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Collage of Thoughts

There is always something so refreshing with sitting around in your underwear.

I won’t be accepting any more friendships on Instagram from folks I know on my other Social Media sites. Why do we just keep following each other around, lol  I want that timeline to be different.

I feel like reading several volumes of erotica.

I am such a financial failure and I stay upset about this fact

I wish Mariah Carey would make a new CD – she’s my blog muse and she’s left me hanging having ‘dem babies’.

I just realized that I really haven’t given a damn about decorating etc. for the most part since I got married, I’ve just been living in the space – but when we move, I want to update some stuff and what not.

I wish I had a little mirror where I could look in and relive good times with my friends whenever I want to.

Might as well go for it – try and see what happens.

46 years old is going to feel funny because I’m going to be tipped over towards the 50 mark.

I’m getting ‘bored’ dieting.  Glad I took the break so now it holds refreshing interest to me again.

I soo want to go thrift store hopping and flush out my summer clothes

I throw out all my white shirts at the end of each summer and buy crisp new ones the next summer.  Currently I have no white shirts.

I’ve been on my meds consistently for three months now.

Since therapy my mind is a whole lot clearer.

RG working nights causes me great pain.  I miss him terribly.

I need to go sign up for my yoga classes

Why exactly is the sun so fucking HOT right now?  I feel like I’m going to burst into flames.  Is it because I’m older?  Is the ozone layer just gone?  WTF?!  Somebody call Al Gore!!

I never thought I’d have the kind of sister/girl relationships that I have.  Sometimes I get frightened that it will disappear.

I feel like stepping out of my box, but I don’t what.

I am going to have to turn down ALOT this summer – I just can’t afford it.

That’s what I get for using a dye called KISS.

Secretly, I’ve been biting my nails – it just offers comfort.

My new favorite plastic to chew (a bad habit) are the needle covers for my insulin…….

I feel like such an exercise failure – I have to just admit that I’m fucking lazy and I know in my heart that my lame ass excuses are being met with a mental ‘you are just lazy Pam’

You know I still have much love for that man (boy) – yet I can’t subject myself to that again, unless I am sure there will be some payoff.

I see something good around the corner – I can just feel it.

I think I am going to read the Qu’ran.  I said I wanted to ‘know’ God and I don’t feel He’s in the Student Enrollment – so let me read the book and see if He speaks to me there.

I’m not understanding why we haven’t won the lottery yet.

My child has graduated High School and is headed to college.



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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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