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Thriller Tuesday


It’s common knowledge that I am a HUGE fan of Very Smart Brothers, so it is quite ironic that the jump off point for today’s Triller Tuesday begins on their site……


They did a quite comical yet scarily true piece on things we have in common with our Thug Sisters and Brothers and Number One is as follows:


 Listen to and love Michael Jackson


True story alert. A long time ago I was at my grandmother’s house in Atlanta and one of my recently unincarcerated cousins was hanging out and an argument about Michael Jackson’s best album breaks out. Me, one of my sisters, and two of my other cousins are going at it. Out of nowhere, Zone 4 Mo tells us all to shut the f*ck up because “ain’t no argument. Mike ain’t had a bad album. Off The Wall was good, Thriller is a classic beyond all else, and Bad might be his best album that nobody talks about. Y’all don’t know nothing about Mike.” This from a dude who wasn’t afraid of jail and couldn’t care less about getting locked up. And you know what, that made me realize: who doesn’t love Michael Jackson? We all grew up on him. It’s impossible to not like Michael Jackson if you’re Black and between the age of 18-98.


This is a great topic because there has never been more truth.  I, however, would change one thing and that would be the age bracket listed.  I go so far as to say it needs to be 8-80 blind, cripple and crazy. There seems to be this right of passage that you fall in love with Michael Jackson.   This is not an urban myth, I’ve seen it more times than I can count in my life time.  I currently have four children between the ages of 2-6 who have been hit.  Outside of the world of the Kid TV, Michael Jackson is the first musical artist almost all kids fall in love with.


Still don’t believe me go on you tube.  There is just something about the first time they see him and the fact that they want to see and hear his music.  They want a jacket and they want to dance like him.  I have seen my nephews discover him and spend substantial time wanting to listen to his music.  Michael sang for the world, but he wanted to really be in tune to the kids. He succeeded!!!


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