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Change of Scenery

It’s always interesting to me when someone comes here where they end up.  When I arrived, I ended up in Clarkston. Since I’ve been here, I’ve narrowed down a few neighborhoods I feel comfortable staying in and I’ve just never left.  The thing about this city is that everywhere you live is all inclusive. There’s really no need or reason for you to come out of your ‘neck of the woods’. I have basically chosen the South Dekalb area as my stomping ground.  I feel comfortable moving around in that area and it has everything I’ve ever needed and more.  If I want something else, I just hop in my car – access two or three highways and countless roads and I get it.  I have spent all day alone in So. Dekalb just driving around doing Pam. That means a lot to me.

After a couple of heavy hitter income adjustments to the negative (SIGH), to live swanky is costing us too much, so alas, it is time to move. I’ve never been one to want to front in that area and being apartment poor is NO JOKE!!  What is the use of hanging in such a hip space if all you can do is sit at home….so we decided it was time to seek out other housing.

Now yes we wanted to stay in our area and in the long view, once we get College Girl full out on her own and can go down to a one bedroom, we probably will  – we are City dwellers, but for now, we need a two bedroom and they were just cost prohibitive.

The rental market is robust!  I mean there are houses EVERYWHERE, but this can also mean there are scams galore.  It also means that folks are just throwing paint on shacks and saying they are for rent. Yet, this is a time where you can actually have ‘wants’ in addition to needs.  I just knew the ‘type’ of abode I wanted was waiting out there for me.

My number one request was H-O-U-S-E!  I was OVER apartment living!  It was cool, but I wanted some grass, I wanted a tree and more importantly I wanted to BBQ!!!!  I also decided I wanted hardwood floors because carpet and I had fallen out!!  Trumping all of these however was ‘I NEEDED TO BE ABLE TO TALK NO THE DAMN PHONE”!!!  For years now, I have been in a dungeon and phone service was available probably 10% of the time. My dream was an open field, but wasn’t sure that was going to happen, lol. Size etc. didn’t matter – my initial thought was a bunglow basically an apt on the ground.

Fast forward to last week, it was now time.  I had my eye on two properties and was determined to go check them out. When they told me I could just go and look because there were lock boxes.  I ran up out of my job.  Thank God for extended light.  All of a sudden I was in the running to get a bigger house than my Apt. for cheaper.  I couldn’t believe it.  The first house was cool, but configured funny and the laundry room was outside the house in a room off the carport.  You know I wasn’t going to be doing any of that, lol Then we arrived at the second house.  Such a familiar neighborhood – smack dab (almost equal distance) between the first house I lived in and raised College Girl in and the first house we all officially lived in as a family. I already felt right at home. 

The second I opened the door, I knew I was home.  My shoes tapped on the hardwood floors and as I looked around, there were hardwoods everywhere. Not one stitch of carpet!  The open floor plan led to the kitchen and I actually gasped as I looked at the granite countertops and all new appliances.  Like plastic on them appliances!  This ranch was making me do a wall slide for real!!  Nice bathroom, three bedrooms rounded out the end of the semi-long hall.  Now, I had a hitch in my step because I wasn’t looking forward to being sandwiched between two young adults, but something kept telling me to keep looking around.  I read the spec sheet again and it said two bathrooms. I looked around and couldn’t figure out where the other bathroom was.  My girlfriend opened a door off the living room and we found a quite spacious laundry room.  Then we opened the ‘closet’ and I did audibly scream – there was a master bedroom and on suite bath!!  A bath that just had a shower!! (I haven’t sat in a tube I know in over 15 years, don’t need it).  This meant that basically they would have one end of the house and I would have another!!  THIS WAS MY HOUSE!!  Now we had an office space, we had hardwoods, we had house size appliances, we had yard space front and  back, decorative ceiling fans in every room, recessed lighting, granite counter tops and deep cherry wood new cabinets!

I called the hubsters, told him I’d found it and he was like move forward then.  Took the family over to check it out and they were impressed and we went ahead and moved forward to obtain it.

As I looked on the website this morning and saw they had took it down, it became real (ok it more became real when I got the money order, lol) There are a few things we need to look into before moving date and I need to clean it up (I hope to get a coupon but I can do it, it’s not like I haven’t before.  Some Michael Jackson and a mop and it’s done) The biggest blessing it that it will shave $300 off of what we are currently kicking out AND we got a bit of extra space but not so much that the savings will be depleted by utilities. 

So it’s not an urban and swanky area that we live in now, but I LOVE the fact this little unassuming house is all swanked out on the inside.  I might just BBQ throughout the winter!!  I am going to bring parties back into my life!! I’m going to binge out on Croaker and Oxtails!!  I’ll actually make the last Wednesday of the Month ½ off sale at Value Village!! I’m directly on the Highway to my besties!!  I’m close enough to partake of my old Neighborhood (cause I’mma miss the Target Greatland)!!

Though packing us up and physically transporting that crap from one location to the other is a beast!  I am excited about moving!!  We can’t wait to do the Tom Cruise on the Hardwood Floors in our drawers!!



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