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2300 Jackson Street

Rebbie, Jackie, Jermaine, Tito Latoya, Marlon, MIchael, Randy, and Janet – collectively known as the Jacksons – privately known as my ‘real’ family and now art sure is imitating life, lol lol  For the last nine or ten days, the Jacksons have been embroiled in what can only be called a webisode reality series. 

It sorta random tweet from Michael Jacksons daughter Paris, indicating that her Grandmom was missing.  Um, DON’T NOBODY MESS WITH MS KATHERINE!!  It took off like a firecracker and as I sit here today, and at the time of this blog writing.

  • Ms. Katherine is Home
  • Ms. Katherine said she went on vacation and cut her phone off, she wasn’t kidnapped
  • Ms. Katherine lost guardianship (temporarily) of Prince, Paris and Blanket (Prince II)
  • TJ, Tito’s son has guardianship
  • Prince has tweeted that it’s all S-H-A-D-Y and that his Father always told him about folks

There has been a lot of other stuff going on but this is the most recent. 

 After hearing Katherine speak, I have come away with some thoughts.  This in no way is an attempt to explain this stuff esp. since I’m sitting here in Atlanta and it’s popping off like it is, but hell, being from a big family, I can see into these types of things. I’m going to do this bullet style to make it easier to capture my thoughts.

  • Prior to Michael Jackson passing, he raised his children out of the spotlight and that included for the most part his siblings.  It ‘seems’ that his mother, who he adored, had contact and relationship with his children.
  • For I know over a decade, the Jackson siblings themselves have been off doing their own thing and though they might gather at the ‘required’ moments as a whole, they were not very intertwined in each other’s lives.  Yet they all had a connection to their mother.  Janet herself said that she hadn’t spoken to her Brother Michael in at least a year!  Jermaine’s book also made it seem like he didn’t talk to him like that either.  They were a family in name only…
  • This means the cousins really didn’t know each other and I can almost promise that they didn’t know Michael’s children like that. 
  • At the passing of Michael Jackson, as it should have been, everyone pushed through whatever and closed the wagons up to grieve as a cohesive unit.
  • It was revealed that Michael Jackson left the custody of his children to his mother, and in the event of her death or inability to care for them, Diana Ross.
  • The children were thrust into a WHOLE NEW WORLD. First of all, the world of the Jacksons themselves, and let’s keep it real – they had to make a whole slew of adjustments and that includes but not limited to:  cultural (um Mike didn’t keep but so many negroes on deck), the public, their own family etc. all in the middle of grieving for their father. They themselves came from an alternate universe of masks, neurosis, celebrity and opulence.

Let’s fast forward a bit:

  • Time has passed and since the coming together of the family was based on incident and not personal desire, things have gone back to the way they were prior and the dysfunction that has long been in place is back in effect.
  • Katherine Jackson is now 82 years old.  Sure she raised children….in the 50’s-70’s.  Even when she moved to California, basically she raised Janet and Randy by Hollywood standards. Being a guardian full time is a whole different ball game, and at her age, this is not as easy as it used to be.
  • The Jacksons have, in my opinion, always had way to many people in their business.  Instead of them reaching OUT for a team, it seems that there is always someone reaching IN and placing themselves in some position and since there is no real family cohesiveness, this is a whole lotta people.

So now here we are with this mess:

  • The Jacksons are reactionary when it comes to family issues.  Because they are splintered, there is never a concise stream of information – the only real link they have is their Mother (we will leave Joe out of this) and therefore she is the jump off point for when they do feel like it’s time to ‘be a family’.
  • Katherine Jacksons home has become a big playground for her Grand Children, they come there because, despite the overall dysfunction, Katherine Jackson has never turned her back on her faith or her Gary Indiana roots and they find a bit of peace there.
  • However, in my opinion, they have been running game and ramshod all over her.  She is not and could not be prepared for what kids have available to them, all this new technology etc. and in her innocent ways, I’m sure she was thinking that this transition was going to be a lot easier.
  • I don’t’ think NOT ONE OF THEM, really understood the world of Michael Jackson and the impact his death would have on the flipping world.  I mean you know, he was their brother blah blah blah and I’m sure there was some side eye and hate over the years – impossible that it wouldn’t be, but when he passed and the world stopped spinning and then to find out he excluded his siblings – that put a lot of pressure on their Mother.  I’m feel he did that because of the bullshit – by giving her money, he knew she would adjust her will to include them – eventually they would get it but I be damn if it came from him.
  • It must be VERY hard to believe that he left them out, the thought that the concept of ‘family’, despite all that probably went down over the year, would trump all in the end, is a HARD PILL TO SWALLOW, which is why they keep looking like deer in headlights and trying to file papers – “He couldn’t have left us out…we…family”
  • So while on some level this is about money – this is also about 9 people who grew up and decided for whatever reason that the bond of youth was flawed and they all went off to…..figure it all out.
  • Yet somebody got wind that Katherine was tired and the rigors of the kids was wearing her out and OVERREACTED, because NOBODY MESSES WITH KATHERINE including the Grandkids and this spiraled into texts and half ass information that somehow ended up pitting Katherine’s children against her Grandchildren.  “OH ya’ll not gonna run my damn momma crazy – yo daddy has already pissed us the hell off, now this” (I say this because her house is FULL of grandkids Hell Jermaine needs to come GET HIS, but for some reason this is about Michael’s kids. So headed up by the most emotional of the bunch, they whisked Katherine away to get her some rest. 
  • Meanwhile and in between time, nobody expected Paris to pop off. See, that would run me crazy! And so they tried to go and get the kids, probably to put they foot in their ass.  “Um this ain’t Neverland, we from Indiana and you’s nigra and THIS RIGHT HERE AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. YA’LL NEED YAH ASS WHOOPED” and that went terribly wrong!!  So here we are where we are.

In the children’s defense, if I woke up one day and figured out that my daddy was Michael Jackson and then put two and two together as I also saw the world STOP. I WOULD BE CUTTING A PLUM DAMN FOOL! You hear me!  I’d be just smacking bitches and walking through stores turning over shit and feeling myself – at least for a little while – so they need that time to get that off.

Here’s the thing – until the Jacksons fix the foundation, and until the siblings figure out how to get back to some sort of cohesive bond, one they make up, one they have seen or one they might remember – this is NOT going to be an easy road.  There is nothing they can all go back to that makes the playing field even. Therefore, they naturally split into sub-cultures of their family.  Coming together only when it is absolutely necessary and that usually involves…death.  We won’t even see the entire Jackson clan together until Ms. Katherine passes and then there’s going to be all this falling out, emoting and acting a damn fool, why? Because at least they could stand up under her umbrella and pretend, when it’s closed…there’s nothing but the harsh sunlight and there’s no amount of sunblock that will protect them from that burn.  Believe me, I know.


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  1. alyssa ⋅

    Good read. I can now say that I am a helluva lfot more in the
    “Jackson Family” know then I have ever been. Thank you

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