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30 Books in 90 Days Challenge – BOOK 6


The Rock Star in Seat 3A – Jill Kargman

Grade: B-

Thougths – There is a genre of mainstream books called beach reads.  We call them Urban Lit.  You know those books that you read just for pleasure, there is no redeeming value in the bigger spectrum. They are a quick read, usually hilarious and probably 30 minutes after you read it, you can’t recall it, but in the moment it is giving you life.

Well this is one of those books. What happens when fantasy and reality collide? The Rock Star in Star 3A. This book is a fun exploration of what happens when fantasies become a reality…and what happens to life as it had been.  I immediately put it in my ‘basket’ upon reading that the story was about ‘what if you are living your life and it’s going well, but one day on a flight you sit next to the object of your lust and desire; your favorite Rock Star!’  They had me at HELLO!! 

The book is written in such a way that you are suppose to zip through it.  The language is in such a way that it is not a candidate for Toastmasters, lol lol  I read through the reviews and there are some bad ones but understanding the genre this book fits in would possibly eliminate this.

This is a quick read and when I added in all my Rock Star Fantasies – I enjoyed it.


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