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The Skyline Needs to Stay the Same


This picture above ranks as one of the most important trilogies in my life. It is VERY special and I am IN LOVE with the entire scope of the relationships. As 2011 expired, I have watched one of my friends get a new passion in her life…ZUMBA. She is certified, trained and up to her drop it like it’s hot in it. The other one just works on doing better. Recently I was browsing pictures while developing our 2012 Calendar and realized that we took the perfect pictures. We all just fit, then I started to think “If they start to lose weight or change body or whatever – it might make our pictures not be in sync” One of my ‘secret’ issues is that in this trio I am the biggest both in height and weight. In horror I began to think that I need to get on the band wagon because I be damned if I am in the picture looking like NeNe towering over everyone!!!! Yea that was my real thought.

Anyone who knows me knows that part of my ‘hold on to it” is that I don’t like being told what to do as if I’m stupid. So I will postpone making moves on purpose till I DECIDE that I want to do it. Sometimes it takes some odd stuff that will motivate me and the thought of our pictures being off was the thing!! So here I am on week two of Weight Watchers. I chose it because it is easy to do, meets my requirements of not being restrictive and it’s kinda fun keeping up with the points etc. and I always need a project – add spread sheets and I’m that much better.

I set a goal I thought was reasonable, I set a timeline I thought made sense (by my birthday) I also had to factor in that I was weaning myself (again) off the juice and soda and I needed to keep the carbs in check for the diabetes and I’m on my way.

First week, of course, was the cleansing and adjusting period and I felt like a raging bull. Portion control I realized early on I really wasn’t paying attention to so going down to 1/2 a cup of anything was about to get someone cussed out, lol but I made it and had some fun with it as well. I am DETERMINED to eat across the entire spectrum – Weight Watchers allows this and it makes perfect sense. I’m not eating rice cakes and the smoke from butter – that’s cool if it works for you, but it won’t work for me.

I was excited but not overly at the 4.5 pounds lost the first week – I just said ‘hmm didn’t know I was carrying that much water around” I’ve been down this road – I am familiar with some of the stops. I started hinting around on the Book a bit about what I was eating etc. while I contemplated just coming out and saying it because as we all know – Dieting has more issues than just about anything. There’s always someone who knows better, is doing better, can’t understand and just feels the need to judge. However, sometimes for me, it helps to say it aloud and claim it – even if you don’t succeed at least you put it out there. I also am one that has a certain bit of transparcy. I talk about my life a lot. I like to share the journey with others and maybe this might help someone. So I said it aloud and let the circus tents inflate.

I have been thinking about something to blog about, because contrary to what I just said, I was tired of just talking about my day to day life. Facebooking took the thrill out of that for blogging. I needed subjects. I was thinking of doing more videos. I don’t want to not blog but I do want it to have some substance. So this journey here has made me come back to the blog. Aren’t you glad, lol

So let’s lay out what this here is gonna be – this is going to be JANKY. Let me repeat that JANKY!1 I am NOT taking this seriously. I am currently NOT having any self esteem issues NOR am I being emotionally manipulated or abused in any way about the way I look at the weight I am. This frees me up a lot. it also allows me to have some fun with it and see if I can lose weight on my terms. I should do better and that’s what I’m trying – this also allows me to talk candidly about the mistakes. I will post a picture of me eating a big mac at midnite!!

Let’s also get this out of the way: FOLKS AND THEIR EATING IS PERSONAL!!! THEREFORE I’M SENSITIVE ABOUT MY SHIT!!! We all have a different journey, reasons, secrets, issues, etc. etc. blah blah blah. No one has the right to decide for someone else how they are doing with this. If I say I have eaten something I KNOW and I am conscious that I have eaten it. The you should have had or you could have had might not go over well with me, lol I like/love information presented for me to review and pull what I need to know – anything that remotely seems chastising or any of that – might also tick me off. It really is one of those situations where it’s ok to sit in front of your screen and just talk about me, lol lol I’m using this forum to talk OUT and trade ideas sure but I’m not judging you so please don’t judge me or decide my journey is not the right way. It is for me and if I decide it’s not then I will make the change and like most negroes, I might use something you said and act like I made it up, lol lol lol

Not sure how long I’ll discuss what’s happening in that area but I will try to make it fun..I promise.


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