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The Deluxe Apartment In The Sky

I wonder if I can use Honky today and blame it on my grief of Sherman Hemsley passing?

I am gonna be there the first day to see “Sparkle” but why do I feel like the music is gonna be horrible?

I can’t do anything but shake my head at a Facebook falling out that I was not even aware happened. 

Wondering about why with all this technology we have at our fingertips, we are barely speaking to one another.

The only way I’ll lose anymore weight is to get up off my ass and exercise – I have hit my diet alone ceiling.

See I can remove bad vibes out of my life.

I never contemplated that age 46 and not 45 would be the difficult year. If I make it through this steady stream of bull shit – hell I’m ready to go.

I need to find me some avenue I would enjoy giving back in, all of a sudden, I feel like I need to do something because my soul is getting muddied.

“Sorry I’m just not into religion” – hard but real statement I had to tell College Girl.

The conversation about sex and boys was a breeze, the most difficult convo I’ve had thus far has been about the ‘ways of women’ cause we can be a trip.

Still mad I’ve had to just say to her “look I tried but I’m sorry that your family tree is like an old rotted willow off Delowe or something.  You are going to have to just learn how to maneuver yourself through the rotten, broken, water and sun sapping branches and stand sturdily on the branches that hold it all together”

We had a good 15-20 minute laugh together last evening at the whole comical nature of it.  Funny how they send folks out to test the water.

I intend to purge this time, more than before. Time for some new stuff.

I think it’s true, sometimes your hair represents something. Cutting mine has turned me on to something all kinds of ways sexy all up in here.

This ain’t nothing but another example of how we are no different than anyone else?  Don’t believe me, ask the Jacksons.

Yea i’ve done to much on her behalf, but this has been a great summer project!  I’m not showing up to class -so give me this time.

I think I might actually decorate this time around.

I watched exactly 15 minutes of “Mama Drama’ and deleted it and refuse to ever set my eyes on it again.  Yea I have my limits too.

I have slid through the entire summer with the help of television.  I’ve never been this addicted and I feel slightly ashamed, but I am not giving it up.

Wondering what my new hobbies will be?

Contemplating a second job.


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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