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Drag Thursday – SERIES FINALE!


I’m so glad we had this time together!! Well Good Morning and welcome to the SERIES FINALE of Drag Thursday! Yes we have come to the end of the once a week posts.It’s not going away per say but there won’t be a dedicated day. This has been one hell of a good time!! 20 blog posts. That is outta sight!


So I couldn’t end this without a video and HERE IT IS!!



Yea I’m ready to ROCK MY FRO!! Try some new products (maybe) and see where it all takes me. Also looking forward to the Fall/Winter Natural Hair Show in September! I’ll be ready this time. I”m getting there the day before, lol lol


To end the written portion of this, I’d like to talk about clothes. First the teenager, she has no school clothes needs right now. That girl has clothes!! The only thing I see is that she needs some school shoes – that’s about it. Her wardrobe is diverse, young and hip..GO HIJABI!!


Now me, the summer of 2011 has been my own mini fashionista moment, lol lol I have put together some really cute pieces and they have been in rotation and I’ve kept it cute and summery, without pushing the envelope to much. With us being uber work casual, it can pose a problem when it is time to dress up. I really want get me the following pieces as I move into the fall:


Nice black dress


Nice pairs of black and brown pumps -believe it or not I don’t own any that don’t have um glitter on them, lol lol When I lost weight my feet shrunk and the ones I had don’t fit anymore SIGH.


Two Blouses – I have some but I’d like to modern them up a bit


1 Suit – my body just doesn’t work in suits but I MIGHT be able to pull off a pants suit if I take my time and invest in a tailor SIGH.


I also need to get me at least 2-3 outfits that are appropriate (but reflect me) when it comes to activities at the Muslim Community Center. I can pull those together fairly easy.


I am still a bit leery of buying in advance – old habit of fluctuating weight. I know next summer I am going to find me the perfect pair of white dress pants, currently they elude me and my closet.


Looking in the short term however, fall/winter. I am going to need a complete shoe overhaul. Most of my shoes are too big and it’s cumbersome. I walk a lot with my job and I really need comfortable shoes. I am also sure I’m going to either need to hem all my pants or if they are just to big replace them. I haven’t taken a look at what is coming out for the fall really so I will see. I have a fetish for boots, but I’m eager to see how the fashion world will interpret the platform look.


Ahh my hair, loving my own hair – still fascinated and loving bought hair, might get me a long bouncy weave at some point this winter, lol lol lol


If you would like the read and see the entire Drag Thursday Series, up in the upper right corner of the home page is a search. Type in Drag Thursday and click This Site and they will all pull up.


Well my friends until next time……….SASHAY AWAY!!!



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