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Challenge Day 28 – Your Favorite Movie

(Originally to be posted Friday, July 29th)

If there was ever a topic that has seized up my writing fingers it’s trying to identify a favorite anything outside of favorite artist and celebrity family. The Gemini in me lives for the confusion of being all over the place,lol. I can’t figure out what my favorite is, but I can highlight a few movies that no matter how much my heart and hand wants to grab the remote, I am stuck on that movie. First though why don’t I list a few movies that surprisingly I have never seen:

  • The God Father Series
  • Pretty Woman
  • The Entire Harry Potter
  • The Entire Star Wars

What I am known for among my friends is the Queen of the B-D list Black Movie. I love those things! Now I don’t too much do the rappers turned actors or those type of movies, but find me some obscure straight to video gem and I’m on it. I have found some good stuff too. You wanna see a really good movie? Seven Days. Check it out.

So let’s get into a few movies that give me cinema fever

Shallow Hal. The 12 year old boy in me loves this. What a great story! What insane writing. This movie has me hollering from start to finish.

School of Rock. One of the best movies featuring kids ever. It was smart, slick, and funny. Jack Black was hilarious and it’s just a feel good movie.

The Five Heartbeats. I can’t even tell you how many times I have seen this movie. It was on the FUSE channel this weekend and I watched it twice, repeating all the words. It’s been 20 years and it still is topical and now I share the obsession for the movie with RG. Early early in our relationship he called my job and the way I had left my outgoing message was mimicking Big Red and he picked up on that and mentioned it, lol. I knew then he was the one lol.

Imitation of Life. Miss Laura….I killed my Mother. Lawd Have Mercy. What an epic tale way ahead of it’s time. The story of a light skinned black girl totally over being a Negro.  Miss Laura’s wardrobe is the business and gives me mad life.  Good Good Movie!


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