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The Book Shelf – The Electronic Library

There’s something about a book, the feel and smell of it.  The way the pages rustle as you turn them, running your fingers across them on the book shelf.  I sometimes just go and touch my Beverly Jenkins collection.  I was real hesitated when the Kindle machine came out and had no interest in it.  I turned the corner though when one of my favorite authors, Maureen Smith, wrote a book that was exclusive to Kindle.  I had to have that book, so I downloaded the App on my trusty Iphone and thus began my fascination with the electronic medium.

My Kindle account has become quite robust and I decided to see what kinda stats I had

Purchased 25 books.
Spent $52.00
Highest:  $9.29
Lowest: .99
Several:  FREE
Read 18
In Queue:  7

That’s a lot of books to read since April for me.  I now read books on my Ipad.  I sometimes just stare at my ‘bookshelf’ lol lol

I already am a self professed Google Master and now I’m becoming an Amazon search master as well.  There are just so many books and not enough time to read them, lol lol  Kindle has opened up the world of the self published author and sometimes those books can be better than mainstream authors.  In this economy, the books are so much cheaper as well via the electronic medium.

With the impending closing of Borders the last big book chain in the country, I feel some kinda way.  The first signs of the end of a civilization is the disappearance of it’s books.  My heart will always belong to that which has brought me so much joy, the physical book, but like everything else – there’s a time and a place.

I hope you have enjoyed this short little series for the Month of July where I talk about my love of books.  At the end of August, which will mark the official end of the summer reading period (well to me Labor Day marks the end of Summer) I will list all the books I’ve read since June so you too can pick them up if you like.


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