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Vacay Adventure Day Five

Um, I am going to stop the ticker at $35.00 and use the GARMIN in the Cab! – It’s 5:30 in the morning lady – I CAN’T!!!

You know I wish I could tell you about the MEGABUS, but considering I was only on one for 2 hours, I really can’t say one way or the other.  Going to Orlando, the bus broke at the stop and we took a regular charter bus down – so no outlets and no wi-fi.  We actually got on the bus going home but it broke down in Jacksonville and after an hour and a half wait, we came on home on a chartered bus.  Now while we were on the Megabus, the wi-fi  didn’t work and the driver was a bit corny.

The ride was uneventful, I hated all that sleeping I was doing, but I guess I needed it.  All the great stops on the way home and the break stop is at this rinky Love Truck stop with a Hardy’s.  Not good for breakfast, but the Angus burger I have to admit was good.

Overall, the bus ride as a means to get to Florida, I give it a C.  RG gives it a D and The Teenager who rode down and back with no seat mate gives it a B, lol  RG could not get over not being in control, the seats were a bit tight and he was just mad we never got to really ride a megabus.  We both agreed that we missed the intimacy of riding in our own car, having our own conversation and in charge of our surroundings.

The group coming back with us GOT ON MY DAMN NERVES!!!!  This broad was so intense. If I heard her say one more time, she had diabetes and had to have sugar (huh) only to get off the bus and immediately start smoking a cigarette. OKAY!!!  Then she spent the last two hours of the trip talking to some negro named Darryl about herself and her life.  She zapped every bit of strength from me.  EVERY BIT OF IT!!!!  I had identified her as the one who was going to get on my nerves from the jump and I was correct.  Not to mention she kept trying to give RG the googly eyes.

Budget wise –  I came in about $65 over, but I totally was about to lose it when I couldn’t find the FIVE DAY IN THE GARAGE parking ticket.  Luckily, I found it in my suitcase cause I was about to freak out.  We dove off that bus, and headed to get the birds and walk in our own home!!!!

Lodging wise – I intend to write a Trip Advisor on the hotel.  I read all these reviews and come away saying if you want it like that pack our house up, put it on top of the car, plane, train, bus and sit it down at your destination – it’s a hotel. Yea some are bad – but I guess my standard for bad is a lot lower I suppose, especially in towns like this. I never did understand the resorts, because I’d have to stay like an additional week to enjoy those as well.  I give the Days Inn Convention Center a B.  Outside of the one day they didn’t clean our room, it was cool – working fridge and microwave, extra small bathroom, really comfortable pillows, really and they left us alone. No resorts fees and no holds on your credit card.  Works for me.

Before I go, can we talk about food – I have eaten good!  I don’t like going on vacation and eating crappy, that’s part of the vacay.  I’ve enjoyed Sizzler (Lord how I miss them here in ATL) I’ve eaten Red Lobster and burned the entire top of my damn mouth with a mushroom, Experienced Hardy’s and had to retract my statement about McDonald’s on Thanksgiving, cause they have given me joy being right across the street from the hotel.  I also had some GOOD Sangria from Don Pablo’s.  I also have found it here on Cobb Parkway.


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One response to “Vacay Adventure Day Five

  1. Monica C.

    LOVE your family vacation – you guys made some serious memories!!!

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