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Musing while making a grilled cheese with my flat iron

Black White Puero Rican everybody just a freaking…..good times are rollin!! How ya’ll be?! I know I’ve been janky on the writing, but ya’ll know me. The only thing that is bubbling up from me is actually a bit about hair and beauty, so I wanted to go ahead and update that journey via my signature randoms and musings…….

So here is me in all my crown and glory,lol lol (excuse the blinding light – I wanted to try to really show what’s going on) I have come to realize that this right here is the way I like to express myself and my hair. I want it huge and de-constructed. I am eagerly awaiting it to get even bigger and bolder. This means that I need to really begin to make sure I am on my conditioning and moisturizing game. I take the approach that less is more, so I’m not doing all that washing and what not, but when I do, I need to be liberal with the care.

Currently my routine is: Jane Carter’s Line (shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, curl definer and nourish and shine), a mixture of Sunflower, and Shea Butter Oils, I’m not co-washing or anything. When I took my wigs off August 1st I washed my head. I have washed it once more since then. I have added Cream of Nature Argon Oil deep conditioner to the mix and I have to say I really like it. It really made my hair soft. We are on day three after using it and I can say it’s doing it’s thing.

I’m really trying to look at and use other products, but it’s just not me. I actually don’t ‘care’ (can’t think of another word) about my hair that much to become a product junkie about it, lol lol However, I do want to try some new oil mixtures for day to day use. I have discovered that (while previously I said it didn’t). Water, sparingly, does benefit my hair. As long as it’s heavy on the oil and on a mist setting – it has been great for touch up’s. It’s like a slightly damp feeling that helps set my hair.

Right now my go to style is all kinds of braiding/plaiting. I started out doing twists when my hair was shorter, but now that it’s getting some height (I don’t really look at length), the plaiting gives it the pull I need to get my chunky look. I braid Sunday, Tuesday and Friday – all sizes and hand parts. Once taken out, I either make it conform or I chunk it all out funky like I am wearing it today.

Am I the only one way mad that I can’t really capture the styles via camera like I would like. My hair actually does different things, but all the pictures come out looking like an afro grrrrrrr.

I am slightly turned on when I pick my hair out into a true afro – it puts me into a place my sista Pam Grier seemed to be. Ya’ll know in my other life I was in the 70’s, lol

I’m trying to keep RG (and his body parts) out of my hair. Just sit back and think about the previous statement. It’s ok, I’m sure someone has had it happen to them from the back of the couch while they are sitting watching TV and minding their on business. All of a sudden Thump – WTH?!

I was thinking about the fact that I’m sure a lot of Sisters on this journey have grown their hair out and since they in reality haven’t ever really seen their own texture discover that the whole ‘nappy thick’ thing was a myth. They have quite manageable hair.

Why do some women look at women with finer curlier hair as if they are not ‘natural’. The teenager, after several years of being a total product junkie on the ‘blonde’ side of the tracks looking for things to do her hair – finally, after listening to me identify her as an African American with African American hair, started looking into using some of the new products for our hair and has settled on the Shea Moisture Line as her go to. Yes mam all those curls and what not can react to these products as well. They are our sisters as well.

I saw a sister putting on her entire face on the train this morning. I became intrigued because that would be a great test of how your technique and look is, lol lol I might get on the train bare faced and trick it out on the way to work, lol

I haven’t done a make up haul in awhile and I’m sad about that – but while I was in Statesboro, I bought 2 Wet and Wild Shadow Pencils and fell in LOVE!! the collection has 5 and I intend through a good sale currently going on at Walgreens, to get the others this weekend!!!

Since August 1st, my face routine has remained the same due to the intense heat. Nikki Bronzer on the face, neck, ears, followed by a pinkie amount of MAC concealor in areas, I feel I need it. and a warm rich eye, usually with Wet and Wild or Iman Pallettes. Milani marbled blush and a shimmer lip. I’m giving I’ve been on vacay look right about now.

I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can dig back into my foundations.

The Natural Hair Show is right around the corner and I’m plotting out my plan. I have three vendors as must go’s and i will be doing that FIRST!! Then my goal is to try to purchase at least one product from a smaller independent come up company to try out. I feel like I need to wear sneakers – they not gonna get me this time. I’m going alone, I’m going focused and I’m getting their EARLY!!

On the same token that I am loving my hair, I am thinking about ‘putting it up’ and rocking some kinky twists in some kinda blondish color highlighted to wear for a couple of months into the winter. Why? Because I can, lol lol

Next Summer I think I want hair to the middle of my back….bone straight, ROTFL

Ahh Fall fashion has begun to make it’s appearance on the racks. I still would like to go clearance and pick up a few things for next summer for both me and the teenager, but I am excited to work on my fall wardrobe. I am MOST proud that I expanded my wardrobe so well this summer that I was able to actually dress out my own closet this year. The few things that I picked up were to enhance and not because I panic with nothing to wear. I am still looking for the perfect pair of white long pants.

My main goal for the Fall/Winter is to get out of wearing so many boots and to develop the professional side of my closet. I need a a suit. I’m 45 years old and I need to be able to pop one out the closet when needed. I’ve decided to get a three piece because I’d prefer to do a pants suit, but you need a good skirt suit as well. RG has decided that i am BANNED from Dress Barn. He just has issues with that place (SIGH), so while we were out we looked at Ashley Stewart and right now they are showcasing some fabulous separtates. Why Ashley Stewart you say. Because I can wear a 14 but there needs to be a W after it, that’s not for Women’s in my case that’s for WAIST!! Damn I’m like an egg on sticks. SIGH SIGH SIGH. Ashley Stewart has layaway as well, so I intend this month to put me the three piece and a couple pairs of dress slacks on the Layaway. My next stop will be Burlington.

I am still trying to figure out what happened to all of my pumps. Um Black and Brown I need to get a pair.

These wonder bras I saw on an infomercial will be coming home with me soon. That is my favorite type of Bra!!!!! I need those in my life.

I also will probably be throwing out my entire underwear drawer and restocking – I think I wanna get a bit more sexy in my old age, lol lol lol I’ve never been into that stuff and RG could care less – but I just wanna feel grown and sexy (God when will we retire that combo).

I am wondering though why is it so hard to get matching sets for us larger busom women. How you gonna sale all those cute panties and never have the bras to match and vice versa?

Um who knew I had this much to say? LOL LOL LOL


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One response to “Musing while making a grilled cheese with my flat iron

  1. Cassandra

    Your hair looks great. I’m thinking to have mine blown out. My Goddaughter works in a natural hair salon so she will do it for me. You know the Gemini in me needs to switch up the looks…smile.

    Try the department store ROSS for some business suits. I bought like 10 of them in a variety of styles and colors, from there about 2 years ago and still have all of them in excellent condition.

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