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Mirages on the Desert of Life

The thought process of writing has far outweighed the action of actually putting fingers to keypad.

I like the mobility of the lap top but I really need a solid desk and docking station with a monitor – I work better in that space.

Savannah is the epicenter of HELL and I need to get my life together because heat and I are cool for a minute but not like that!!

You know it wasn’t about ‘faith’ at all, it was about the Mother in me worried about the Child I gave birth to. Faith is interesting, I understand you should suffer to gain God’s blessing but I’d rather just try my chance at a casual relationship.

I chuckle so often at the acting being done on Facebook. Even I have been known to bust out a few lines of MacBeth for the benefit of the greater crowd, lol lol The Wizard of Oz look of Facebook and the elaborate sets folks put up with all the glitter and gold while basically sitting on a lumpy couch with a beer and a crack pipe in their real life just makes me chuckle sometimes.

Baja Fresh is TO DIE FOR!!!!

Agnes Scott gave me what I needed, GA State was way to random and GA Southern is what I see College as when I close my eyes.

The concept of not letting your past linger into your future sounds so good on paper, but it is just hard because there are thing that affect you. All of this College stuff is really making me see how not having this kinda experience has affected me. All I can do is make sure she has it but I will forever be affected by not going to College the way I envisioned it.

I still feel some kinda way about the direction BBall Wives took for their Season Finale. The entire Divorce party was a cheap shot – my idea is celebrating where I am and about closing doors and movement – I would have had my cake topper be a door with piles of luggage on one side and me on the other closing that door. This was just a bashing session and I agree with Eric, I don’t believe this is who she was and it seems so ‘extra’ as if it’s specifically for the camera. Everybody acting (except Evelyn she really like that, lol) but I think she’s trying not to be irrelevant and be extra.

I have finally found the amount of bronzer I need to wear to not walk around looking like the Spinx, lol lol I also have figured out Blush YIPPEE!!

I was in Hobby Lobby and ended up in the Doll House section and my creative juices got to flowing. I’m not ready now – but I might wanna decorate my dream house. Can’t you just see the little Michael Jackson Room, lol lol

Am I the only one torn about the whole Presidential Re-election? I will vote for him because he’s been given such an unfair shake, BUT I’m not sure I want him to win. I really am feeling like when you are not a part of something, it can become obsessive that you are a part of it, then when you get in – you look around and be like um maybe this ain’t as good as I thought. I am a person who believes in playing roles. I also don’t think everything is for everybody. I say all that to say, I really believe that the reason we ‘couldn’t’ ever be President is because maybe it ain’t for us to be President in this land. Hey this ain’t popular, but I really want this Country to be given back to the folks who made the rules and who run this country like they want to. This is just so tiring watching this play out. We are a sub-set of this Country with enough problems to take up all kinds of time. Folks have come out the woodwork that seems to have on ice since the early 40’s, ready for action. This goes beyond say the racism of the 60’s – this is like when my Mother was a child. Whewww weee.

Um Tavis and Dr. West – from one black person to ya’ll, exactly how do you have all this book learning and then actually think that President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA would get into office and specifically target and pick out things on our wish list to make come true? Where they do that at? Ohhh, I know in the Utopia American you’ve been suckered into because TOUBOB can be President of this land and hook up all his people…..

Oh and just between you and me – black folks know when other black folks are carrying around huge sploshing splashing buckets of haterade and Tavis/Cornell – ya’ll are slipping and sliding in it and need to do You Tube videos on how it can be used as a Natural Hair Potion.

I decided against the whole Senior Blog thing and instead I’ve developed the Senior Newsletter. The first edition went out yesterday, waiting to see what calls I get..if any.

The entire “You know You” that is currently dominating Facebook was a really great run and exposed you to other folks. Yea facebook can get in a vacuum of folks you know and the lies they tell or the Brillance they copy and paste – it was nice to just vibe with other folks without having them all up on your page and in your life.

The ride to Savannah proved that RADIO sucks so much ass, that I had an anal cramp when I got out the car. OMG it’s so wack.

My Therapist says I am stuck in the 80’s and I have permission to stay there (Growl) – Katt Williams as Bobby on My Wife and Kids!!

I kinda like the fact that on a quote/unquote black show there’s a random white girl that we sit around saying ‘um she’s on here for what?” how many times are we the lone piece of color with that same feelings?

Interesting how I have grown accustomed to compliments cause Baby they used to be few and far between. As soon as I learn to hold my head up 85% of the time, it will be all good. Gotta stop looking at the ground.

Glad God blessed me with RG cause I’m not sure the Teenager could leave me totally alone to my own devices, lol lol

I think a lot of young people heard the saying “I did it so you don’t have to experience it” Damn they ask a lot of questions!! Want you to hold their hand through everything when some things you really are going to have to experience because the process of experiencing it is so that you can form a piece of your character. Let the cord go and FUCK UP FOR ALL YOUNG PEOPLE!!

The most interesting thing is how I look at beauty and then beauty opens their mouths and it just flies out the window. How do this level of beauty just have so many issues? More importantly, exactly how do you consistently let it seep out every single day. Wow. It’s like there’s an x-ray machine and all day, it just reveals the issues that not one designer dress, fab party, cute shoe or tight weave can ever hide.

There is a such thing as having a wide open window in a closed off house. Think on that..

RG wants to get a RV and do a Diner, Drive In and Dive tour across America. Boy oh Boy I love that man!!!

I wonder can I squeeze out two tickets to see the Isley Brothers and El Debarge without getting my ass beat with a hollow spoon by RG, lol lol lol

I’m trying to figure out why a 2 cocktail limit at work doesn’t fly. Most folks can work effectively on 3 hours of sleep – two cocktails feel the same way.

Did the Teenager tell us to check our libido? LOL LOL LOL

I suddenly had the need to run through my lottery plans – every once in awhile it’s necessary as life changes around you.

PSA to the Sylvers and DeBarge – YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN THE JACKSONS SO STOP SAYING THAT AND STAY IN YOUR LANE. I really need Unsung to have Joe Jackson on these shows to set folks straight, lol lol lol

Speaking of….yea I want a bottle of Michael Jackson Champagne – I feel like a momento hoe, but I really want folks to drink it at my Funeral.

I need to get my will together it’s been awhile, now the child is basically grown – there needs to be new provisions.

I feel like sooner than later I’m going to have to crack on some folks about their sideways conversation. Yea it’s been a long time coming.



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One response to “Mirages on the Desert of Life

  1. leogoddess ⋅

    ok first off bwaaahaaaaa @TOUBOB cuz Tima and I and spent all monday last week watching Roots and she’s been quoting ever since. I also enjoyed the new fb activities from the old neighborhood i actually saw a few ppl mention my grands and it was great to see she touched so many folks. You should consider the tour Pam life is short!

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