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Whats On My Mind this Beautiful Saturday Morning

Ahh, I am sitting here in the sunshine this early Saturday morning enjoying the sunshine at my neighborhood Starbucks.  I’ve been laying at the altar of Starbucks for a minute now and have incorporated it into my weekends as well.  I really ‘get’ the whole appeal of the space that is the shop as well.  You can feel all creative and what not and that makes it that much better.

I pull out my phone to check all my social media and start to read my book at the same time, you know typical psychotic Gemini activity, lol. However, my mind begins to wander and I just give in to the thoughts in my head.

I’m sure everyone would like to know what everyone else thinks about in their quiet time.  There is a lot of conversation that goes on in the world about not being able to be alone with themselves  because sometimes the thoughts can just be disturbing.  So many people spend their whole lives running from the thoughts in their head and I bet a lot of folks would be surprised to learn that probably a whole heap of folks really don’t have that much going on.

I remember a scene in Poetic Justice, where they were all on the beach and their thoughts were revealed and not surprisingly it’s not really all that deep, lol  Here are some things that traveled through my Cerebellum this fine Saturday morning:

Did anyone notice my MJ earrings?

I bet folks are really somewhere thinking I’ve lost my mind since I’ve ramped up my MJ issues, but I’m passionate about what I’m passionate about.

I’ve used my Masters Degree more in the last two weeks than ever.  I really am doing my grown person thing.

I wonder if right now someone is sitting in front of the computer sharing my FB page with someone I am not friends with – as they go over my life with a fine tooth comb…..

I wonder what RG is doing?

I am ashamed that I’ve been drinking Juice dammit but I’m stressed and I just fall off the wagon when I’m stressed.  I will get back on.

I’m tired of the day to day – I really don’t understand why I have not won the lottery.

Oh snap!  The cover of my 11×17 book has come to me!!  It is PERFECT.

The other night did something to my soul.  Who knew it could be this good.

I need to check the NY MJ club to see what they are doing and just sit around being mad and jealous.

My room is like so freaking junky – I need a room double the size.  I just need more room period.

I miss my bestie.

I actually wear a size 15 jeans – that’s so special.

My gay husband is coming to give me back my life!!!

Where is my friend?  I’m up all damn early.

I really like all the things I’m extra in. I am doing ME!!

I need to really get on top of my writing for my friends site, my own site, and now all this extra MJ stuff.

Daydreaming about if I didn’t have to work during the day….man that would be great!

Yea I said I would continue to work if I won a million cause that ain’t no money after the government rapes you, but nah I need some time OFF.

And I am telling you – I’m not going – Lawd help that whole situation.

I need to make a list because that man needs his drawers cleaned out!

I wonder what RG is doing?

Ahh here’s my friend….


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