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Thriller Tuesday


Well welcome to the official first full week of September. I wanted to get it all started off on a good foot so let’s roll out another September Feature for this here blog. THRILLER TUESDAY!! I just wanted to write the randomness that all about Mike. Though I don’t talk about it as frequently as I used to (yea right, lol) I still Mike on a daily basis in some form or fashion. I want to give a Shout Out to my friend Rosalind for the great gift she sent me. Sheet Music to the “Michael” CD. I don’t have any sheet music in my collection, so I really appreciate it. I might need to learn the Piano and/or Guitar to bust out a tune or two, lol lol


So Michael Jackson, my beloved, has taken on several appearances in his tenure here on earth. There have been times when I have cringed (ya’ll know I try to keep it real about his shenanigans, lol). A favorite game, even if it is secretly done, is the ‘when should Michael Jackson have stopped?” I log in at right after Off The Wall. Man he was on some other level of finess – you hear me!! If he had of just went with that – I would have been a happy camper forever. However, he went down a dark road of trying to ‘heal’ his feelings about his looks and take care of the Vitiligo that had been passed along to him. It is a shame that nobody steered him in the direction of make up to make him dark. Arnie Klein should be strung up and shot, to use him as his personal test dummy…but I digress.


All of his fans however, have this time period where you just go there when it comes to Michael Jackson and his looks. I’ve decided that this right here is where I need to stay when I close my eyes and think of Mike. When your male boss sees this picture and exclaims – he was hot then! You know your lust is justified, lol Whew I am getting heated just looking at these pictures. I see an additional page in my scrap book just showcasing his afros, really I do. It’s not just the afro though. It’s his whole body. There was a time in my life when thin defined men were the cat’s meow. During this time Mike had the most perfect cuppable ass EVER!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN!!








Here is a video during that time period as well. Look at how his body moves. The whole Dancing Machine era in terms of Mike’s fineness, so rises to the top. Yummy is all I can say – Just Yummy!! What is YOUR favorite Mike Look?


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