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Megabus Size Musings

I have not watched one episode of “Reed Between The Lines” – I really just want a show called “Malcolm Jamal Warner Stands Here” you know he just stands and poses in various places around the world so I can look at him.

To be stuck in “Old Black TV Comedy” Hell is just that Hell. However, the modern stuff just does not do it for me. Um ok, what new stuff, lol lol The Game better come back strong.

I feel the divide between folks and their moral foundations are getting wider and wider – there is a great chasm in the middle now – I wonder at what point will that chasm catch on fire? I wonder who is going to fall into that Chasm…. of….. fire?

I was going to write a whole blog about this, but it really doesn’t need it. The hardest part of living life is the non-acknowledgement of other people’s assumptions about said living of life. I am a person who has a whole heap of assumption geared towards me. Some of it, I have certainly assisted in, but a whole lot of it is the personal mathematical assumption that because of 1, I must be B. Because I chose to spend my money this way – I must be that way. Because I don’t really feel it like you do – then I must be this way. I think what I pull away from it, is how I have practiced and still practice it in some form or fashion myself. I read..a lot, so I don’t necessarily believe in reading a book by it’s cover – I like to dig in and see what’s really going on. I will and am working diligently on not assuming things about people. I will give you a full chance to distance yourself from my assumption – I will. I am really trying to see what’s in your pages, because I want that for me.

I am lining up all kinds of things to accomplish in December – I need to get energized.

I am giving the teenager a bit of the side eye and have had to check that mouth a few times. SIGH Why would you get 18 and start flexing..about being 18 and how the world is not recognizing that. Gurl go play the lottery, vote and sit down somewhere. That’s about what you get at 18.

I am feeling wayy some kinda way about not seeing my best friend in awhile. I need a moment of “you and me will never part” like yesterday!

I haven’t had a moment of being worn out sexually in a while – I need to fix that.

I need a job at the airlines so I can fly – bet I get one and they cancel that perk, lol lol

Everything I do now, I rush forward in my mind a year – as a moment when the teenager may or may not be here.

So for what 30 plus years if not even more – there has been no relationship, other than a few gifts, and no encouragement to have a relationship because they were not lined up in the ‘light’ and now because they have lined up in the ‘light’ to the satisfaction of the keeper of the light – there is this push to establish these close ties with a swoosh of self absolving and attitude to make it all look glittery. Um it doesn’t work that way. I’m not feeling it, when I look at my dance card – it’s full of folks crumping to the left and the right that I need to go dance with – It’s all cool, I know who they are, I’m glad that we know who they are and where they are and what not – but I’m just not motivated to sit in that doll house at this moment. If I were going to sit anywhere – it would be in the house of my Father and try to figure out what mantle my picture goes on.

Sometimes you have to just turn and walk away.


You know how people have their own unique smells and people of different cultures have them as well (stop acting like you don’t notice it) I wonder how we, African Americans, smell to other cultures? A lot of times folks smell like their foods, their habits etc. so do we smell like chicken, relaxer and New Ports? We can’t smell it because we carry it – but I’d be interested to know.

This might not sound right, but people watching in the park really made me take notice that we as a people when we are among other people, sometimes look, quite frankly, crazy. The way we dress, the way we are doing our hair, I don’t know – I feel like we look to some foreigners the way we look at them and say like for instance, they don’t go for matching sometimes – they go for top and bottom. that look we give them – is the look they giving us.

Family ties and Familial Ties are two separate things. You can have the familial ties without the feeling of family.

There used to be this function on Facebook where you could reply to statuses anonomously – GLAD THAT GOT CANCELLED!! yet I wish it were still around.

I’d like to empty my whole place and just start over – 2012 I think I’m going to start getting my place together – new curtains anyone?

I just had a very big cerebral moment at lunch today to my boss about my desire to become solid and cordial with my blood brother and sister. I need to figure out how to blog that.


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