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Imagine my surprise when I opened the hotel room door and it was exactly as I left it – UM HOUSEKEEPING!!  Well let me back up.  The bed was just my type complete with the best pillows, so I fell into a very nice deep sleep.  However, because I went to sleep on ‘work time’ my ‘work clock’ woke me up.  The pillows were so lush though, I was able to get maybe an additional 30 minutes SIGH.

Part of my goal during this vacation was to not be the vacation nazi.  I am not one in a negative way, but moreso in making sure we are on schedule and take full advantage of EVERYTHING.   This time around, I am trying to be chill.

Previously on Facebook, I mentioned that I felt some kinda way with fast food being open on Thanksgiving only to find myself twice today at said establishment, lol lol  First we went for breakfast and then for drinks.  I guess it works down here. What I found was not really working i(at least in the commercial side of town) was Thanksgiving itself.  You come down here to vacation and to get away from your norm.  Thanksgiving must be a big common.  I tried saying Happy Thanksgiving  several times only to be met with either blank stares or such an afterthought on the return, I gave up.

So first up was to cash in a groupon at this go-kart facility.  Before that we needed to figure out how to get there on the bus.  Actually, the bus system down here is not bad at all.  Lynx is what they call it. I liked it, because we stopped inside Disney and rode through all parks on our journey.

Two buses later we ended up at the go kart tracks and were the first ones there!  We had 30 laps (10 a piece), 80 game room tokens and 4 pieces of Alligator chum (food).  What a good time!!  We totally had our way on the track, with the teenager getting in some good ‘fake driving’ time.  Lord if she ain’t Miss Daisy I tell yah!  She was just a strolling around the track, lol RG and I were acting a plum fool racing each other.  As I raced around the track, I felt this level of peace and freedom – I was where I wanted to be and had no regrets about our decision to ditch “tradition” and just take off together.

Yesterday, we heard that right across the street from our hotel was an International car show, so after spending about 45 minutes getting back to our original location, we took a hike to the car show.  Now please note that I have been a walking, jogging, trotting, running beast since I stepped off the mega bus.  I have amazed myself and my family has passed out several times in mockery of me becoming..dare I say it, ‘active’  LOL   We finally got the car show to discover there weren’t any damn foreign cards!! This was a regular car show, but that was cool, we missed the one at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Hunger overtook us and we got out of the convention center quicker than we went in. We ended up at the Sizzler and IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!  I didn’t miss turkey one bit.  I bout passed out, I was sooo off any kinda way of eating right. My only saving grace was I had water, lol oh and I put in some miles.

Several times I tried to think about all the reverence that I was supposed to be doing, but I just kept being in the moment.  I didn’t feel it was time to review as a whole my thankfulness, I just am in the midst of it – I am most certainly in the midst of it.


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