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Silently but Deadly

I don’t like to keep my life blinds all the way closed, keeping them cracked a bit allows sunlight to get in.

That moment when the person you deem is above reproach suddenly is below it.

If I were there in person, I would force this issue cause it ultimately is about as stupid as stupid gets

Yea I have feelings about it, but I have to be receptive to whatever life has for me and apparently this is it.

I want to do a photo shoot.  You know just getting into me and giving my mid 40 fabulousness to the atmosphere, with air brushing of course, lol

Um, what exactly is there now to do on Monday Nights, now that LHHATL is over..

Fix My Life was PROFOUND, you hear me?!  I might not even be able to make it through this season.

I own maybe 10 DVD’s, time to purchase Sex and the City The Movies, because sometimes I just want to sit and watch Carrie nem.

This move has sent me into overdrive…planning a housewarming, lol

What I’ve discovered in the last couple of weeks is that I am about to live a very full life.  It’s looking good.

The big screen movie selection SUCKS so far this year!

That awkward moment when you hit that part of a friendship where you two are on two different sides of the issue and you have to say something because you don’t want anyone thinking you are in agreement with that ish.

Every day I give Woman Thou Art Loosed another day – today it’s Woman Thou Art Loosed on the 56th day, lol

I quite enjoy being married.

Why doesn’t my Facebook page have any real ratchetness? 

If I could restructure my facebook, I would have like 75 friends.

Once again, I feel the friendship has ran its course but I don’t know what else to do if it ends.

I don’t remember if I have any winter clothes that even remotely fit…..

The family is starting to give me the ‘let’s go to’ look…SIGH.  Watch I don’t even spent Thanksgiving here and I have a new kitchen.

Little Known Fact:  I like an entire new dish set each Thanksgiving.  I buy them at thrift stores so every few years I can give them back and get new ones.  I’m already scoping dishes for this year.

I wish I could cruise so I could re-up my liquor cabinet on a grand scale.

I’m most looking forward to decorating.  I used to keep that tight, but then diverted my money and interest elsewhere, well this house deserves some style and I aim to please.

RG will end up putting his foot in my ass at least twice during this move and immediately after.

I’m in a really good space in my mental right about now.  It feels good to know that you can control you and that there are folks out there to help you reign it in…when you can’t.

I don’t really like folks touching on me intimately, but I think I want to push through and get me a massage.  Since I’ve identified that I carry stress in my shoulders/back I really want to work on making them pliable enough to even accept the stress. 

The most prolific thing I’ve heard thus far this month and probably won’t hear anything to top it is “You Broke My Heart”  I didn’t know what to call it, but now I do and that’s so real.

I wanna get me a hat game for this short cut for the winter.

This hair cut belongs in New York, you know it does, lol

Homecoming is right around the corner!! I need to figure out my shirt for this year!

I might be ready to exercise..might.

I also want to take advantage of the Outback 2/$30  I want a DATE with my Husband!!

Why do I keep thinking about the next phase of my daughter’s life and my son in law and GASP Grandbab(ies). 

Hmm Halal Thanksgiving – let me investigate that now.





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