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Track and Field All Over My Mind

What if celebrities had chosen Facebook as their social media of preference instead of Twitter.

What if they chose not to fall for social media at all – would it have died out quicker?

Out of all the hairstyles a Sista has worn over the years and I could fill a scrapbook – who would have thought cutting it off would be the one I like the best?  I find it so erotically feminine.  It makes me address my face and its features and its beauty.  My scalp tingles whenever he rubs my head, lol

I have a ‘girl crush’ on one of my FB friends.  She’s just georgous to me and the way she projects on her page just makes me smile.

I might be (gasp) trading in the iphone for a Samsung.  Why?  Well I will always feel Apple is superior but I’m  just curious about what the other phones do, feel like etc. etc.  I am not going to lie, I could use the bigger screen with my blind ass.  Hubster has the Galaxy note and it’s….cute, lol  My contract is up and the cost won’t be that different.  My daughter is thinking of an HTC.  I have an ipad and I won’t lose any of my apps etc. if I decide this is not it.  I will see. 

I went down a road for a hot minute where I really felt some kinda way about the fam.  Then I really just stopped and was like there might be someone right now who is feeling that I too don’t give a shit about anything that’s going on in their lives.  So the circle that is family rotates everyone in the hot seat.  No use in spending good time going there.  So I left.

By having that thought though I put in that file folder that I am guilty of not giving a shit and not trying to give a shit and I’m not alone in that feeling.  Disconnect is a funky thing let me tell yah.

I’m REALLY feeling my husband right about now.  He’s so been my rock.

Yep I buy Tea from quick trip and pour it in my pitcher at the house, lol  I’m not good at brewing tea and they, um, are.

I haven’t talked about this whole going away to college thing much in this medium, I’m saving it for next week.

Track and Field is going to get me killed up in my house.

I haven’t spoken to her since May and what it has done is evened the playing field because the elder apparently doesn’t like exerting their ‘power’ when it could be used as good and the junior can be just as stubborn. I’ve softened a bit if for no other reason than it’s sad and I have reached out via email with quick little blurbs – I am civilized, really I am, but this has set me free actually in more ways than one.

There is hurt in my heart that I could no longer spin stories that would cover up some things. She has had to finally learn.  The only thing that remains the same is that it’s their loss, they have missed out and will continue to miss out on one fabulous person.  She’s done her Father well – how has his family done her? 

I felt good when my daughter told me she found some pictures from early last year and that I’ve slimmed down quite a bit and look good.

Yet, I know I’m going to need to get back on program.  You make a decision to lose weight but sometimes the decision to gain it back is a bit sneakier. I haven’t gained any weight back (I keep putting on and taking off these two pounds) but with every extra spoonful, I can look up and these 12-14 will suddenly be tight.  I won’t let that happen.  I don’t ever think I’ll be skinny unless I have some kinda exercise epiphany, but I can keep this weight off and maybe a few more pounds.

I always find it funny that everyone who knows we are about to be empty nesters (I guess) assign all kinds of crazy freaky stuff to that life for us.  I love it!

When we move, I’m going to ramp up my internet stamp and see about doing some other things.

Being on Facebook can rob you of the ability to blog about random shit because you basically do it all day long anyway, lol So you have to split yourself yet again and save some for blogging.

I remember when music was more important than TV.

I remember when reading was more important than Music.

I remember when humans were more important than all of it.

One of the things that keeps me going is that I truly believe based on the mixture of my day dreams and my reality that I’m one fab person, lol lol  I see this entire existence that may or may not be all factual but it creates the most fab person I can be for me.

I feel a relationship I have is so damn stagnated.  I have no excitement or feeling about it yet I don’t give it up – I just follow the format that’s been established.

High School season has officially kicked off..SIGH.  I do but don’t know why our two digits are so disconnected and I am trying to figure out a way to pull it back together, especially since I have time soon. 





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