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Eggnog and Fruit Cake Ramblings…

Um how many days before Walking Dead comes back?  I’m having issues that it isn’t on.  Over this break I am going to go on the site and see what else I can watch to hold me over.  They have web episodes I heard.

You know I recently got something that I had been saying to myself ever so often that I needed.  It was like a lone shoe left on the closet floor that was preventing the door from closing.  Well now that I have it, it didn’t feel like I thought it would and it wasn’t blocking anything that is going on in my life.  Interesting how that works.

Ya’ll know me, my relationship with God is strong, the concept of organized Religion doesn’t really do it for me.  However, one of the reasons I hold on is because out of everything I’ve heard and seen this one thing right here “The White Man is the Devil”  rings truer than ever and always proves itself to be true. 

Speaking of, how could Whitney Houston’s “Joy to the world” Not be included in giving praise to God.  Good grief! 

All the swirl of emotions as the teenager gets her first acceptance letter to college.  I keep trying to first of all beat down the lingering feelings of how my own experience went – it’s over and I’ve most certainly corrected that, but it still lingers – so I go extra to make sure she’s secure in the knowledge that I am a proponent of College, I am working to make sure she goes and that it is an exciting process.  Yet I keep seeing myself driving away as she steps out here in the world and I just wanna pick up that chubby black eyed baby and hold her close…except she keeps sliding out my arms cause she’s 5’2…..

That moment when you act like you didn’t diss someone and think folks don’t remember.

Sometimes the gap is to large to bridge.  Just keep on keeping on – what fell through fell through for a reason.

I feel like I’m ending 2011 with one great colon cleansing!!  Stuff is just falling out the ass of life and leaving it all fresh and clean!

I’ve come to understand that the marital bed is almost like a confessional booth at a nudist camp.  You can be as open and loose as you want.  RG and I have started really spending quality time there.

My lottery fantasies are the best ever and a great stress reliever .

Ever know that you need to leave someone alone, but you are drawn to the fascination of it all?

I’ve worn my hair straight for about two weeks. The weather made some decisions for me and thus I’ll be going back curly.  I want a protective style but I’m not sure what – there are so many choices.  I keep feeling like I want braids. I haven’t had them in soooo long and with my hair not being that long – I think I won’t freak out when it’s time to take them out.

Straightened, my hair does not look like it’s grown at all, my natural pattern looks way bigger.  I’m concerned about that.

I want to start thinking about where we will be traveling next year.

Can I buy one thing for the teenager to take to college?  I’m excited!

I see a difficult conversation looming and I might want to get it out of the way in 2011 so whatever will be will be in 2012

It’s been over a decade and I’m excited to do it.  At first I was gonna be an abridged version of myself, but then I was like huh what no way.

This family bout to get checked out from the rooter to the tooter, we falling apart.

Bitch ass….just because.

I’m excited about 2012 but I’m very proud of 2011, very. 

There are some folks I need to hear their voices before the year ends – I need to make that happen.

I am real happy that I have seen way more ‘work it out’s” on Facebook this year than break ups. I have quite a positive timeline in my world and that is quite special. 

I had to give my face a breather – so I cut out foundation for a minute. For some reason I was breaking out.   I’m going to clean my brushes and start the new year off with a new eye color or two.

The MWC needs to start off big in 2012!!!  I sure hope we travel.

Wow 5 years coming up.  I feel like we’ve been together since High School, lol lol

I’m not making any resolutions, I wanna live in the moment by the seat of my pants.

I was just telling RG that I talk a lot about alcohol, but in reality I hardly drink, lol I’ve had liquor in here for years. I will drink while I’m out but even then I don’t go overboard. 

I can make a whole heap of stuff sound way more exciting than it is.  Please believe that I am not that crunk, I know how to put the plan in motion and I know how to ask if I can’t figure it out.

I am determined to get my creativity back up to par.  It has left the building and I have all these ideas.

I am going to explore video more this year as well.  Do some quarterly pod casts or something.  The first one – I show with RG and I on our anniversary.

I will hit the lottery and then it will get REAL INTERESTING!

I am going to cook more outside the box – The Food Network has me inspired.

Have I just been making resolutions?!



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