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Can You Feel It?! – Introduction

Destiny, Triumph, Victory – no those are not (well they might be) gospel songs (lol), they are three of the most important entertainment events, I have ever attended. These are the three most popular Jackson concerts.  I went to Destiny and triumph here in Atlanta and I went to Victory in Philadelphia. 

I don’t remember much about the Destiny tour, it’s all a blur, even though I have my ticket stub and program.  The Triumph tour I remember because I wore a pair of jeans and a Baseball Sasson shirt that was yellow and white and I remember fainting and people pulling me up off the ground, lol I have that stub and program as well.

Now the Triumph tour I remember a bit more because it was the year I graduated HS, it was that winter in Philadelphia at the biggest outdoor arena they had at the time.  It was sooo cold that they actually cancelled the show.  I was devasated, but refused to turn my ticket in.  They ended up rescheduling it, and I went with a family friend.  The part I remember the most? There was now on the ground, and I went into the arena in a tank top, shirt, sweatshirt, coat, hat and gloves along with two pairs of socks, I came OUT the concert in the tank top, ROTFL.  I had to take it off baby!!

I never had the chance to see Michael in concert. Whenever he was in the States, it always sold out faster than I could get in line and there was a period through the 90’s where I had fallen astray and was exploring other music and people (GASP). 

Fast forward to 2009 and the hope that the “This Is It” tour would maybe come to the States, I thought this would be my chance and then June 25, 2009 changed that forever……..

I can’t remember where I was when the announcement dropped that Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon had reunited and were going out on the “Unity Tour” to celebrate their Brother and their own legacy.  I do know when I heard it, my heart started beating fast and there were no QUALMS or MISGIVINGS about whether or not I was going!!  I was there!

Though it would be 3 months, until the show actually came to pass, the second I clicked PURCHASE on the Live Nation site – I started feeling that feeling….I was going to see THE JACKSONS!!

To Be Continued….


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