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My Third Eye Got Something In It

Remember when black folks used to be all about their ‘Third Eye” I’m laughing as I type this.

I guess it’s like going to war. You went, maybe you didn’t win, but you came back alive and in one piece so we celebrate.

I’m starting to get very agitated with Atlanta Traffic and the daily bull shit that you encounter trying to move around in this town. Exactly, what is the point of you constantly on my damn bumper?! There is like NO ROOM to be a defensive driver!! Hell there’s barely any room to be an aggressive driver?! Does anyone remember what the purpose of the STOP LIGHT/SIGN is?! Are they making the lane lines narrower and the cars wider?!! The entire thing makes driving NOT my most favorite activity!

So I was reading a blurb that spoke about how Ben Affleck wants more children but his wife is cool with the three they have. Hmmm, it always makes me ponder the concept that a man wants more children and will cop an attitude when the woman is the one who actually haves them.

I like to listen to music that keeps me in a perpetual state of being in love.

You know life is like that peg game – all you do is jump around in your allotted space trying to be victorious and not get backed into a corner you can’t get out of. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. the beauty and beneficence of youth is that it is one of the only times you can go back to square one and try it all over again. Keep your head up, look straight ahead and not behind and just play the game another way. – Note to my Nephew as he hits the restart button.

Sometimes I wonder about folks who don’t record events in their lives through photography. My photos are a visual testament to all the joy in my life. I wouldn’t be able to function with out going back and looking at events and remembering that time etc. Oh well, to each his/her own.

Am I the only one who thinks that social media kinda messed up the Olympics. Prior to it, the athletes could focus on their craft and perform in a bubble of sorts. If you weren’t there in person what you had to say didn’t count. Well now the whole world can give their 1 cents and the athlete can now see it and it can funk up your entire vibe. I watched Gabby perform in her last few events and to me, it all has gotten to her. It’s gotten to a lot of the athletes.

Everyday I bet there’s a black celebrity that wakes up and goes “Fucking Social Media” Believe that.

Exactly why do blog sites freak out if you take the pictures on their pages etc. THEY DIDN’T TAKE THE PICTURES. Why do they even tag them like they belong to them. How is a picture of Marquita showing her ass in her own bathroom belong to a particular blog site.

Because I like to give the people what they want, I will throw back a shot of gin and sit through Honey Boo Boo this evening, lol lol You can thank me later.

I need to make a Drag Thursday Video!!! Update folks on the journey!!

12 days till Freshman Year Begins and 8 days until Move In Day

I sure hope the idea I have in my head some kinda way becomes the actual story

RG and I are perfect traveling partners. We enjoy riding together and a plane is not necessary. I am, when I’m awake, LOL the perfect shot gun rider and I’m always prepared to direct, feed and whatever else the driver (if we are driving). Long distances don’t bother us either. One of our to-do’s is drive to Cali. I was tooling around the internet and decided to see how we could take an adventure up the east coast. I thought about the Mega Bus. So I began piecing together a trip since it doesn’t run straight up and down the coast. We could ride to NC for $30 (for both of us) then ride to DC for about $45 or so and then on to NYC for about $25 – It would take about 13-14 hours but both of us could do the trip ROUND TRIP for $200 round trip!! Grab a hotel in Newark and some NJ Transit passes and we are S-E-T. Imagine the reading I would get done and the quick sight seeing – the bus stays in DC a short minute. It all sounds so exciting and what not. WE WILL GET TO NYC and it might be this fall!!!

A Facebook/Twitter Chuckle – there is something (usually on TV) that a heap of folks watch, take BET Awards or most recently Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the beauty of social media kicks in and you all can watch and discuss it in real time as if you are in a big ole community center watching and eating popcorn together. Then out the blue someone(s) start posting on their time line and it sticks out because it’s not about what everyone else is talking about and then there are folks who decide to pop off about what is on their time line that everyone else is watching. That cracks me up!! when I come on line and see folks say talking about the Olympics and for the most part I am not watching – I leave it alone and not try to get my little stuff in. Maybe it’s the attention whore in me, but it’s like inserting a commercial in the middle of a show on HBO – UMMMM no, lol lol lol

Speaking of Facebook, my daytime crew are the BEST!!!! Ya’ll keep me going during the day.

I wanted to have a dinner, I wanted to have or do something big and dramatic for the send off, but it’s not gonna turn out that way. I’ve had to keep her spirits up cause she wants the accolades and attention of this moment that she deserves, but it will be much much more low key. For the most part just us three and you know what, it will be JUST FINE.

Folks think my ‘no folks under 18’ rule is a hot mess, always have (I made one exception and there were all kinds of guidelines etc.) but it’s more to protect me than you. I am not good with unruly young people and though I sometimes switch on and off, I can’t tolerate most of what they got going on in the social atmosphere, so though my own child gives me nothing to raise an eyebrow at, 955 of the folks she knows make me cringe at some time or the other. I like my space and I give her hers. There are folks that think I’m being funny and they block me and do all kinds of stuff cause I don’t befriend them or whatever – you’ll get over it. Hell some have now turned 21 and I’m still passing.

I haven’t had any soical fabulousness in a minute – an event is on the horizon and BABY I’M READY!!!


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