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Jump Starting the Art

So, I said I was going to restart blogging and yet I have only posted twice since April 1st.  I would like to write but I can’t seem to find the words.  When I find the words, I just don’t have the kinda time.  I can also admit that as a person who enjoys READERS, I have not taken the time to get involved in the circles of personal bloggers that will afford me readers in return. Google Reader spoiled that for me. I can read, but it doesn’t lend itself to interacting with the blog author.  As much as I am a Facebook girl and attention whoring is a trait I enjoy, I walk a fine line and blog advertising sits kinda funny with me.  I’d like to feel like my writings draw people on their own merit, as if someone is on the net, comes across my writing and is blown away.  That’s how I’ve found some of the good stuff I read on a daily.  Oh well…I will do this challenge I found over at Fitness, Finance and Fun and get some writing off my chest.

I think I also really need to begin journaling again.  


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “Jump Starting the Art

  1. Jaila ⋅

    As I read that I thought wow, most of this could have easily come from me. We are in the same space. I’m subscribing. 🙂

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