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School Daze – Move In Day

As we crested the expressway hill and the downtown skyline and the giant Georgia State sign came into view.  We both shrieked and did a little jig, here we go!!

As soon as we pulled into the lot, the proverbial “I am ahead of the game” conversation entered my head as I saw all the other “ahead of the game” folks piling in.  It’s gonna be a long day.

This was a former hotel in the city, parking was underground, as we rounded sub level 1, sub level 2 and then sub level 3, I was wondering who was coming to help us….

CG had hopped out above ground to check in and get her keys, they had a huge sign NO PARENTS, I automatically went to my stand by concerning this issue, um is there a sign in the Accounts Payable office that says NO PARENTS.  I don’t think so!

A full episode of “Sunday Best” popped off in my head as I leaned against the car after the discovery that the only way up out the hole to the sun and thing the room was to either take the stairs or the elevator.  I looked around and several sets of parents had started to hum whatever negro spiritual gives them comfort.

Is it just me or are the parents of girls a bit more stressed than boys?  She brought all of That?!

These kids have the biggest TV’s.

Because RG had to leave, there was the bright idea that taking the stairs to her room would be faster.  I had to stop twice to recover from Cardiac Arrest, but we got up there.

The dorms used to be a hotel, therefore the elevators were not made for the volume of stuff being put on them, so most of them broke and three levels of parking deck and all that shit these kids were bringing to campus had to take ONE ELEVATOR UP and DOWN.  I feel like just falling on the ground and just snaking.

The trick turned out to be, several trips with a little bit of stuff.  We could squeeze in almost all the time since it was just two of us,lol

I wanna give the North and their big bags were the BOMB.  I’ve had these bags for years and so many folks were like those bags are the truth where did you get them?  Ha!

We came to the conclusion that the people who answer the questions about the rooms shake a magic 8 ball and just tell you anything.  We could do anything but laugh, but the room is a nice size and three girls, three beds, three wardrobes, three desks,  3 chairs, 3 lamps, 3 TV’s/Fridges, 2 Microwaves, 1 Beverage chiller, a dozen different interests, and a prayer rug should fit just fine.

How did they forget her name on the door – ARTS and CRAFTS TIME!! She knows she was glad I packed her that stuff.

The boys didn’t look like that when I was 18, I would be in sooooo much trouble.  “Mom what bag did I pack my booty shorts in?”

The roommate has a lot of sneakers………

Hmm, this Mother wasn’t really friendly and not really interested in getting to know me, but her daughter was. She asked me right away was I nearby.  I told her yes like I told her Mom, I am quite happy to be the ‘on site’ Mom if the girls need anything.  She didn’t leave her info and left before I did.  Oh well.  Her daughter told mine, it was cool her parents were close by and when I left they both yelled See you tomorrow Mom!

Vin Diesel made the “Go to College” cut and is probably on the wall right now blessing the room.  I left a small Michael Jackson portrait, lol lol  When she texts me screaming, I know she found it.

I saw her smile with relief when the roommate cut the radio on and Two Chains didn’t come blasting out.  She actually listens to music similar to CG.  Let’s see what happens when the third roommate moves in tomorrow.

Her father delivers to her school, the hysterical moment when you see your pops downstairs waiting on someone who delivered pizza. NO SHAME HERE – but, hysterically funny.

I don’t think I’ve physically worked that hard on her behalf in like a decade.  Whewww Chile!

Hell I don’t think she’s done that much in a damn decade lazy ass, lol lol

I give her a whole heap of credit being on Ramadan and working that hard. She can’t even eat or drink till around 8:30pm! .  I’m not even feeling it like that.

Out of respect, I also didn’t drink anything during this time – I am now sloshing around from like 64 oz. of water

I smiled as she told me stories about folks she saw in the hall, she knew including the mean girls from her High School.  Baby this ain’t High School and you ain’t got to take not one ounce of that shit. (yes I said it like that)

I’m jealous she has such good phone service!!!!!!!!!!

She put in a request to loft her bed, doing that and then placing curtains will create…a private place to pray instead of the hall or bathroom.  Faith works.

Um no mam, friend going to another college 3 hours away, you can’t come and spend the weekend with CG.  She needs to focus on her School, dorm, friends, activities and prep for class on Monday like YOU should be doing the same.  You will be ok, just give it time.

CG’s text was blowing up the whole time and her social calendar the next few days with checking in, seeing old friends, making new friends, dorm activities, the end of Ramadan is going to be BUSY.

I didn’t cry, but on the way home “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell came on (folks who know me know that story I won’t tell it again) and I teared up to the point I just turned it off.  Just joyous that RG and I pulled this off. It’s hanging by a thread baby let me tell you, but we pulled it off and it can only go UP from here.

BTW, I will just hold my mule on the whole scholarship thing.  It hasn’t arrived yet…………….

The final text I got when I returned home “OMG OMG I left Pikachu!!Please make sure you bring him tomorrow OMG I’m gonna die.”


There’s probably more and probably the next several days will be non stop texts and phone convo’s since I wrote this around 1:30pm I’ve been on the phone no less than 5 times, and my text has blown up, lol


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  1. Adriane ⋅

    Love it, love it. Hope the other roommate is as friendly as #1. I noticed the bags in your FB post this morning. I was like hey those are nice.. I could use some of those.. lol lol. Good job today Mama P!

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