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Pam (oops) I mean Tommy, You Ain’t Got No Job!


For awhile now there’s been this mystique as to how I can be so active on Social Media between the hours of 9-5 (let’s go with that, lol). It used to annoy me, but now I just laugh. I’ve explained the greatness of my Gemininess (is THAT a word?!) and the ability to multi-task etc. etc. Today however, I thought I’d expound a bit on what I do.

However, let’s start from the very beginning. My very first job. Like a lot of teenagers, I was dying to get a job when I got to be 14. My dream job, based on my location here in Atlanta was Six Flags. Lawd have mercy I wanted to work there. My next hot spot was Captain’s D’s at the West End Mall. That mall was jumping and I wanted to be in the thick of things. I chose there because the instance of coming in contact with Pork was very little there. Yet my very first job was at Dimmery’s Day Care on Cascade, cata-corner to the old Salvation Army over there. I helped out and got paid around $35 a week. I believe I worked that over the Summer one year. Otherwise, I was not ‘allowed’ to work, my job was school SIGH.

The next time I officially entered the work force, I found myself in Manhattan in the massive New York City. I was new to it all and um NYC is a big ass town, lol lol Yet I do believe if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, lol and I remember feeling so Marlo Thomas (ya’ll know I’m extra). I really can’t say enough how the most valuable information, for the time, was my Mother telling me to learn how to type and master basic ‘Secretarial’ skills and you’ll always have a job. I so distinctly remember, I decided on a Sunday it was time to get out in the world and get a job, I got the paper, saw something that looked interesting and sent in my stuff. Got an interview and got the job, lol lol I was now an employee of the United Way of NYC. This would shape my job choices from that day forth.

I got a wonderful introduction to the work force through that position, as well as, lots of transition from the typewriter to the computer age there as well. I certainly am FOREVER grateful to my very first professional mentor for all of his guidance. We have kept in touch over the years and I’ve had a crush on him on and off over these years as well. What a fantastic brother he was!!

Life goes on and after I worked there, my next job was about just as exciting, because I started working for the CEO of the Writers Guild of America, East. What a cool job!! I got to read great scripts, as well as, I came away from that with a few great pluses, 1. Each year around Oscar time we always got free admission to all movies nominated and this was Manhattan baby so I could see the world!! 2. I worked so close to all of the talk shows at the time Sally Jesse taped right next door and 3. I was instrumental and feel comfortable saying this, in the very first Writers Guild Awards for the East Coast. I did the cards the folks read, I collected all the scripts that were nominated and sent them out to the judges, and I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Christopher Reeves and Susan Lucci at the actual ceremony. Good Good Times.

Yet I have always been one that could take or leave a job, lol lol I never was really about a career like that and so on and off, if I got tired of working for whatever reason I just quit and came home and was an officially no child having housewife. I did that several times. The last job I had in NYC was with the International Women’s Conference. That place was really cool with nursery on site and all kinds of things that just catered to the working woman. Life took an ugly turn and I just couldn’t stay………..

Fast forward, to 1997 and suddenly I’m in Atlanta. I had not been to work since 1993 and between being pregnant, having a child, becoming a widow, staying home during the formative years with said child, a move to the South and child going to pre-school – it was time to go back to work. I basically was on the same kinda trail I had always been on. Before I even came to Atlanta, I put in an application with the City because you know how long it takes for your name to come up on there, lol So while I was waiting to hear about that a unique opportunity came to me through a temp agency. I went to work for PCDC, you know the correspondence school you used to see on the television all the time. Yep! I taught High School English, and Certification in being a Travel Agent, lol lol I worked on the phone all day, had my students and it was a cool job – but I just couldn’t feed my child on that little salary. At the age I was at that time, I needed to not be making just out of HS money..SIGH. This was also the job where I met and fell in love and had a relationship with a man I’d never laid eyes on, we had a full relationship. I had one picture of him. I found him on Facebook not to long ago, lol lol That’s another blog. We were together like almost 2 years – – WHEW!!

God has just been good to me and my turn came at the City, I interviewed and got the job. I was the front desk in Accounts Payable for the City of Atlanta. I could have really retired from that job it met most of my criteria, lol Not a whole lot to do, periods of intense work followed by slow periods so I could do my own thing, plenty of people interaction, casual atmosphere. That job was cool as all get out except WE WOULD HAVE EVENTUALLY STARVED, lol I credit that time in my life for a couple of things the most important was that’s when I met Alicia my bestie..enough said. I also met my first serious ATL relationship come out that building, lol Firemen make my knees quake, lol lol lol

Then we embark around the longest job I’ve ever had, where I am at today. I have my friend Kim to thank for this. I was minding my own business and I remember she told me that she saw this job in the paper and she thought of me because we had conversation about the fact I wasn’t making any real money and I wanted to move my child to a house, why move to Atlanta to live in an apartment. She needed soem yard. I got my resume together and applied. I went for the interview and I remember like it was yesterday, I was in the lobby after the interview and saw the person who was after me. My big Nokia cell phone (I love technology) rang and the HR representative told me I had the job!! I had not even left the building, lol lol This was a turning point because it was an $18k salary increase and it had the hours that I wanted and it was non-profit which I always have had an affinity for.

I am FOREVER grateful to God for taking care of me and mines. Having this job has allowed me to raise my child (as a single mother) in the method that I really wanted to. I had ‘traditional’ hours, I’ve been able to mold my schedule as appropriate, the pto policy has been liberal for school activities etc. etc.. It’s always been located somewhere within 35 minutes from where I live etc. etc. I’ve never had to do heavy work, night work, travel a lot or any of that. I was able to freely go to school, get training here and overall, if I had to have a job (and I had to have one) this couldn’t have been better. Not to mention I have had some of the best relationships past and present and it’s like a little family here.

So you wonder, what the hell do I do? LOL LOL Well I am an Operations Coordinator for the Marketing Department. I assist the Manager in making sure all kinds of things go off without a hitch. I work for over 28 people (sometimes more) in some form or fashion. I onboard new employees and interns, I keep up with and help execute contracts, I pay 95% of our bills and make sure that’s all on track, I take care of postage request and reconciliation for some sub-departments, at one time I managed over 180 Post office boxes all over the country, making sure they were paid and operational (technically I ‘own’ over 80 of these boxes since the Post Office uses my license to open these boxes SIGH). I am on my feet quite a bit. I act as an in-between for Executives to talk to other Departments such as Facilities, Legal, Finance etc. I am all over the place here and having been here 13 years in October – I know A LOT of people and can get things done. There was a rocky period where I was losing all credibility and respect as I started to really deal with my demons and disappointments with myself and my life, but that was the first Emancipation that I worked through and now several years later I’m Michael Vicking on them and I have my 100 Million Dollar contract of respect and admiration as well!!!

So yea I work, I work the way I wanna work and I’m good at what I do. It comes to me on the regular and sometimes I have to be extra and do extra and become extra, but I’ve never let a job decide how I was going to live my life or feed my soul – I know who I am (moreso now than at any other time) and it’s all in it’s place – I KNOW without a doubt that I need social activity like I need breathing so I have to balance that all out in my life. So yea I got a JOB (lol) and I actually work. Ya’ll know my Social Life is work as well – stop playing, lol lol lol

DISCLAIMER:  You didn’t really think I was going to initiate a self-fulfilling prophecy by saying something sideways now did yah?  LOL LOL LOL 




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