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30 Books in 90 Days Challenge – BOOK 5

Book 5

Whitney Houston!


Grade: C


Well as we all know, books are forthcoming from not only whitney’s mom, but BeBE Winans and probably a whole heap of other folks.  I saw this on the shelves and decided that outside of maybe BeBe’s book, this would be the only Whitney Book I read. 

Mark Bego is a professional writer and from the looks of it googler.  The best thing I got from the book was her musical history because I hadn’t actually known about her entire catalogue of work.  It gave great lengthy backgrounds on Cissy and Dionne and the first few chapters really laid a nice ground work for where Whitney came from and how it was just destined, then like the woman herself, the book started to take a slide.

Most of the things he wrote used The National Enquirer, Star and other gossip rags as reference and though I say there is always some truth to what the rags say, it just made the book look cheap. As well as, the author had an opinion and kept adding it to the mix.  He set the entire book up as if her life mess ups were totally Bobby’s fault and at any time would say so. 

Finally, at the end where you thought that maybe he would have some new information etc. on her passing, he didn’t and it seemed rushed and incomplete, with a whole bunch of quotes from celebrities etc.  I came away feeling I needed Randy Tamborelli to write a book about her.


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