumps, bumps and all. I’m really in a great place with my self esteem and body image. I find it amazing that I really am digging myself, lol lol I haven’t looked in the mirror in months and thought something negative about myself. I made peace with wearing glasses and now i think I actually look better with them than without them (GO FIGURE) I never thought I would wear hats but now I LOVE HATS!! I used to feel some kinda way about being ‘sexy’ now I’ll display the girls and legs and feel comfortable. I even started back wearing shorts!!

So that’s where I’m at. I’m not into fingernails currently and keep them short and clear because I need to be able to type and navigate my phone, lol lol Diabetes is still messin with my feet so I tend to just rock loafers Mootsie Toostie are my favorite and whenever I run up on a pair at the thrift – they are coming home with me. Yes I still am at the Thrift and that’s where I will be for the majority of my clothes. Now it’s no longer a ‘stigma’ and that bothers me because now they are more crowded and some have started tripping on price.

I am quite happy that I’ve developed my own ‘style’ that is ever evolving and I see it only getting better and better.


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