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You Got Me Going In Circles…

Every Friday reminds of what a huge fucking financial failure I am.

How difficult is it to know that the pink elephant in the room has pulled up a chair and is playing spades with everyone, and yet folks are acting as if they don’t see him.

It just dawned on me that I’ve had much better success pulling dudes off dating sites than meeting folks off Facebook.

I’ve got to stop beating myself up about this stuff.

I wrote a piece awhile ago about being addicted to being broke – I’ve moved to junkie mode, I don’t like the track marks.

The downside of good blood sugar numbers is lack of thirst – I need to force myself to drink more, I feel dehydrated.

Moving forward, I will keep some stuff private, not because of others but because of me.  I have quite a book of stories – and I’m trying to write a new book someone would be interested in, so I need to stop reading chapters to my friends out of the current book – hell even I get tired of repeats.

There IS a difference between men and women and how we digest and process things – I’m not sure I want to be saddled with the way women do it the rest of my life.

I can’t figure out for the life of me why Twitter and I clash so bad.  I just can’t get the hang of it,

Instagram however is an attention whores dream.  Especially celebrities – I feel kinda bad that folks comment heavily on all of their pictures and they don’t respond, some of them ever.

Watching Chicagolicious and while watching one of the characters struggle with ‘coming out’ to their parents, it made me think about the concept of ‘fearing your parents’.  I am not against demanding respect and aligning yourself as a person to be feared in the role of a parent, I wish more parents would begin to do that, but it should not go so far as to cripple the child from developing into whomever they are.  On some level, I feel like that about growing up.

At times, I wish I could take every one of those sappy ass saying folks insist on posting all the time (posting sometimes as relevant is fine but I’ve blocked a couple of folks who just come online and start forwarding that stuff) and giving an alternate response.

Please believe going from 80 hours every two weeks to 30 will impact your household.

I decided not to go because we aren’t friends like that.  I’m always driving the car and though the other person won’t run me over, they might not stop if I’m stuck on the side of the road.

Sometimes when I think about winning the lottery, I get a headache due to the complexities of what would have to go down.

I think I’ll actually try to decorate this time around.

I can’t wait to get my CD’s out of storage.

Three of the best decisions I’ve ever made are:  having my daughter, moving to Atlanta and responding to my now husbands Black Planet ad.

One of the hardest things relating with and to a man IS knowing when to get in your lane and knowing when to stay in your lane – even the best of us have to sometimes really and actively make sure we keep our mouth shut.

My mother consistently calls me mean and I’ll go so far as to say others identify me as such, interesting.  I’ve always felt that I come into some situations already backed into a corner – so I come in prepared to fight.

Watching Janet on that news conference the other day, I saw myself, her whole face and body language.  I bet if we sat down and compared notes – we’d be scarily alike as to how we process shit.

I wish we were evenly yoked as financial wizards, lol

I wish a whole heap of shit!!


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2 responses to “You Got Me Going In Circles…

  1. Monica C.

    The biggest financial turnaround for me came when I finally sat down and did a budget. I had not realized that we were spending more every month than we were making!! I made a huge cut in one of our major expenses and that helped a lot! Once we had everything on paper, then we had something to adhere to. Finally, also important was designating something monthly for personal spending, no matter how small. That’s important because even if you’re cuttiing back on a lot, you at least still have a little “me” money to do whatever you want with it. Try Dave Orman’s website; it has a lot of useful information in there. Good luck; I know how hard it is!

    • Stormeka

      Yes I can’t have this happen ever again. once I drop this girl off at the dorms – we have got to change some things 🙂 Oh and I meant to tell you Monica – thanks for all your advice concerning College! We are only coming $467 out of pocket for this semester and I know you have been telling me to get that money 🙂

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