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Dumpster Diving for…..Boxes


I’m a nomad of sorts.  I tend to get tired of living in one place and feel the need to move on to someplace new.  That was instilled in me as a child.  I would come home and we would have just…moved.  Even if it was just around the corner, lol  I’ve also lived in NY, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and lots of other places in that part of the world – sometimes for just a couple of weeks.

I moved back to Atlanta around 95 and I actually didn’t do a lot of moving. We moved twice.  Then I met the Mister and we needed more space so we…moved.   Then it came time for HS and that wasn’t happening over there so we …..Moved.  A combo of wrong choice and the school being wack…we moved.  Stand still where we are now.  However, since meeting him six years ago we have moved 4 times!! 

The area we live in now is nice.  It is as close to metropolitan living as I’ve been since moving back. Way too many suburbs and family neighborhoods in this town.  However, at some point you are going to have to PAY for being up the street from bars, restaurants and Starbucks and so HERE WE GO AGAIN!!  With the damn near $200 increase in our rent (hear that – that’s management BUMPING THEIR HEADS) we are going to have to move.

One side of me doesn’t feel like it, but the other side of me is really looking forward to it.  I think we’ve worn out our welcome and I’m ready for some new spirit and some new space.  NONE of my husband’s sides wants to move, lol He LOVES where we live and what we have access to.  I do as well, but I’m poor enough already, I can’t be apt poor as well. Especially with this girl in college, and folks not wanting to get their gamble on – so who is to say she will even have the HOPE till 2016!!!  I gotta pull back.  I want a social life IN the neighborhood, but that’s not gonna happen is I also LIVE there.

I’ve always said that in some weird sorta way the economy dipping affected us all but there’s some kinda silver lining for folks who were broke to begin with – like for instance, the housing market has fucked hella people up BUT somebody like me – a renter – this is like a playground for property!  The other plus is that I am no longer bound to a school district (Yes Lawd) so I have this whole city as my oyster!! 

Now my best friends all live out past the Airport, Past the Equator, Past the moon (sigh) and there is pressure to move out that way and in a post lottery world I would because I’m not trying to work and stuff, BUT that’s not reality, so though it would make life easier – I will just have to continue to suck it up and make the drive because I can’t move way out there.  We work downtown and Lindbergh area.  Our couple social life is out this way. My few ‘we all don’t have any kid” friends live on the end I live; besides malls don’t equate metro to me. 

I am the type of woman who doesn’t mind being among my own people.  I thrive in the say So Dekalb community.  They know me and I know them.  I’m not really trying to learn any new Negroes.  I would prefer to stay where I know the fish, weave, Wal-Mart, oxtails, fruit stands, thrift stores and Popeye’s, or at least where I can get to them in a relative short amount of time. 

The Mister and College Girl have decided they have ‘outgrown’ the sights and sounds of the hood and are whining and crying about the places I am choosing to look.  Here’s my thing – when you met me I was over there doing just fine. Every home we’ve lived in I have chosen and it hasn’t been bad.  Pack yo shit and come the hell on!  I know times have changed for the worse in some areas, but I’m really not looking in bad areas.  Now on the flip side of that – yes I am willing to stay in a tighter abode (square feet wise) in a swanky neighborhood – my only caveat is: I don’t want to live in an apartment anymore.  I live in a DUNGEON!!  There is no sunlight and I can’t BBQ and I HATE the carpet!!  In this market I can get an entire house with like 3 bedrooms for 3-4 HUNDRED less than what I’m paying for my severe Vitamin D Deficiency.  So I’m looking for a house with hard wood floors, a 2/1 or 3/2.  I’ve seen plenty!!  I went into one the other day that was a 4/2 all hardwoods!!  $750/month!!!!!  I should go over there and squat, lol lol 

So – over the next week, the first phase will begin and that’s packing up College Girl.  We are breaking down her room and packing up for college as well as moving. Then I can begin to PURGE and just pack stuff and put it in that room as to not crowd the rest of the place.  Around the end of August we will begin looking for a new abode.


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