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Stuffed with Musings

I finally am touching the second tier list. You know the one, you have it at home and work. That stuff you always know needs to be done but I be damn if you ever touch it, lol Doesn’t matter you have nothing else to do and are bored to tears, THAT LIST remains untouched. I at least want to rotate some stuff to make it looked touched, lol lol

I came to a realization the other day that my husband is the only man I’ve ever been naked in front of.

I had a dream about Mobetta the other night as well. The interesting thing – I couldn’t for the life of me remember what he looked like, lol the whole dream was about him trying to get me to see him.

I am now just amused that you always seem shocked when you find out I am a real person. I’m not sure who I am in your mind and a great relief has been the process of not caring, but I gave side eye this weekend at the whole thing. Your amazement and shifting to the side of this face says it all.

Family Facebook interaction is an interesting thing. I see (mine included) folks who are related tip toeing around each other as if Facebook holds the portal of family dysfunction, lol lol lol It can seem quite stiff etc. when they speak to each other and let it be something to the left – honeyyyy. I’ve started responding and commenting on family pages. It’s the perfect vehicle to peek from the weeds so as to not be seen yet peel back layers to expose the relationship or lack thereof.

Vista Print makes me think I’m being creative, I thank them for that.

I guess we all used each other up and sometimes that’s what the relationship is about. Accept it, stop fretting about un-returned text and keep it moving.

My couch has been empty lately. For the first week it felt good, now it feels kinda funny. Looking around to engage a new ‘couch potato’

I find it real funny that folks still look down their noses at certain things. Especially in Atlanta. Lotta nerve.

T.I. and his rap stay strong in or out of jail. I’m loving his stuff that I’ve heard. I just want someone to tackle him with a Razor for that wayward body hair.

The preview for season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has given me so much life! It is what Tyra Banks THINKS she doing with her intros.

If I run across a broad on the street with no pants on – she getting straight punted. WTF?!

Funny how I’ve worked out a whole heap of stuff concerning the 19148 but now the 45217 is giving me grief. I don’t know when I’ll want to step into that spot again.

I need a job at the airport so I can fly away when I want to.

I sometimes think about taking the SAT to see how much secondary book learning I’ve retained. Considering I took 5 years of spanish and can only give you un poco – it would be a miserable exercise in mental blocks, lol

I giggled when my one of my hair mentors thought I had a piece on.

Since I have no ass – I’ve taken to calling that whole area my “:FLANKS” It works. I can say “Don’t be squeezing my flanks” and it sounds real….meaty.

I currently have 6 pairs of pants and 4 of them are to big. If someone lifted my shirt the maze of pens, belts and psychics would make them laugh.

I think I’m going to have to x-nay two folks for just being…negative. The sun has got to shine over your head every once in awhile..damn.

Walking Dead is just so damn good!! I spend half the time placing myself in the situation and knowing my episode would only be like 10 minutes long. I’m out the game like right off the bat. I’d like to think though that I would be a warrior and one of those women who just lay it down to live. I like to think?

Muslims in America would have been a GREAT instead of GOOD Reality series if it took place in the rest of America. The Utopia that the participants of the special live in make this almost unnecessary because they are going through things that everyone else goes through, in my opinion. Anyone who believes a Religion where there is an absence of the person/people/diety who Originally set the theology up, thus leaving it up to interpretation, always has the spectrum of Conservative to the facade of outwardly belief. I know folks in my family who have a hotline to God and then there’s someone like me – who insists on incorporating many roads to reach God. If they would have moved outside of Deerborn and say show cased a family in New York, and incorporated some other muslim nationalities – this would have been an excellent view into the life of an American Muslim.

Beyonce’s Love On Top makes me want to make a music video and swing my hair while singing to RG.

RG is a GIFT FROM GOD, but he’s NOT my Saviour!! The concept that he made me the person I am today is poppy cock!! I have worked damn hard to resolve, repair, remind and remove in my life and it’s mostly chronicled in my blogging, but in various other communication modes as well. Its’ always funny and real telling that for the most part, this ‘view of the evil Pam’ comes from one source – makes me say that maybe it’s not ME but YOU. Please go sit down with that. I have known folks for over 30 years who have never not experience a smile, a laugh and good vibes and peacefulness from me. I am more centered and safe because of him – but if I were incapable of keeping him through who I am as a person – then he wouldn’t be here.

As different dates and events come and go – my mind is wandering more and more to my child and the next phase of her life. Thanksgiving 2012 will be her first one home from college!!! Good Lord!

I need some food stamps.

I’ve avoided a VERY difficult and crazy conversation, but I’m not sure how much longer it will be before I have to say “she just doesn’t want come visit”. SIGH.

MARTA vs DRIVING – and still I ponder.

I wonder if we could incorporate a freaky moment on this bus? Hmmmmmm


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