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I stared at the little box as I was asked to attend a private dinner party and reading for an Author and Internet Friend, when they came to Atlanta. First, I was excited because it’s been awhile since I’ve met someone in person that I’ve had a relationship on line with and Second, I was looking forward to moving in a circle that was not my own. I know several groups of folks who have circles that I’ve dipped and dabbed in. I wrote a post about my social shyness and self imposed peer pressure that I experience.

So I look up and it’s time. It’s being held at a swanky Peachtree Hotel/Residence. I started planning my outfit like a week before, because I already knew the audience might be giving me ATL casual chic I chose to appear as a butterfly (yes there are themes, lol) and so I chose my good black skinny pants (yes I still separate clothes into play clothes and school clothes, lol) a cute shirt and my coach boots. All of a sudden, I wanted some hair. No, there wasn’t anything wrong with the hair on my head – I just felt like I needed to feel something bouncing on my neck, lol So I went and got me a perfect fall and I was set.

There is something about proving that you can get ready for something in less than 30 minutes, at least with me. Knowing damn well, my makeup will take that long if I’m going for a beat look. I really had no clue to who was coming to this event and what the dress code was and how I was suppose to be presenting myself in respect to the Author’s sphere – so I went with what I know best – Just being me, lol lol I sat and beat the hell out of my face, plopped my fall on and grabbed my wrap and headed out – – It was actually kinda warm and I was rushing so a soft sheen had broken out in the parts where you traditionally use non-sweat products. I sat in the car and lifted the mirror down to get my face from shining and looked in HORROR as I saw my hair yell “WHO GON CHECK ME BOO!!” and retreat somewhere between kinky and nappy. It was NOT playing well against the perfectly coiffed Yaki I was sporting from the ears back. Honey it looked like an upside down waterfall – the foam was at the top, lol lol lol lol I turned around and went back home and grabbed a scarf, creating a 1973 look and kept it stepping.

Riding up the key operated elevator, I wasn’t feeling any kinda way. As I got off the elevator, I strolled up to the door and knocked….showtime. He opened the door and said my name and whatever I was feeling disappeared. We hugged and I came into quite the cute spot. A quick survey of the room, let me know that I was the only Female and…….Heterosexual in the room.

Fast forward 15 or so minutes and I got one sentence for you….Wine, Fried Chicken, Bravo and a spectacular host and guest……FANTASTIC!!

I was really enjoying being in a situation I hadn’t been in since my visit to Chicago to visit my Bestie. As we all know, a whole heap of Black Women are self professed “Hags” in the Gay community. We feature them in our lives as these like kind spirits. However, if we are truthful, the way we do can sometimes be stereotypical and the feature a bit Karaoke like. As if they aren’t people but characters. The “Gay Girlfriend” the “Gay Husband” how about I have a friend, who happens to be gay. I find it interesting as well, how as a straight person you want to let it be known that you are ‘down’ so bad, like when Toubob gets around us and decides to start giving dap and acting a fool to prove they with it, lol lol lol I felt the need to twirl and just drop down to the floor – but I held off, lol lol

Trent Jackson is an accomplished and published author about to release his third book “Pop Life” As many know, I dabble in reading Homecentric novels and erotica. I have a small collection and I enjoy it. Amazon is good for finding little ditties that might not have made mainstream but are self published and contain some really good stories. I had not had an opportunity to actually read one of his books, but I was well aware of his work. Our connection, in my mind has always been his blogs. His late night purges have helped me think about and address a whole heap of issues or just confirm I’m not crazy – I am forever grateful to him for just coming to us naked at all times. He’s allowed a whole heap of us to get dressed 🙂

Anyhoo – he read several chapters snippets of his books to us and the conversation that followed was some of the best I’ve had in awhile. Apparently, I had been starving for some of this type of conversation because I was open. I might have spoken to much – but I really wanted to be a part of the conversation. I hope I didn’t come across as the very person I was trying not to be.

I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your circle, for the great food and drink and for introducing me to others who are doing big things in the A-T-L. I’ve become Facebook and Twitter co-horts with several of them and have added at least 3 new blogs to my google reader. If I was not the only female invited to this event and you didn’t make it, you  missed a great time!

I look forward to Pop Life’s release and I encourage others to pick it up as well. Oh and please know that I have pulled out my manuscript and I be damn if by January 2012 I will have quite a bit of it edited and making some sense!! 


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “POP LIFE

  1. Monica C.

    Girl, no you didn’t say that your hair said, “Who go’on check me Boo?” HI-FREAKING-LARIOUS!!! You crack me up!!!!!!

  2. I missed this when it first went up, but thank you for bringing this to my attention! Who knew that you were nervous? So WAS I? LOL…But any event that I ever host, know that you are always WELCOME and you are to always BE YOURSELF and COME AS YOU ARE!!! We keep it real where I come from! I thank you very much for coming and contributing! Your balance was much needed and appreciated. You made the event a success and I gratefully thank you for being supportive over all of these years. I can’t wait until the book release party!! 🙂 You’re the bomb!!!

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