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Vacay Adventure – Day Three


It WAS a good idea to catch a $17 cab to Universal Studios because by 10:30am we had ridden The Mummy twice, The Simpsons and Men In black, the most popular rides at Universal.  The free shuttle didn’t even get to the hotel until 10:30 and then it took almost an hour to reach the park!  Good move RG and Teenager.

We had not been to Universal since 1999. It seemed new, surprisingly a lot of it was new.  The weather was perfect!  The atmosphere was perfect.  Universal is organized by movie capitals of the United States.  There’s Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, World Expo and Production Central.  I could spend all day on the wonderful classic streets of New York from years gone by.  The sights, smells etc.  Nathan carts with giant hotdogs, the steps of the downtown Library, subway entrances, just fabulous.  We went there so I could just walk around several times.

The park was not crowded at all and the longest we had to wait on a ride even at peak time was 30 minutes which didn’t feel like a long time.  Most rides you were on in 10-15 minutes.  However, please note this is NOT Islands of Adventures a whole different kinda park that draws bigger crowds.

I made a note to myself as I walked past a giant mirror that this was the thinnest I had ever come to Orlando looking.  Yea baby!  I also made note and mentioned to RG that this was part of my ‘notes for the man for me”  I wanted to take vacations; family, couple, friend – I wanted to have that life and I am so happy and blessed to say that in the six years we have been together, we’ve done all three – every year in some form or fashion.  Are we going to Europe?  NO are we even going more than a nice car ride away, not yet but we travel.  My wish was fulfilled.

We took our time too.  Usually I am a pure vacation nazi as I mentioned.  This time, I wanted to work on that and relax.  That was accomplished today.  We strolled everywhere, we sat and people watched, we had a sit down lunch.  Now that didn’t stop me from freaking out.  I get sooo excited coming to the parks. I am really a kid.  I have been extra excited this trip, probably because I am a lot freer than I’ve ever been and able to express myself with no repercussions…….. from myself.

We stayed for about 10 hours and then proceeded back to the strip to find dinner.  We had decided on Indian food but ended up at Chili’s, why?  because Indian food was outrageously expensive on the strip.  Like $18-$25 a plate expensive.  That was not in the budget and there is a budget, a pretty tight one.

The day has ended and I’m sitting here at 11:31 watching Criminal Minded.  RG and The Teenager are fast asleep. Tomorrow is our last day here and we intend to make the best of it.



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