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30 Books in 90 Days Challenge – Intro & First 4

I’m always taking up some challenge, but this time I’d like to actually complete this one, seeing as Reality Television is slowly sucking all the sense out of my head, lol  The goal is to read 30 books in 90 days.  I started June 27th, which means I’ll be ending September 27th.  I can do this!  My own personal mini-goal is to break out of the Black Authors/Black Folks/Black Folk Issues – so at least 10 of these books need to be ‘mainstream’ in some form or fashion.  Here are the first 4 I’ve read and I’ll post, following this format as I read more.  These will all be housed under “The Book Shelf” Category.


How to Survive Your Freshman Year

Medium:  Paperback

Grade: A+

Thoughts:  This book REALLY helped me and College Girl. Written with brutal candor by actual former freshman – it covers just about every topic you could ever encounter. Some of it is hilarious.  I highly recommend it.


Love Insha’Allah – The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

Medium:  Kindle

Grade: A-

Thoughts:  What an interesting book, written by all kinds of Muslim women all colors, ethnic backgrounds, orientation – the book explores the search for and experience of love Muslim Style.  I was drawn to it for several reasons and I saw myself and some of my struggles and I saw hope for my daughter. The stories keep you rivited and you came away with an understanding of how we are much more alike than we care to admit.  I was contemplating suggesting College Girl read it.  The minus was more for I wish there were just a few more stories of American ‘reverts’ in the book. 



Medium:  Paperback (borrowed from a friend)

Grade: A+++++++

Thoughts:  OMG I have an APB out on Brandon!! This is book 2 in what should be a 3 arch storyline about Tamia, Fiona, Brandon, Cynthia and Dominic (book One is called Exposed).  Written by Naomi Chase (who happens to be the alter ego of my favorite author) – it follows their story of deceit, blackmail, secrets etc.  and it has some HOT sex.  Honeyyy – the thing though that makes this book readable is that the story is SHARP, the writing excelelnt and the story line itself actually believable.  It’s NOT an Urban Novel. 


Transitions of The Heart – Stories of love, struggle and acceptance by mothers of transgender and gender variant children

Medium: Paperback (Dekalb Library Check Out)

Grade: A+

Thoughts: Though I am not the parent of a transgender or LGBT Child – I am the mother of a child who has chosen ‘not the norm’ among American Standards and thus it has been a ‘change’.  This book has really been like this virtual support group and as each mother expressed themselves, I could see a bit of myself, others and what not.  As a mom, anything your child does that might draw attention, be met with opposition, expose them to hatred and change the way you and your family might interact with them causes you to go through experiences, especially if you are trying to rise above it all and embrace your child and their decisions/choices etc.


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