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Head Shouders Knees and Toes


Well good morning! I thought, as I look at my ashy elbows, that this is a good time to check in on the Fashion Fair better known as me and my journey to looking good, lol lol as the weather is changing – I have been VERY slow to adapt. I am currently wearing clothes off the floor of my closet which is a dungeon of summer/fall/winter mishaps. I just have not been in the mood to organize all that stuff and not sure I’ll be in the mood anytime soon. I think the scary part is that I don’t have as many outfits for the winter and I’m not really feeling going shopping right now for clothes. I disposed of quite a bit of stuff that was too big and now even more is too big. All my winter pants are -but I can let that fly as soon as it really becomes tight time. I do intend to get rid of some things from the summer. I have to say the Teenager is really good at this and has already done all of her stuff.


My hair? Well glad you asked. Here it is in all of it’s blown out glory!!







Since we last talked about hair, for the most part I’ve had it put up. I wore this fabulousness for almost a month now.

 This is one of the three wigs that I made and all of a sudden it just started working for me. Sometimes that happens. I kept my own hair in corn rows and moisturized and just let it relax. Then I started to miss feeling the wind in my scalp (lol) so I took it off over the weekend washed my hair good using Jane Carter Shampoo followed by Cream of Nature Argan Oil Conditioner and actual Argan Oil (from a sample I got from the hair show). I wrapped with plastic wrap, but a hankerchief over it and a silk bonnet and slept in the concoction. The next day I rinsed it out and let my hair semi air dry before putting some Jane Carter leave in conditioner followed by a dollop of Nourish and Shine followed by Jane Carter Curl Definer as I did medium sized braids all over my head to finish drying. After reading that please guess what happen. I put TO MUCH PRODUCT(S) on my head and so though the curl was and is still very much defined – it feels a bit sticky. I intend to rinse it this weekend and just go with 1 conditioner and something to set the style, lol lol


As I approach my first full year being Natural, I have learned something. My hair is a lions mane and it grows as such. the stay in twists etc. like this – don’t really work for me, in my opinion. (or maybe I don’t like the way they look. I feel like my hair is so ‘light and fluffy’ that it doesn’t have the weight needed to carry those styles. Therefore, yesterday morning – I did a small ‘cut’ to make my hair more agreeable to said style. I cut that ratchet ‘shag’ off in the back and I trimmed the front up a bit to take some of the weight off so that it will stand up tall and proud. I like it this way. I can do really cute puff’s now and I always want to maintain enough hair to weave, attach some hair etc. so I’m cool with my hair right now. I like it – I haven’t looked in the mirror in so long and began to panic about my hair. My edges are giving me life and I’m just not worried about it like that. I am kinda wanting some color and I might just put it in myself.


Ahh something dear to my heart – make up. With the weather changing, and my summer tan subsiding, I am beginning to wear my winter foundation palette. I have been choosing sleep over get dressed time, so my routines have been pretty simple. I actually haven’t purchased anything from the current eye shadow combos etc., but the holidays are coming up and I’m sure to see something that will give me life. ELF has their first set of holiday kits out and the neutrals are a cheaper but strong version of the Urban Decay Palette. I got one for the teenager and I need to try it because I’m not sure,with my skin tone this will be a great match. I am sad to say that I have pretty much every combination of color known to man and technically don’t need not one more drop of makeup GASP!! If anything, I ‘might’ need to upgrade a few things in quality. Now will that stop me – um no, but it bears saying, lol lol


Finally, I am excited to report that the Teenager has begun experimenting with make up. She is a graduate of Barbizon and actually was quite good at make up application but wasn’t interested in it. Well for the past several months, she’s been doing a full face lite. She feels it’s giving her skin depth and making her eyes stand out. She’s doing a good job and we have yet another subject to talk about and another couple of aisles to browse when we go shopping.


So as of today, it’s all good in the beauty hood, lol lol



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