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Vacay Adventures – Day One


So I was riding in the car with RG and we were discussing Thanksgiving Plans.  Neither one of us were really feeling any kinda way about the day one way or the other.  We had already bowed out of any big celebrations outside of Atlanta and I was just antsy to do something ‘different’.   He mentioned this bus service that was starting up in Atlanta.  He told me as I got out the car that morning to “check it out” they said they were going to Orlando.

Fast forward to the dark blue Honda racing down the highway because I had to go back in the house and throw up due to excitement and the teenager had left her Rapid Rail Pass.  The bus was leaving at 7 and it was um 6:20AM!!!!!  Welcome to the world of the Magnegroes trying to go on vacation!!  If we missed this bus our 4 days of Orlantic Bliss were going to be RUINED!!  RG had us do a slow roll out the car while he went to park.

I had about three levels of excitement ok stress surrounding this trip. I found out first thing that we had been paid today so strike that off, we actually made it to the pickup spot scratch that and now I was anxiously waiting for RG to get on the bus.  OK!! Everything is going well.  Then we find out that the actual “Megabus” had broken (insert laugh here) and so we were on a regular chartered bus.  The downside to this is that the perks of the Megabus  (wi-fi, plugs, desk trays) were missing.  Yet the bus was cozy.

About an hour in, I start to hear a familiar tune off in the distance “Well we moving on up, moving on up to the East Side”  Before I could really place it – the main characters “Weezy and George Jefferson” roared out the back and began a series of the most annoying things to do in close proximity to others ever!!  Good Lawd!  First the phone ring tone on volume 1000, followed by all kinds of hidden ghetto phone conversation.  You know the kind, talking loud as hell but then dipping to inaudible to say words like Nigga, shit, etc. etc.  Then they decided to apparently show a slide show by going over EVERY DAMN PICTURE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE PHONES!!   By the time we got to the first stop – it was 10am and I was pouring my party flask of Ciroc in my MWC Thermos to drink um STRAIGHT!!

The fun of traveling is doing things that you ONLY do when you are taking a car somewhere longer than 3 hours – like eat at Hardy’s.  I swear I’ve taken some valuable time I could one day spend with my Grandchildren messing around with an egg biscuit from them the size of a whopper, lol lol lol

Well that sure knocked the Jeffersons out to the point they were doing a full Thanksgiving Church Service Choir worth of snoring.  Now when RG fell asleep, I felt and feel it’s my duty as a wife to monitor such things that would ultimately embarrass him.  You know make sure there’s no mucus, no white crappy lips and eye and to nudge him when he began to snore.  Well this broad was OFF HER POST!!  There were babies, toddlers and 5 year olds on the bus and you didn’t hear a peep, but these negroes…..grrrrrrrrr.

All in all – we got here within 5 minutes of what the web site said, it was a smooth ride and the weather was very agreeable.

After a freaking $35 cab ride to the hotel from the bus drop off site, we checked in seamlessly, freshened up and hit the Red Lobster.  I fully intend to eat freely – hell it is Thanksgiving right?  It was all walked away as we hiked it to the bus stop to catch the trolley to “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”  That was interesting.  I particularly found it intriguing that the majority of the museum was about the uniqueness that are people of color.  The craziest part – this hall way where you felt like the building was turning upside down.  Club music was blasting and I really needed my flask in there – that could have been real interesting, lol lol

We also hit this 3 story go cart ride that the teenager and RG rode.  I just laughed as the teenager better kown as “Driving Miss Daisy” crawled along the track and RG daring someone to bump her, lol lol lol  My baby just is not getting the whole driving thing. I have no issues seeing as I was 27 when I learned how to drive.

We did A LOT of walking in the night air and it felt really good.  RG said the bus was cool, but he felt totally out of control, missed our ‘family convo’ and it was killing him he wasn’t driving.  I too missed the family convo it makes the trip go faster, but I found nothing wrong with the bus.

OH can I just say that Apple is the name of some of the best electronics in the game but all of them collectively “FIVE MINUTE BROTHERS!!”  Good Grief, my phone lasted from 6 am to 3pm. Really Apple Really!!  Even the teenagers Ipod went out mid trip.  I hate it!!

So now I am sitting in the double Days Inn Bed, being smothered by RG as the teenager plays me songs from her ipod and a TV with three channels gives me comfort.  At least I discovered “Big Bang Theory”.  Hilarious show – Hilarious.

Well my legs are telling me to go to hell – so let me stretch out to get ready for Day 2.


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